Biography: Mark H Pritchard (Belsebuub)

Belsebuub summer solstice 2003

At the Summer Solstice

I was born in Wales in the UK. I had a lot of supernatural experiences as a child, which prompted me to become interested in the paranormal and spirituality and I participated in Matthew Manning’s psychic experiment in the early 70’s.

I wanted to know the truth of spiritual and mystical experience, I didn’t want to get lost in my own imagination or belief, I felt that the real thing had to be due to real causes and that they could be discovered by studying spirituality objectively, and so I began to explore it methodically, by researching, doing different exercises and looking for repeatable facts. From 1981 I began attending new age and spiritual groups and in 1982 and 1983 I attended the 10-day series of talks by J. Krishnamurti at Brockwood park in Hampshire. And surprisingly enough I appear in the audience in videos of some of Krishnamurti’s talks.

However, I got the most effective teachings from Gnosticism where I learned to have out-of-body experiences and studied esoteric knowledge in more depth.

Belsebuub (in the light colored top) at Brockwood Park listening to Krishnamurti talk in 1983

I’m in the light colored top (with my arms visible) at Brockwood Park listening to J. Krishnamurti talk in 1983

From 1990 I began teaching Gnosticism and in 1994 I moved to Australia to teach there. In 2000 I was elected to coordinate a Gnostic organization.

In 2000 and 2001 websites were created with a series of online courses titled Astral Travel and Dreams, Searching Within, and Esoteric Wisdom in which my work was provided as free downloadable PDFs. My online course material was also released as books and I appeared on over 70 radio and television programs including 18 at the BBC. This website was created in 2007, and that year I moved to the US to continue the work there.

In 2010, people who were thrown out of the organization I was in, launched a revenge campaign against me, and some of the most sinister forces in society were brought against me. I was declared a heretic in some religious circles, and my name was smeared with lies by Gnostics and former Gnostics trolling anonymously. In 2012 legal measures in our favor stopped individuals smearing us and in 2013, after the truth came out about them, the smear campaign ended.

I put my work on this website in articles and free eBooks, I’m writing a book about esoteric knowledge and experience at the moment and like to spend time quietly in nature. My wife Angela contributes to the blogs, articles, books and research, as well as helping to keep the site together.

belsebuub meditation tree
Through the years I’ve taught, I’ve always faced opposition in one way or another, on a personal level it has helped me to develop my own understanding, but it has also highlighted many things that are harmful to spirituality in society. By bringing to peoples attention what has come against me, I’m also bringing to peoples attention what is affecting their spirituality, whether it is though politics, attitudes in society, religions, fanatical beliefs, the media, those pulling strings behind the scenes, the spiritual marketplace or plagiarizers of genuine peoples work. Through psychic experiences I also uncover beneath the hidden veil of the three-dimensional world, into unseen forces and sinister entities.

I practice a transformative process which involves the integration of consciousness with its higher Being and its return to the source. I write with the name of my consciousness, which is Belsebuub and I aim is to bring the knowledge of this process of transformation to public attention so that whoever might want to practice it can find out about it.

I’ve always made my work available freely without charging money and I believe that this kind of information should be available to everyone regardless of their financial standing.

Mark H Pritchard

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