Q&A on the Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Global Agenda


427px-Inf._34_Alessandro_Vellutello,_Lucifero_(1534)_cropBelow in the comments of this post, you’ll find questions and answers on the article I wrote The Inter-Dimensional Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the World.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write in, there were just so many questions, so apologies to those I wasn’t able to get to.

About Angela Pritchard

Angela Pritchard is an author and researcher into the universal nature of spirituality and consciousness. She is the co-author of two books on ancient sacred mysteries. Her primary focus is on experiencing spirituality firsthand, including through OBEs, and she has been dedicated to this for the past 10 years. She aims to uncover the hidden roots of what’s really driving the agenda in society and the world in relation to the war on consciousness and awakening, and writes alongside her husband on the website Belsebuub.com.


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  1. I’ve been a distant observer of internet Gnosis and Belzebuub’s teachings for a fair number of years. I feel drawn to pose some questions to you Angela given the opportunity to do so:

    1) To quote your article ” The world desperately needs people who can use OBEs to get knowledge about the inner workings and plans of evil, who meet the requirements to receive spiritual wisdom from higher beings, and have awakened spiritual/psychic faculties.”
    It feels hard to contemplate how much is out there. Personally for me having random Wake up in Dream Experiences over the years on and off, its always felt as though I had no say in getting any real experience and it was not for me to determine when I could have an experience. Pushing through over years to reach some level where real yearning can now be developed with more solid meditation and now alchemy. The question I pose to you is can you elaborate on what we can do or what could we achieve possibly by clear objective knowledge in the astral of forces behind the scenes.
    How can the world change. Gurdjieff mentioned the world and planetary forces influencing it are not designed to make all of Earth’s population Esoteric seekers, in fact such a thing could be of detriment to the small portion of seekers. Belzebuub has mentioned things are unlikely to change enmasse. So what really can we hope to achieve? Isn’t it the fact that essentially a snowball is in motion that will not be stopped? I can’t see a solution occurring but yet see it all unfolding. It feels like we’re playing a game here that is not made to be won.

    2) I question further. Could this potentially be a distraction for people. Jesus of Nazareth said more or less ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you”. I have people, friends spending time on the internet &DVD’s looking up theories and so forth without giving any due thought to any inner esoteric development, therefore surely you can understand some could be wasting some time here. I mean potentially people could waste useless hours when really what we need to do is put ourselves out there doing whatever is necessary to walk the path to incarnate the being. By that I mean obtaining and working with the keys to do so with the right activities to attract the circumstances we require.

    3) I support attempting to intervene against governments on prohibition of spiritual matters. This is an era like nothing before in the present human race, with the ‘information superhighway’ and so forth. Does the esoteric work require the internet now? We acknowledge what we feel are very tangible concepts, our intuition alluding to the existence of the esoteric work across millennia of millennia and beyond. Hence if it has existed without the internet for this time does it really require the internet now?

    I wish no-one to mistake me here as it is without any intent of sounding negative. I really feel I must challenge these concepts in order to seek the kind of insight I want to gain into these matters. My insight is limited overall. I believe a particular Master once mentioned the work to save the planet is something along the lines of ‘saving the hat off a drowning man.’
    All this aside I express much gratitude to the illuminating articles and information provided here.

  2. Thank you Angela for your answers!
    Definitely they shed more light into this huge topic.

  3. Angela Pritchard says:

    Thank you all for your questions. Please fee free to continue commenting, but I am closing the questions now as there are just so many already and otherwise there would be no end as it is a huge topic!

  4. Hello,
    I have this question that I want to share. But maybe it is something that is better looked into on OBEs. Anyway, I would like to know why does the dark side want to stop people from awakening on this planet, or to vanish the light from this place. It seems like they depend on the physical dimension or at least on having a presence/dominion here. Why is that? Why can’t they leave the world in peace?

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Mauricio,

      While life in the physical dimension can feel far removed from the activities of non-physical beings, both benevolent (spiritual) and malevolent (demonic) beings have their origin in human life (or humanoid if on other planets). They were once humans who either pursued awakening in light or in darkness.

      Humans who awaken in light pose a threat to those who have awakened or are awakening in darkness, as they threaten their grip on power not just on earth but in other dimensions, so demonic entities will try anything to stop individuals and humanity at large from awakening consciousness in light.

      They also derive pleasure from hurting others, and so the more people they hurt, the greater their sense of satisfaction and power.

  5. Hi Angela,

    My question is, while society is governed by pawns fulfilling dark agendas, what are the leaders of this darkness doing? Do they just observe and watch, do they gain anything from it, (do they take the energy from the world’s suffering?) if they remain unseen and unnoticed, what benefits are they getting that they would want to continue? This is assuming they are not in it for the money, fame and glory. Do they just crave for the world to be in darkness and despair, away from the light?

    • Hi Olga, I just wanted to say that I would also like to understand what they are up to “down there”… From some fairy-tales from my childhood I remember that devils usually come to influence people as a kind of their “job”, which, if well done, can bring them some kind of achievement in their hierarchy or something like that. Like for example I remember story of a devil who came to earth and made a mistake of eating a sandwich of a poor man. He thought the poor man, when seeing his sandwich is gone, will swear, and that will be demon’s achievement that he could get some ‘good marks’ for… Instead though, the poor man just sighed and said “well, it seems there was somebody even poorer there than I am, if he ate my poor sandwich”. The main chef-devil, upon hearing this mismanagement, got very angry, and told the lesser devil that he was very stupid to tempt a poor saintly person like that, because by his action, he only brought him closer to heaven. As a punishment then, that lesser devil then had to go back to earth again, disguised as a man, and serve that poor man until he became rich (then he got more successful by teaching the whole village to drink alcohol, but that’s another story).

      So, from this and other indications, I suspect they have some kind of system working there, where they get some grades for their work, and they can progress in their hierarchy, probably getting more and more power, faculties, etc., when they do “well”. I guess its about power down-there, and most likely fear too.

      But I would welcome Angela’s comment on this, especially what happens, when somebody is already so high in that hierarchy, that he can’t go higher… Do these highest devils then somehow disintegrate or do they exist forever? I remember reading a book, which said a demon was rescued from hell, that he was showed his end if he continues on that path, and that was something like disintegration, like he stopped existing or something. While on the Path of light, that demon had a bright future in front of him, becoming immortal, eternal Being of Light. So, from this angle, I would like to ask a plain question: Are Angels eternal and Demons not? Or does it depend on how high they are?

      Thank you!

      • That’s a really interesting account Lucia, it makes me wonder how much easier it seems being in line with spirituality, when things are difficult, when there is not that much money etc.. but when there are pleasures, desires fulfilled, how much harder to avoid them!

        Yes, it makes sense there is a hierarchy, you have also made some other good reflections too. I also wonder about demons not being eternal, and if the hiearchy will be brought to an end anyway. I also can’t imagine the person on the top, what do they gain from it all, is the pleasure to go on based on the suffering of others, and from this angle, I wonder if increasing our love for others will counter this attitude and put ourselves in proper allignment as we merge towards more light, until love for all beings becomes a strong force that helps us infinitely.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Olga,

      They take pleasure from the suffering of others. This becomes apparent in a number of near-death experience accounts where people have entered hellish regions and seen what goes on there.

    • They probably just do it to satiate their appetite for power and the power is what they feed off.

  6. Hypothetically speaking, if we could paint an upright pentagram (symbol of the awakened man) on the face of the moon for the entire world to see every night, would it have a significant positive effect on people, or does significant change only lie in the realm of the individual’s will to do it? Can you give any understanding you may have on how positive spiritual symbols effect one’s psyche?

    I hope I’m not coming off as just a wishy-washy daydreamer with this hypothetical, I have a good reason to ask this. I just don’t want to give TMI.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi ignis,

      The moon itself has its own psychic influence over people, as do other stars and planets, and this influence would still be greater than that of the symbol.

      • Ok, maybe using the moon was a bad choice. I’m mainly just after some more understanding of how a positive symbol effects us. Looking forward to your program.

  7. Patricia A. says:

    Thanks Angela for bringing forth this timely article and thanks to everyone for sharing your important questions. You had mentioned that the forces of darkness have “hijacked and inverted spiritual symbols and even religions, taking symbols that attract forces of light to instead use them to give power to forces of darkness”. Angela could you please inform us exactly how these inverted spiritual symbols effect us directly, whether we are aware of them or not (i.e. the symbol of the “all-seeing eye”, pyramid, etc.). Also, how powerful is the force of love in combating this internal struggle?

    • I was also wondering about this. I am currently sitting in a bus stop and there’s a poster with a guy covering one of his eyes with something. When out and about in a day I notice this particular symbol of the one eye or left eye covered everywhere. I’ve even seen it on mannequins in shops. It’s everywhere and I wanted to ask about the symbolism and the power behind it. I’m wondering if these symbols are just saying “hey we’re part of these dark forces,” to convey that message, or if by using these symbols they attract the power of dark forces. Kind of like how certain colour combos can attract negative things to an individual.
      I also wanted to say Thank you Angela and much appreciation for speaking about this topic and bringing it to everyone’s attention.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Patricia,

      From my understanding, a symbol attracts either forces of light or darkness, depending on the symbol. So for example, a cross or pentagram the right way up, attracts forces of light, but inverted, attracts forces of darkness. Being in places therefore, that have symbols that attract darkness is not likely to be good. You don’t really want to be in a space, for example, that has dark forces coming into it. I remember a friend telling me about an old Church in Melbourne, Australia which had pentagrams carved into it, but that were upside down/inverted. I would personally avoid places like that, and any movies that use them, or music that incorporates them etc. because of the dark forces that can exert their influence through them.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Regarding esoteric symbols, I just had a disturbing experience with this myself.

      Where I live, there are these vending machines that you can rent dvd movies from. On new years eve, I took my son to rent a movie as a treat. On the side of the panel, there have cover images of some of the movies available for rent.

      Right away, he’s starts asking me about the Christian symbol. I look down to see this picture of a woman holding a baby, which is was actually a demon baby, and she was wearing an upside down cross necklace (which he could only interpret as the Christian symbol). I couldn’t believe that image was there in plain view, at his eye level! This was in a public place, right outside of a store, for anyone to see.

      • That’s really nasty Gabrielle. I noticed a lot of this agenda actually targets very young children today, through games, TV series (with the young actors behaving in an exaggerated and rude way) or evil imagery, presenting it as “cool”.

  8. I have heard people say that you can differentiate between a negative entity by looking at their eyes. When I become aware in the astral I usually say Belillin right off. I can recall a time when I was messing up the words though and this entity came to me trying to get to my solar plexus. I decided to do Jupiter recitation instead and it worked. I also did the recitation because I noticed he was avoiding looking at me directly at first. But when he did, I didn’t really notice anything different about his eyes. Can you explain how the eyes may appear different, or is it more of an intuitive feel? Also, good to note is the use of Belillin when multiple entities (i.e. a flock of crows) are present. Thank you.

    • Can you explain how the eyes may appear different, or is it more of an intuitive feel?

      It’s been a bit of both for me. Sometimes their eyes or appearance are normal but it feels like there’s something not quite right about it, kind of like they’re wearing a mask. At other times I’ve seen them where their eyes have no colour or white, just blackness.

      • I remember encountering a quite attractive but sinister man one night. He just stood and stared at me – nothing else – but his eyes were the deepest, deepest black and momentarily it was as though he was trying to draw me into them. It was a terrifying experience.

    • I have looked into the eyes of these entities a couple of times too, and they usually looked/felt similarly to the mean people in physical world. The one I remember most was a kind of masculine-looking woman, whose eyes radiated utter hatred and wish to stop me in my astral pursuits. Then another time a man’s eyes looked fishy, like the eyes of false people in this world – small and piercing.
      Sometimes they look quite normal, and only after some time I realize they are interfering with me. I guess there are various levels of these beings and not all of them look obviously evil on the first sight. I haven’t seen the “black holes” yet. :-O

      • That just reminded me of another experience Lucia – awhile back a man and a woman were in a few dreams I had in the same night. At one point the guy offered me something which surprised me enough to wake me up in the dream. His eyes had looked normal until that point, but I asked him who he was and his eyes dropped out and changed to the pitch black.

        • Good tip David, instead of frantically reciting the protection formulas, maybe next time I’ll find the courage to ask them who they are first. :-)

          • :) I’m not sure if there was that much courage involved, but it gave me a shock when his eyes changed like that!

  9. Hi Angela,

    I know this might sound crazy but eeh I think there is a difference between DARKNESS and EVIL. I don’t even know where to begin. Light and Good are also two different things…Because LIGHT and DARKNESS are a state of nature…GOOD or EVIL are a state of BEing.

    When I was 5 to about 11 years old, if I really relaxed I was able to have a OBE. But not to different dimensions just in my area. In the beginning I would just float swim through the room, after I would be able to through the roof and explore the streets. Something however must have happened without me remembering because from that time for almost 17 years I would have nightmares. Until I would physically open my eyes but my body would be paralyzed. The extend of the nightmares I can not explain. I don’t have them anymore but I FEEL drained. I FEEL as if my misery is something’s personal battery.

    Anyway here is my question:
    How do I disconnect from something that has a navel cord on me?

    Thank you for your trouble,
    also sorry for the weird stuff (I left tons out)
    and English is not my native language, so please excuse any grammar faults.

    Sincerely essie

  10. James Mitchell says:

    What is the relationship between what you are describing and the Archons of the ancient gnostic texts. Are they the same? Different? And how do you protect yourself from these dark entities?

    • What is the relationship between what you are describing and the Archons of the ancient gnostic texts

      Great question.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi James,

      This is not something I have looked into in detail, but I am familiar with a number of the ancient Gnostic texts, including those from the Nag Hammadi Library. The Nag Hammadi is literally a time capsule of texts from numerous authors, buried for over 1,500 years to protect its contents. They were not written as a whole work, but were separate texts that monks had collected together, and so terms like ‘archons’ are given different connotations by different authors. These terms are difficult to understand today, since they were the shared language of a people who were basically persecuted out of existence and whose terms and their meanings did not then carry on into modern understanding. The word ‘archon’ was a Greek word that meant ‘ruler’ and in my reading of the texts, it was used to describe ‘rulers’ of different types, including those in non-physical realms both negative and benevolent.

  11. E. Martinavarro says:

    t seems that all enlightened masters abhor violence, but yet there are times where it seems armed resistance is necessary to protect oneself. What function does war serve for good and evil? Has any armed conflict had justification?

    • I think it’s the energy behind it. If someone’s threatens you and your family with a gun and you shoot that person first. Then in your act the energy behind it was to protect. Your act was not to create more misery and chaos, it was to protect and uphold something you cherish and love. A weapon in itself is not good or evil. It’s the acts done with it that define it. Otherwise there would not be warriors of good, n’est pas?

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Every living thing in nature has some form of defense. Good/light should not be left defenseless either, but this is very different from acting with anger, aggression, out of revenge etc., which is of darkness. There is a lot of learning in facing opposition from darkness and taking action to protect things of the light, without doing it from a place of hatred.

  12. Your approach, Angela, appears very important to me. And I thank you from my heart for the time you dedicate to provide this quality in your messages. The information you provide in your articles is of great quality and provides a truly rich whole on spiritual matters. I also thank all the team who is with you in this service you offer online through this website. Your work at all, is most admirable. I am one of those people who welcomes your messages with great interest, always. And I hope that you can continue as long as possible to offer this great esoteric knowledge for all of us.

    I’ve had the chance to hear an extraordinary speech from the mouth of your husband, Belsebuub, he shared in the past (in September 2010) and it was a very profound discourse on the issues of the forces of universe and the stakes or the terrible struggles that currently play in the world. This speech was live and was received by only a few people present.

    Please, Angela, would you accept to propose to your husband, Belsebuub, to join your project so he can pronounce once again on the issue of these sinister forces and their reality?

    I hope that my application does not raise any concerns for you or for your husband. What you bring is truly a gift, every time. And the example you give, is of great value. Thank you for everything you done. Be assured that I feel at ease, regardless of your answer. Thank you to you :)

  13. Jayant Backström says:

    Jesus is reported to have said “do not resist evil”. Perhaps you could elaborate on that?
    Obviously a project like the american “war against terror” is creating more of the same – terror. And the medical wars with vaccinations, operations etc. are not creating health. But information would seem to vaccinate the public against evil. and enable people to resist evil, like racism. Buddhist practices of compassion, like breathing evil etc. into your heart and letting it transform into positive energies, maybe cannot be called “resist evil” – but at the least dealing with evil. Personally I have found that evil can be faced, and will then back off. And you, yourselves have faced evil in court, haven´t You. Please comment.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Jayant,

      Another similar quote from Jesus is “love your enemies”. I personally believe these quotes refer to something inner, a state of being, rather than letting robbers take everything we own, and kill our family etc. We need to take action to defend light against evil as you say, and Jesus also talks about this, but what Jesus is putting there for us to achieve is a genuine feeling of love even for those who hurt us, and even when we take action to protect ourselves from them.

      I would also note that the Gospels of the Bible have been tampered with, and it would certainly have suited those behind the creation of the Bible to have a population of people who were physically passive and subservient.

      • Jayant Backström says:

        Thanks for your reply, Angela! I feel that I can put it to use in my personal life. I apreciate also your comment on the Bible being tampered with.

  14. Tammy Davenporrt says:

    I am wondering what I can do to help. I know I am one of those who have the abilities but I feel blocked and can’t use them.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Tammy,

      To be able to help others effectively we need to “be the change we want to see in the world”. It’s common to see people in the “truth movement” acting with anger, sometimes with bigotry toward groups they don’t like, slinging insults etc. But you can’t counter darkness with darkness within yourself; you can only truly counter it with light, and those things are definitely not of the light however much those people say they are working towards freedom and truth in the world. Therefore the responsibility is on all of us to practice spiritual principles in our homes and lives, rather than holding it as an ideal that we never do ourselves.

      The things that block every individual are the egos within, which is each person’s own inner darkness that prevent us from awakening spiritual faculties, from receiving higher knowledge, and acting with love and intelligence.

      The first place to start then, is self-observation, getting knowledge of the egos and removing them, and doing exercises that really increase the amount of consciousness in the individual, whilst using time wisely to help others by spreading the knowledge of light and consciousness and at the same time also working to protect it from the dark forces that want to extinguish it and humanity’s only hope.

  15. Hi Angela,

    Can a person really return to the light once gone to the dark side or go against Divine Will? Is there a point one cannot return to the light once he crosses the line? I’d like to know that the door is always open no matter how bad one committed the crimes. Is there a limit?

    Thank You,

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Lili,

      I don’t know specifics, only that repentance is something very powerful. All of us have made mistakes, and if it wasn’t for the power of repentance and love, there would be no hope for the individual. Just think Darth Vader who was saved by his love for Luke and by his repentance in the ‘Return of the Jedi’ movie. There are so many near-death experience accounts of people finding themselves in hellish regions who call out for God/the light and repent, and who then find themselves lifted from out of it in an instant. From there it is a work to correct one’s behavior and truly change.

  16. Thanks Angela, it’s a really interesting article although a bit disturbing that evil has such a hold on the world.
    There are lots of really good questions already asked, some of which I had too.

    Some other questions I’ve got are:

    When ancient enlightened societies have eventually degenerated into things like human sacrifices, was that the influence of demons?

    If there is a limit to how much evil is allowed to grow, where is that limit? Are we nearing that limit now? In what way is the evil stopped?

    If evil is a necessary part of creation with the existence of opposing forces in order to create form, how does it work in a more awakened society/in a golden age? Is there still evil then in those times and if so in what ways?

    Many thanks for the chance to ask these questions!

    • Another question if I may:
      I tend to think of ET’s only as being more spiritually advanced and benevolent and therefore capable and eligible to have their level of technology but is it possible that there are negative extra-terrestrials?

      • On similar note:
        If angels can transform themselves and appear as any type of character, and so can demons, how do we know what we are dealing with whether in the physical, mental or astral?
        There are so many cases of alien encounter and abduction, some good, some unpleasant, are demons involved in a ‘false’ alien agenda and manipulation? Or is it simply our interpretation of what is good and evil, even though so called good (or its agenda) may be traumatic to the average individual?
        There is definitely a confused message as portrayed in the ‘Taken’ series by Spielberg which seems to be based on a lot of historical reference and research.

      • Good question. This is something I’d like to find out more about also. If humanity can turn toward darkness then is not also possible other races could do the same and have specific agendas that we are not yet aware of and are manipulating things in still completely unknown ways. Or is it all just another excuse to divert people away from taking responsibility for themselves. It’s probably something to investigate on higher planes a bit more.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi David,

      Just on you first question, there does seem to be a pattern throughout history – that often very spiritual societies, civilizations, etc. at some point turn bad. Whilst societies can degenerate, the “dark side” uses infiltration as one of its main tactics, and so at least in some of these cases what started as something with good principles was taken over by those communicating with darkness, who then inverted the spiritual practices and rituals and created something horrific in their place. This fulfills at least a few purposes: one, it takes over the vehicle of light so it can no longer be used for light; two, it creates an instrument with which to persecute those actually practicing genuine spiritual knowledge; and three, it gives esoteric/spiritual knowledge a bad name and keeps people from wishing to know about it. The “dark side” has basically gone on a campaign of infiltration, suppression, persecution, and propaganda, over the course of history. Once you become alert to this, you can start to see the events of history in a new light.

      • Thanks for your reply Angela, I can see what you are saying, it rings true to me. So its important then for those interested in practicing and helping to spread spirituality to also be prepared to always help defend it otherwise it will eventually get taken over and be squashed by push back from the darkness.

  17. David Nicholas says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions.

    Question: What should we be doing to protect ourselves from the effects of Negative beings? Should we be using the Century plant every day? Should we also be standing in sulfur and sulfuring our house regularly?
    Any tips on this would be helpful.

    Thank you again.

  18. Hi Angela,

    My question is about focusing on light and higher things as opposed to darkness. For me, focusing on negativity often brings it into my mind and I feel like I lose sight. I am able to uplift my psyche when I focus on practices and with breakthroughs throughout the day (from awareness, or mystical practices, etc.). I guess, my question is about how do you shield your psyche from the impact of the negativity when you focus on it? And where is the search for goodness, and how does it fit in with the battle against evil?

    Thank you

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Aleksandr,

      Sacred texts like the Bhagavad Gita talk about the need to be able to deal with good and bad in the world with detachment. Dealing with the negativity within and without can bring up a lot of emotions, and so it is easy to want to run away into something nice to get back to a feeling of calm. However, in this way negativity is never dealt with; instead it is better to stand firm and get rid of the emotions that it brings up. Darkness is part of life and the world, so there is a need to understand it clearly, objectively, and in a detached way.

      The search for goodness can’t be separated from “the battle against evil”.

  19. Hi – any way to address – DMT – and it’s connection to accessing other realms/”see” demons/reptilians. IMHO the higher the dosage of dmt smoked (greater than 50mg) the higher the likelihood of being snared in the DMT trap…the trap that puts one’s soul on the edge of the abyss (no not ego death) – rather the attempt of mantis/reptilians to strip ones “soul” away and have the individual cast into the abyss.

    I have been there – and I think I broke a seal.

    thanks in advance

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi roccman,

      I don’t recommend using any kind of drug to access spiritual realms or faculties. The human body/instrument has its own mechanisms for spiritual experience which are innate and can be awakened permanently.

  20. Hi Angela,
    I really appreciate your work.
    I have some questions:-
    1. Is this (what you are trying to explain here) same as explained in the Hylozoic studies (http://www.hylozoik.se/english/english.htm) and in the books written by Henry T. Laurency (like – The Philosopher’s Stone, Way of the man etc.)?
    2. There are many books, information available about spirituality over internet. How to judge which one is genuine to follow?
    3. How do one know when he/she has attained spiritual enlightenment and to which level?
    4. How should one fight evil (in physical and other realms)?
    5. Is fighting against evil in physical reality (crime fighting) is considered violence(hatred)? Is it good or bad?
    6. Is the awakening of “Kundalini” is the same process you are trying to explain?


    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi rajsingh,

      I’m not familiar with the works you mention, but in answer to some of your other questions.

      2. By how many of the key exercises they teach for genuine inner change. Many ancient sacred texts contain them, but in fragmentary form as most of the sacred teachings of the world have come to us in bits and pieces as so much as been destroyed and oppressed. Modern teachings lack the esoteric part, since many talk nice words but have no esoteric experience whatsoever (such as through out-of-body experiences). It is generally either theoretical information, or just plain imagination. Someone who does have their own esoteric experience can see right through it; that’s why it’s important to get your own and to use your intuition.

      3. Through initiations experienced out of the body. It is known through real experiences, not simply a “realization” which is just thought.

      4. Through working with forces of light. They have the power to protect us.

  21. Thanks for asking. I was wondering about:
    – If there are so few awakened to be able to challenge evil and change it at its source, what hope is there of having any significant effect upon mankind (who may or may not be interested) in changing in a positive way?
    – I thought good and evil were part of creation, so can evil ever be completely eliminated?
    – Evil people are abusing and controlling innocent, and they impose their will upon others. Obviously evil does not care about this, but at what point is good confronting evil, interfering with the free will of evil?
    – Based on the state of the world currently, all seems doomed and fully controlled by a few who care not for the majority (perhaps the majority may well deserve such treatment based on karma and dharma?). What’s the point of trying to expose what appears inevitable and simply a process of creation? ie we are all going to die one day anyway, plus the changes in society always seem locked into Orwells ‘Animal Farm’.
    – If there are divine awakened beings in other dimensions why do they let demons rule or influence the world and inflict such misery and pain upon people and the planet? After all, you cant expect people who are asleep to be aware of other dimensions and demons, let alone do something about it.
    – A lot of evil has been exposed on the internet. What difference do you think you can make by exposing a bit more? Most people don’t believe in black magic horrors and put them in fantasy and or attack those who try to talk about such things. So even with more exposure on the internet, it seems those in control have so much control already via TV, media, etc, they would be unperturbed by a little bit more and continue their activities unabated.
    – As I understand, the people at the top, simply control people like animals and cattle. Every now and then culling takes place. Much of the social engineering seems simply scientific and part of nature. Why would demons from other dimensions need to influence people in the physical who already have and can quite easily get power and control over others physically?
    – Who determines good from bad? I have seen many documentaries exposing the ‘elites’ appalling practices to get total control over people from birth, and abuse them for whatever. However, sometimes at the end of the documentary the topic suddenly transitions into get saved from all the evil by believing in Jesus. Quite frankly I feel deceived by the way some of the documentaries are prepared and see both the exposed ‘evil’ and ‘religious nutters’ not to far from each other! The boundaries easily get blurred.
    – I suppose the real question is: the satanic rituals that are performed involve sex, sacrifice and blood. What’s in it for the entities from other dimensions? What’s in it for the people here that might communicate with them, or be used by them? Why would someone choose evil, assuming it is a choice/free will.

    • I am newly awakened to the light And have been down many paths before finding the right one. I had an evil presence around me while growing up which is what maybe started my awakening to the light but was kept in the dark until my late 30s because I was kept there by the darkened soul known as my mum and her father which makes sense to the dark and light sides. I find all those awakened into darkness are weak and need minions to do their work for them and to keep ppl in a state of weakness and normally circumstance which has a hold over them. I renounced all faith in religions as a young child due some atrocities inflicted on me which I have never fully recovered but kept me still in the light even in my darkest hours. When I removed the dark presence within my life the influence has diminished and I am in tune with the astral plain and have read more now than ever on all the light influences that have been taken down by the dark like Nikolai Tesla who was ready to give his gift to the world of free energy to sustain life on earth he was then made bankrupt and impoverish and died in poor conditions and the dark influences saw to it that he couldn’t flourish because that would have serious conflict ions on those of the dark society like the Rothchilds and high society fat cat of that time. One example of the influence of this dark presence. My friend and I converse about many matters and she said her mum move to Egypt as a child and says she thinks something there took over her mother making her inhumane and cold hearted like my mother do you think Egypt is the root cause a dark void or portal for these dark entities to pass through?

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Bob,

      Just in general response to some of your questions, which I think others here have also raised in different ways.

      Imagine now that we did not have this website, or even the means or ability to talk about these issues; that we had no spiritual freedom to share these ideas. While it is important to get the knowledge of awakening out to people, it is also very important to support and uphold basic principles in society such as dignity, justice, liberty, truth, human rights, care for the beauty of nature, health etc. and everyone who does this has an important role to play.

      This creates the environment in which the natural creativity and consciousness of humankind can sprout of its own spontaneity, and it should be free to sprout in lots of ways. It also then allows those who wish to pursue the awakening of consciousness the freedom and flexibility needed in life to do so.

      So even if it is that humanity is ultimately on a course of destruction, or that most people couldn’t care less, even if society can be educated in a basic way about spiritual principles, it will help keep this environment for as long as possible.

  22. I have read many times that meditation, yoga, psychedelics, and new age-type-stuff like the concept of “oneness” are used to brainwash us and turn us into sheep who don’t stand up for anything because that would mean we’re “too attached to our desires”. I personally love those things that I listed, but it does scare me to see how popular and accepted in our society they are becoming. It makes me wonder…

    • Hi Mae, I’ve definitely seen a lot of new-age type sentiment recently around things like ‘not needing to stand up for our rights because we will just evolve to new ways of communicating and sharing information’, ‘what you resist persists’, ‘we are all evolving to a higher vibration / consciousness’ etc. I feel those things definitely promote passivity. I also feel that there is a big problem with commercial, ‘secular’ spirituality that has lost its roots and deeper understanding of how it can be used to change and gain true experiences. It does seem like that sort of stuff is conveniently promoted while more esoteric information that’s useful but maybe not as appealing to the mainstream is squashed and stigmatised..

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Mae,

      On one hand it is wonderful to see people having the freedom to express themselves spiritually. On the other, it is troubling to see much of the diversity of the world’s alternative spiritual teachings being replaced by sanitized commercial spiritual authors, which actually serves as a passifying tool of wealth creation for the few, and distraction from real, hard-hitting esoteric information that is truly empowering.

  23. Hello!

    This article caused me to question why this website is named belsebuub, isn’t that the name of a demon? If you’re for the light, then I am confused as to why this is the name of your website. Also, it concerns me to have an “us vs. them” mindset. Light vs. dark, etc. Could you please expand on that?

    • Also, I just wanted to add that I really loved the article! It really makes a lot of sense to me. I am just confused on the two things that I mentioned above.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hello Ashley,

      Light and darkness exist in creation; they are part of our lives everyday in the cycles of the sun and seasons, with night and day, winter and summer etc. Light and darkness likewise exist within us, and within other dimensions. The opposition between light and darkness is therefore part of the design of creation; take a torch into a dark room and you will see that the light takes the darkness away. This means the very presence of light alone makes darkness recede, and so darkness fights light for its very existence. Light therefore needs to inevitably defend itself from the ensuing attacks of darkness, as otherwise darkness would completely blot it out. Like in Star Wars, in the battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin in Revenge of the Sith – whilst the Sith fight out of anger and hatred toward the light, the Jedi do their duty and nothing more, and still do so with love and peace within.

      This antithesis arises because of free will, and has its purpose. It is in this opposition, this struggle between light and dark that we learn, that we can even see, as how would we know light without darkness and vise versa?

  24. Hi, Thanks for this article and the opportunity to ask questions.
    I was just wondering, if the “dark side” has been able to influence the world in a way that it now controls governments, armies, media and public opinion, even from higher dimensions, is there a way we can help to revert their effects in Society when we know the mind and psyche of the majority of people are already corrupted or full of “egos” and most people have totally lost contact with the light or the divine, and not even wonder if there is a different way of living?
    If we had the ability to do things in higher dimensions for good or against the darkness, how would this have an impact in Society? What would we need to do in order to get to get to do this consciously in higher dimensions?
    Thanks, and looking forward for the next episode!

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Priscilla,

      In order to get information from higher dimensions, in my understanding, there are a few things to take into account. One is that specific information tends to be difficult to find out for most people in the astral because of the nature of that plane – the lack of physical laws makes it harder to navigate and we tend to only find out what we have the merit to see. If information is given, for most it tends to come unexpectedly as a clear dream or in an astral experience based on someone’s capacity to understand it, the wisdom with which they will use it, the purpose they will put it to, how seriously they are working to help others etc. Things like using it to boost one’s own pride and feeling of self-importance, using it to hurt others, or just keeping it to oneself and not using it for the benefit of others, can be stoppages to receiving that kind of information. If someone does have the merit, then they can be given information over there to become part of and help projects for good that they are working on here.

    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for this response and clarifying how spiritual knowledge given in the higher dimensions can help society over here. I was wondering about the same thing and your answer helped me to understand this better.

      When I receive guidance in my dreams I often take note of the experience. I write it down but often miss the point of actually taking action and bringing it into daily life or into the activities I’m involved with. Passivity within or or the lack of trust in the message seems to be holding me back. This way I don’t take action due to insecurity or doubt. I can see why spiritual beings would stop giving knowledge to me as I’m not putting it to good use and helping others. Thanks again.

  25. Experiences, in particular from beyond the physical, can shake one to the core, but with time memory of even the most powerful experiences can fade away.

    There also appears to be a range on forces stopping one from spiritual growth. With so many things to overcome, both internally and externally, how can one maintain strength and remembrance to continuously work on himself and, in turn, to be able to help others to move forward as well?

  26. Thank you very much Angela that you give us the opportunity to pose some questions. I would like to pose some groups of questions that I already have them for some years

    One thing that I can’t understand at all is this. Why the demons have so big freedom, power and rights to move and come from hell and deceive people with a very foxy way, affect negatively the affairs of our societies, humanity and (the worst) even our psychology in our three dimension world. So, why they can do this, how they can have this agenda for thousands of years, from the ancient ages without have started been destroyed in abyss for their very bad deeds? In hell at least in the beginning they are in much better situation, they have the ability to do what they want upon the most of us, without suffering from their destruction? How fair is this, when “good” people enter in hell, they are obsessed from the demons and they live a very bad situation with all the sad precautions and their final destruction?

    If we can say that somehow the balance and influence in our world between angels (white lodge) and demons (black lodge) is necessary because of the result of our bad deeds and other various reasons, from the other hand it seems that this vital balance has been lost totally (I think) and we see mainly the bad and negative influence of demons. Why the white lodge doesn’t influence more in our world and affairs and doesn’t correct more the things on the direction of balance.

    Is there any hope and better perspective for this mankind? Has the “game” been lost? After all these plans and sacrifices of many people and masters, it seems the majority of people hadn’t any other choice but to choose one of the choices of black lodge. As I understand, it seemed impossible for the big majority of humanity to overcome some day and somehow this negative, hostile and foxy situation and search internally the cause of its pain, suffering and “misfortune”. How the people can overcome this when the black lodge has now many than ever traps to trap the people and from the other hand the majority of people know a few or nothing about all these?

    I would like to pose one more group of questions that I consider it is related directly with our subject, as one of the main cause of this bad situation we live here.

    Why the disciplines of Jesus were isolated in that vital period of time in Jerusalem and they hadn’t the ability and chance to spread widely the precious teachings of great Jesus instead with Paul had this chance and expand his version and lack of full understanding of the teachings of Jesus, but he wasn’t discipline of Jesus and he hadn’t the direct and secret teaching of Jesus? Why did this happen internally and the humanity hadn’t ever access to the whole vital message of Jesus?

    A similar question. One big group of Catharians (I don’t know if I write it correctly), about one million, in Middle Ages they found the secret message of Jesus and they did practice His teachings, why were they exterminated, were they killed and were they disappeared with one or other way from the army of a Christian catholic bishop and weren’t they protected from Above?

    What answers you can give are very welcomed.

    I wish from this site to be found something more to give a real ability and perspective to us and others.

    • One more question please…

      Are there negative extraterrestials on or underneath the surface of earth?

      Thank you

    • I can see Seraphim, from almost all your questions, the prevalent topic is “why doesn’t Light manifest more” and “why there isn’t balance between dark and light, as it logically should be”? I wondered about this too, many times, that how come Humanity does not have these keys to awakening (real ones, that is), available more openly, why beings of Light don’t intervene for us more massively when they see how much demons are active and Light is said to have more power anyway… I was speculating, maybe it is our karma, to be exposed to so much darkness, maybe we did something wrong in the past, and don’t deserve more information, or its wider spreading, etc… But I would also welcome more elaboration on these topics, as it often feels very unjust to me too.

      • Aleksandr says:

        Hi Lucia,

        When I read your post I immediately thought of the little interest that there is toward awakening in the world. I have found that it is very difficult to speak with people about spirituality when they are not interested in it. In the same way I can see how this can translate to a global scale where one needs to search a lot just to find people to speak to about these things.


        • That’s very true Aleks, most people are just not into spirituality. However, the question is, if it is a cause or rather an effect… Living in the world as it is now, a small person does not have much chance to be oriented properly in his childhood, yet alone teenage years. The society, friends and all mass brainwashing that’s going on will just lull him into deep psychological sleep, from which it is VERY difficult to wake up.
          Then also, there are more spiritual factors in play, like for example what Samael Aun Weor wrote in his works (and others confirmed too) about how this humanity, in its dawn, was very spiritual, so much that they were not able to learn much in the material world, as their spirits were always gravitating to spiritual, so they were somewhat “adjusted” by some supervising higher beings, who “overdid it”, causing this humanity to sink into materialism a bit too much. So, when saying that this humanity is too material, and too evil, in comparison with, for example, other planets, we also have to ask why? It does not make much sense mathematically that there would be just so few people interested in spirituality here, and so many more on other planets. Its like with seeds, I think, if they are in bad soil, then its much harder for them to germinate.

      • Angela Pritchard says:

        Hi Seraphim and Lucia,

        There are a number of factors involved, but one clearly is this: because humanity has a choice. And humanity for a long time, has most often chosen things of darkness over light, even when light is presented to them. Ask yourself, why do the same political parties get voted in again and again, even after their mass murder and corruption is exposed and when there are alternatives? Why do people love watching horror, violence, and crime? Every moment of every day, individuals make choices in their lives. When presented with love, with peace, and a clean environment, most often people choose war, greed, and their own selfish interests. The fact is, humanity doesn’t want the Jedi, otherwise they would have created an environment that is safe for them, and defend real values in society. This is clearly not the case. And sadly, additionally, most have chosen to remain ignorant of the consequences of their choices, and choosing to go with darkness has very grave consequences indeed.

        • Thank you Angela, all that you said is completely right. For me, however, the question remains – why so many people choose darkness on this planet? If you just talk to people in everyday life, not many really want darkness in their heart (now I am not talking about the bankers, secret societies, corrupted politicians, etc.,but about ordinary people). They all want love, understanding, and often, the special cases of compassion and brotherhood move them to tears. I don’t believe that majority of people on this planet REALLY want darkness. But my feeling is people are confused and gripped in fear, prejudices, and all sorts of heavy egos, which, when the decisive time comes, make them choose wrong things. And this, as I believe, this strength of the egos that people on this planet have, is not just their own personal fault, and that’s why i just can’t help but keep searching for ways that maybe would make it easier for everyone to overcome these massively heavy egos. I can see this on myself too, how difficult it is when one is so blurry inside to distinguish right from wrong, or to do the spiritual work properly. Recognizing this situation for what it is and sincerely trying to help each-other in this mess seems like the only way to me, just like what you are doing at this website. Hopefully, more communities of people will emerge that have this sincere desire to be kind and also open to higher knowledge without fear. For example I have recently seen a few documents on youtube about people who are communicating with animals. It was really touching, as they have to be really aware and perceptive for that, and in this way, they slowly change their way of being to that of respect for animals, the living things, and each-other.

        • Thank you Angela for your answer. It’s very true what you said.
          We have to change internally in order to change externally.

  27. In considering the multidimensional aspects of evil in our society, I find it can be challenging to “pick our battles”. It’s urgent to work upon ourselves and help others to do the same if they’re interested; but because the evil agendas are so far-reaching, we also need to become aware of and counteract these agendas that manifest externally (internet censorship, the terrible state of our food industry, etc.) or else there’s no hope.

    Q: How can we best spend our time: providing esoteric information/techniques to those interested (help fight the internal darkness so there can be more “Jedi”) or fighting against the external darkness (so the “Sith” have less power)? I find doing both can be an option, but it sometimes feels like neither goals get their full attention.

    I really look forward to the Total View talk! Thanks!

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Mike,

      It is really important to do both, but one of the main problems is this: unless those fighting against external darkness, for example in the “truth movement”, have and use techniques such as self-observation and self-knowledge, they can never succeed in their fight. Even projects for truth in the world with the highest of aims can get sabotaged by the divisions that develop between the people within it. If people are fighting against one another, how on earth do they think they can oppose the powers of darkness? If the darkness of anger, hatred, jealousy, pride etc. is not tackled within, it can never be tackled without. Demons out of the body can take down projects for truth by simply stirring up the egos of the people within it, who then destroy that project from within. Self-observation, then, is the first exercise people wishing to oppose the darkness in the world should learn, and without it, there is no hope for any kind of real success.

  28. I have a couple:

    1. If we encounter these beings in the astral plane, and see they are influencing events or society in the physical world, is there anything we can do to permanently break their influence, or only temporarily?

    2. Is it possible for a person not necessarily interested in the spiritual work, but does not want to be under the influence of evil, to be able to shield themselves from this influence? As most people don’t really want to undertake the spiritual work you teach, but many these days understand the evil going on, and perhaps even understand that it is not just “the way it is” but that it is people conspiring for it to be that way, and would like to fight against that.

    3. Those who talk about illuminati and the kind of rituals they are purported to undertake speak of the symbols they use and how they encourage the masses to use these symbols too, as it gives them “power” (i.e., getting people to do the all seeing eye pyramid at concerts), is there any truth to these kinds of rituals at concerts etc, giving them power of any kind?

    4. For those of us who have encountered these beings in the higher dimensions, and are willing to undertake a spiritual work, is there anything we can do collectively to fight them (aside from anything you’ve already mentioned)?

    5. You’ve mentioned the worship of Moloch as an example of their dark religion, is there any other examples in history that you can mention of this dark religion?

    6. If we do manage to uncover the “head of the octopus” and not just the tentacles as you say, and actually meet the beings at the center of it all, what then? Is just discovering who they are or what group they are a part of going to stop their influence in the world?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Good questions!

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Daniel,

      1. I know of no way to permanently break their influence; I would imagine it is for the individual to ultimately free themselves of the weaknesses that these entities use against them. Unfortunately, not many people are interested in doing this; and on top of that, you have these entities influencing society deliberately to weaken people psychologically so that they addicted to pleasures from birth, and the consciousness has little opportunity to manifest.

      2. In my experience, no. It is all too easy for the person unaware of these things to put themselves under dark influences in their own lives without realizing it, and then, to not want to do anything about it.

      3. I don’t know; it seems it would depend on whether there were genuine dark symbols and rituals being performed, rather than just mock satanic entertainment. Genuine dark symbols do attract dark forces though, and for those listening and participating in anything using those, that can’t be good.

      • Thanks for taking the time to answer those Angela:)

        I guess it’s a bit sad that people who don’t undertake the spiritual work can’t do more, but it makes sense. As we are dealing with multi-dimensional beings, but most people never or rarely glimpse beyond the physical world, so can’t really fight what you can’t see.

        It’s a pity though, today I was talking with my supervisor, who is versed on NWO type things, but not the spiritual type things. We were talking about the eerie and ominous fireworks display in Sydney (which has been mentioned elsewhere by David P. I believe) and how blatant it was. We then got to talking about the new xbox and whether he would buy it, for those that don’t know, the new xbox has a “feature” where it has a device that sits on your TV that has a camera and microphone, and this device must always be on and you must be connected to the internet for the xbox to function (I think they briefly retracted the “always” part due to public backlash, but are slowly phasing it back in). I asked him would he buy it, he said yes. I asked how could he buy it knowing it would most likely be used to spy on him, he said “oh well, its the way it is now”.

        There is such an apathy toward the slow creep of evil and slavery being imposed on the human race. But when most people have an attitude like his, could we expect any different?

  29. Dear Angela,
    travelling on the astralic level also can be very dangerous, isn´t it so?
    I read some books from Dion Fortune and she had heavy attacks from dangerous beeings there.
    Also Leadbeater wrote, that it is necessary to have a teacher, who is going with you for to protect and teach you at the beginning of your journey into these other realms of experience.
    And Summer Rains teacher No Eyes explained her, that these out of body travellings are getting more and more dangerous now, because of the more and more demons and difficulties there.
    I think it´s important to take this in account, because every coin has 2 sites…
    To teach people OBE techniques is not sufficient. Who takes the responsability for leading and protecting them, if they have strange encounters there, which they are not able to handle with their limited wisdom and power? These are some of my thoughts concerning this matter.
    I am a german psychologist, finished 1993 my studies in psychology with a paper about altered states of consciousness, have read many books of okkultists and have some practical experience with some light work, bodywork, meditation etc.
    Your article about Interdimensional Entities is really a good one and since Stuart Wilde´s death it´s difficult to find good articles about transcendent topics.
    Do you know “The Keys of Enoch” written by Dr. J.J. Hurtak ? I often visited his seminars in europe and in my eyes this book contains the widest spectrum of wisdom on earth, concerning galactic and earthly things as well as extra and ultraterrestric beeings, the whole holy hierarchy and the battle with the dark and fallen hierarchy in the galaxies and on earth. His book opened my eyes very wide especially for the galactic aspects of this battle between light and dark forces. The picture and the meaning of “the churning of the milky ocean” I know from Dr. Hurtak´s seminars.
    So I want to thank you very much for this excellent written article and wish you a Happy New Year with much more writings (more personal details) from you.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Solara,

      The process of astral projection and astral travel is no more dangerous than sleeping, because it is the place we go to when we dream, it is just we go there unconsciously.

      Demons can’t physically harm us in the astral; they tend to try and frighten people so they don’t want to find out more about spiritual things, or distract them from getting to true knowledge.

      Having said that, I have been attacked by demons in the astral on many occasions. There are what are called “recitations”, which are basically prayers that call on divine spiritual help to expel them. The Essenes used them, and you can find them in the free astral book here http://belsebuub.com/free-spiritual-ebooks/the-astral-codex-out-of-body-experiences-and-lucid-dreaming-for-spiritual-knowledge

      It is true what you say; because there are these negative entities in the astral, there is a responsibility on people who are teaching methods of astral projection to also warn and teach how to protect oneself against these entities, as for those who do have out-of-body experiences in any kind of meaningful way, they will inevitably come to stop them.

  30. Adam Quinn says:

    I was curious if you knew anything about the forces of light? Have you seen any? Also, do you know if there are any current humans that fight against these demons?

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Adam,

      Yes, there are beings of light that you can also meet out of the body in the astral plane. These have been given different names throughout history, like angels, devas, etc. I have encountered them, although sometimes they don’t fit in with people’s ideas of spiritual beings in that they can appear as ordinary, humble people, but who exude an incredible love, peace, and kindness, because in the astral you can not just see things, but “feel” them.

      As for fighting against demons, what I will say is that again it may not be as people’s ideas. High demons are powerful beyond imagination; they have mastered the dark side, and the dark arts and that is something most people in no way can take on.

  31. Hi Angela,

    Thank you very much for this possibility of asking questions. My main questions would be regarding the confusion surrounding the nature of the astral plane.

    Some people seem to regard the astral plane as dangerous, despite the fact that they go there every night during sleep (which is commonly unknown), while others even suggest it is some kind of “man-made” realm, also dangerous to visit. Then there is another group of people, who say it is just for “fun”, like for example you can be whatever you wish, shape-shift, influence things from there, etc. Even the term “astral plane” or “astral world” seems to mean various things for various people, I even heard people describing their daily visions or remote viewing as “astral”. Therefore, my question is, could you please clarify some of these conflicting views and shed some light on the nature of the astral plane and how to gain enough objectivity to really pragmatically investigate this realm, without any biased views, superstitions or subjective imaginations?

    Also, my other question would be, could this mess regarding the astral plane be a part of the agenda of darkness to create chaos and prevent people from objectively exploring this higher plane of existence?

    I also have other questions which interest me personally, not sure if any of them fits into your plan for the video, but here they go:

    – Can these entities cause somebody physical problems? For example to block some of his chakras, or centers in his body, making it difficult for them to do certain things in physical life, like for example intensive mental/intellectual work, or maybe feeling pain in certain areas, which is not explainable by physical means?

    – Are there some higher laws which guide the extent, to which they can interfere with humans, and if so, can you give examples?

    – Are there some more powerful means of protection against their influence than just recitations and of course, working on ourselves, so we are not susceptible to their manipulation through stirring up our defects?

    Thank you

    • I was also thinking about Lucia’s first question, regarding clarity on the astral. It seems easy to have preconceived ideas and feelings about what happens if we try to investigate there since it’s such an unknown thing for many people to begin with, let alone to understand the kinds of entities you spoke about in your previous article.

      Fear of the unknown can be crippling and hold people back from even trying, especially if it means you could gain access to a pretty powerful truth about the way things work. Even though a lot of times that can be inspiring and motivating, it also can be hard to push past since it feels like experiencing something so significant and important can vastly change how you view the world.

      Just wondering if you had any insight to share on overcoming or pushing past some of the ideas/obstacles such as fear of the unknown in order to investigate the astral objectively, as well as look into the dark agenda that you’ve written about.

      Looking forward to the video, thanks for taking the time to answer questions on this topic.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Lucia and Vida,

      Some of these questions are similar to ones I have answered, but I will say this on fear, since this is a huge obstacle in facing darkness that is very commonly overlooked. Many people think of fear simply as a gasp of fright, or a phobia, but it is much more pervasive and subtle. Fear gives the urge to run from things like a frightened animal trying to survive. But because we have a complex mind, fear in a human is far more complicated, so that often in our lives it gives us the urge to back away from the things that we actually should do. A subtle anxiety, or pressure, which gives a “bad feeling” is often justified by the mind which will find all sorts of “sensible” sounding reasons not to do what in reality, our very destiny may depend on. It’s all too easy to go back into comfort to avoid the very uncomfortable feelings of fear, and this is what nearly every person does. It doesn’t take much then, for people to step outside their “comfort zone”, get a feeling of fear, and retreat back into it, and the calming influence of routines and mundane life. But a comfortable life leads to an ignorant death, and powerlessness in the face of the consequences of having run away from tackling the big questions of life whilst alive.

      Cowardice then, is something that blights the world, and why so few people stand up to darkness wherever it manifests. Even the toughest looking people can be real cowards underneath. Bravery is not measured by handling weapons, or fighting, but by the willingness of the individual to face the duties life calls them to.

      • Thanks for this answer Angela.

        It’s really helpful and from what I’ve seen in my own life, very true. It’s strange that even when there is a profound truth and reality waiting there if you break through that fear, which could ultimately change your life, it’s like the darkness within (and without) doesn’t want you to reach that because then you’d have more incentive to really change and experience a different kind of life. Definitely requires courage.

        Thanks again Angela for taking the time to write.

      • Very good and helpful points Angela!

        “But a comfortable life leads to an ignorant death, and powerlessness in the face of the consequences of having run away from tackling the big questions of life whilst alive.”

        “Bravery is not measured by handling weapons, or fighting, but by the willingness of the individual to face the duties life calls them to.”

      • Thank you Angela very much for your comments about fear. I think you hit the nail regarding how crippling it is for so many people today and how subtle it can be in its form, justifying itself in so many ways. It has a good accomplice in laziness as I found, so basically one is subtly afraid of something, but also lazy to make too much effort and face the darkness and opposition. Some people for example openly ask me, why would they bother to fight for all these things when they can’t change much anyway, and they don’t want to unnecessarily flood their life with too much negativity. Some others, on the other hand, still see the problem in simplistic ways (like for example “government is corrupted, we need to change it”), not being aware of the bigger scheme of things and the forces behind it, denying everything pointing in this way as a “conspiracy theory”. It would be great if you could maybe some day write more on fear in its various aspects, as I am sure you would have a lot to share. Thank you again for taking your time to answer all these questions, its much appreciated.

  32. Just came across your website today, linked to David Ickes website. I have been a long time seeker, and convinced there is some spiritual warfare going on. Like many many others, progress has been very slow, but progress nonetheless….. I believe my problem is not unique so here it is :
    I seem to not be able to pass a certain threshold, some OBE expériences, some lucid dreaming, etcc… however, I seem to stay in rather low dimensions of the drunk monkey type. What do you suggest. I am convinced many of us are spiritual warriors, but we are stuck… ?

    • For me that type of experience is usually related to either my level of awareness during the day and in the experiences (less awareness = heavier experiences where I can’t move properly) or due to some sort of external influence from a negative being.

      There are some recitations to deal with any negative influence in Belsebuub’s book the Astral Codex which work really well (http://belsebuub.com/free-spiritual-ebooks/the-astral-codex-out-of-body-experiences-and-lucid-dreaming-for-spiritual-knowledge). There’s also info about how to practice awareness in some of the articles here and the new Living a Transcendent Life ebook if you haven’t come across that before.

      All the best with it!

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Marc,

      Yes, most are stuck, because to be more “awake” and clear in higher dimensions requires being more “awake” and clear in daily life. So what’s really needed is to increase someone’s level of consciousness. Awakening requires more than just being aware of information, but an actual increase in the spiritual level of someone’s consciousness which you can’t get from reading and thinking, only from inner change in the moment.

  33. Can you mention some of your favorite techniques to have OBEs or where some of these can be found? Also, what to expect the first time someone has an OBE. Thank you for your article, I feel really drawn to this information.

    • This link may be of interest to you Sean:


    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Sean,

      We’ve got a lot of information on our site to do with OBEs, including a lot of techniques, which we’ve put together into a free resource: http://belsebuub.com/free-downloads-and-resources-on-astral-projection-lucid-dreaming-and-out-of-body-experiences-obes

      The technique I’ve had the most success with is concentration on the heart beats: http://belsebuub.com/articles/astral-projection-technique-concentration-on-the-heart. I’ve found that if I get to bed around 10:30pm and fall asleep concentrating on the heart, I’ll wake up naturally sometime early in the morning. If I try falling asleep concentrating on the heart again then, usually sometime soon after I will feel myself leaving my body, since concentrating on the heart can help you project not just when you are doing it, but has effects that last throughout the night and can even help someone to have clearer and more spiritual dreams that same night.

      • I had quite an interesting experience. I astral projected through my ceiling then everything momentarily went dark and then I found myself in what I later realized was a craft of some sort. I was looking at this control panel with stars icons moving around on them, not unlike the star symbol on a computer keyboard then I heard a voice say “look out, ‘they’ are coming from around the corner. Shortly thereafter I decided that whatever was coming around the corner I would surprise instead. I hid behind a wall then as soon as I felt a presence around the corner I jumped out and see 3 tall ‘grey’ ETS except their eyes appeared to be rolled in the back of their heads, they were not black.

        A couple days later I decided to tell a friend about this experience and that night I went to the most sinister place I had ever experienced in my life. Undoubtedly, a hell realm. Sinister children throwing eggs in the sky and they would then fall and crack all over the ground. Animals were trying to attack me and everyone was trying to kill me. I experienced the nastiest emotions that I never knew existed, not unlike trying to think of a new color. It shook me up so bad it took me well over 2 hours to accept the fact that I was truly in the 3D and not there still. This was not hazy dream material, but it was very clear and vivid, almost a red radiance. Absolutely awful. This isn’t a question obviously, just something I thought I should share.