11 Tips to Succeed in Astral Projection


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With astral projection we consciously leave the body and go into the fifth dimension, usually to the astral plane. To learn astral projection can take some practice, here are some tips that can help it to succeed.

1.     If you relax first it will make it easier to astral project. When you relax your body be aware of the areas that are most tense and relax them, check that tension hasn’t crept back into your body when you start your astral exercise, as this will lock you into your physical body and prevent you from astral projecting.

Astral split 12.     Once you begin your relaxation, try not to move from that moment on. Remain still during your exercise of astral projection.

3.     Never force yourself to try to astral project when your body is not in a suitable state to do it, whether it’s over tired, or ill, or in pain, or for whatever reason, listen to your body and make sure you get enough sleep. However, unless there is a medical or psychological reason, learn not to scratch a minor itch in your body. If you scratch it, it will spoil your exercise. It’s difficult to ignore it at first, but if you train yourself, you’ll have far less exercises ruined. Many exercises can come to an end in this way and it can be very hard to get back into the same stage of astral projecting once you’ve moved.

4.     Try not to get distracted by the sensations or noises that occur with the process of the split, as this can also bring your exercise to an end. Ignore the sensations and carry on with your exercise as though nothing is happening. If you get sidetracked with the process that’s taking place, that’s as far as you’re likely to go. You’re going to get stuck with whatever you got distracted with.

Astral split 25.     When you notice that you’ve reached the sleep paralysis stage where you feel immobilized, don’t worry, continue with your exercise and try not to move at all because you are very close to astral projecting. You’ll get to learn when to get up in the astral plane.

6.     Don’t get distracted by background sounds unless there is something important you should to attend to. Concentrate upon your exercise of projection.

7.     Let the process of astral projection take place without you trying to speed it up or slow it down. Do your exercise concentrated at all times. This is all you need to be concerned about. If you do it this way, the rest will take place as a result of your mental focus.

8.     Do your exercise in a determined way. If you do your exercises methodically there’s little reason why you shouldn’t be able to astral project. It will spoil your attempt if you do it just for the sake of doing it without being determined to make it, and don’t let laziness get in the way.

9.     Be ready to learn from each attempt and correct the mistakes you find you’re making.

10.  Don’t give up, the times you fail only add to your experience. You don’t only learn from successful astral projection attempts but also from the failures.

11. Create an astral program – put together the exercises you know in a program and plan to do them in order over a fixed period of time, say three weeks for example, although it could be any length of time you feel comfortable with. A program will allow you to focus your attention upon astral projection for that time and be dedicated to it. It’s far more effective to try to astral project with a program than it is to try it without one.


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From the free eBook The Astral Codex