11 Tips to Succeed in Astral Projection – New Article


To learn astral projection can take some practice, here are some tips that can help it to succeed.

1.     If you relax first it will make it easier to astral project. When you relax your body be aware of the areas that are most tense and relax them, check that tension hasn’t crept back into your body when you start your astral exercise, as this will lock you into your physical body and prevent you from astral projecting.

2.     Once you begin your relaxation exercise, try not to move from that moment on. Remain still during your exercise of astral projection.

There are 9 more tips in the article.

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  1. It’s great to see these tips posted. I remember I followed these tips from the Astral Travel and Dreams book determinedly for a couple of months when I was trying to astral project. I created a schedule, where I would lie down and try my exercise at the same time in the early morning before I got up for the day, when I was rested but still able to sleep and relax easily.

    Each time I tried to improve the practice, and I would do it for around half an hour before getting up. At first it was like nothing happened, but I just kept persisting and trying to improve each time, to learn about the process. Nothing happened for a few weeks, but after over a month of continuously trying and improving, I eventually had a breakthrough. After that, it was like a door had opened, and I would project or get close to it regularly while I maintained my schedule.

    I also learned it is a lot easier to lose the momentum you build than it is to create it. Once I stopped with the program, it was like starting from scratch again when I tried to get back into it. It’s not dissimilar to an athletic fitness schedule really, in that your fitness level can drop quickly if you stop exercising regularly, and it takes time to get back to where you were.

    I can definitely say that these tips do work. By applying them patiently and persistently I achieved my goal eventually. I found that you can’t force astral projection, you just have to give yourself the opportunity to regularly try the practice and improve your relaxation and concentration, and then eventually the astral split happens naturally by itself.

    If anyone is interested in learning how to astral project I recommend giving these tips a go. In fact, reading them again is good starting point for me to reinvigorate my astral exercises myself!

  2. Me too Jordan! Very helpful. Anyone out there reading this who hasn’t tried or has been unsuccessful with astral projection. Consider this advice, it helped get me there! I only first Astral Projected when I came across Belsebuub’s work.

  3. Great tips. It helped me immensely to read them in the book particularly when I was learning to astral project.