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shutterstock_83549878_cropsquare,resizeOne of the most effective exercises of astral projection is concentration on the heart. This exercise has been used for this purpose for probably thousands of years, and it’s the one I’ve used most. Virtually anything that focuses the mind upon one thing can be used to project with, but concentrating on the heart is a good basic exercise to have and it’s an efficient technique to learn to astral project with.

The heart is not only a vital organ of the physical body, but it also has spiritual aspects, which is why it has so many references in spiritual art and literature. One of these aspects is the heart chakra, another is the divine firmament, another is the heart temple, and there are many more.

Concentration on the heart can be practiced at any convenient time without it being just an astral projection exercise. But like any exercise that uses concentration, you’ll need to put in quite a lot of practice and gradually train yourself for it to start to work.

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  1. I enjoy what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  2. David G says:

    I’ve just reread this article again and it has so many good tips in it for concentration on the heart, and astral projection in general – a few that I think will help me get past the things that have been holding me back. I feel like there’s quite a bit to these practices that I haven’t explored yet, so looking forward to getting into some heart practices over the next few weeks!

  3. Hi.. I am not new to OOBE’s, or Lucid Dreaming.. I had my first OOBE in the middle of taking a Silva Mind Control, 2 weekends Seminar. In the 2nd day of class, we were told we would be remembering our Dreams that night, & we would have 6 or more. And we were instructed to keep a pencil, flashlight, & pad by our bed to jot the dreams down as we awakened from each… We were given a meditation-type (hypnosis to me) suggestions in regards to that evenings experience.. After getting home I thought not alot about this all, & went to bed with my pencil, pad, & light. And I awakened the first time and jotted everything that happened in that dream. And continued to do so in 4 more dreams.. then it happened, I became aware of myself above the bed, looking down on myself laying in bed. I thought am I dreaming this ? Then I thought I want to go to the kitchen, & before finishing the thought, I was in the kitchen, not aware of any sense of movement, I was just instantly there. I played around with this for awhile like a kid, with a new toy.. And anything I focused on became illuminated & stood out. Then I thought to go out in space, & looked back at the Earth in awe. And with all of this I was aware I would just think something, & it manifested instantly.. I also remember wanting to see what I appeared like, & thought to be in front of my mirrored dresser in the bedroom. I was in front of it immediately, & I saw reflected back a pulsating, glowing, ever changing form, with a cloud like transparency, that was illuminating brightly. Aproximately 2 to 4 ft in size. Then,I moved around to outside my house, & I had no conception of time. And then I had the thought, what if I can’t get back into my body ! The second I thought that thought, I felt myself enter into my body so fast, & I entered thru the 3rd eye chakra (forehead) and immediately sat up in my bed. I wrote everything down, & shared my experience with the class. I was the only one, out of 80 people in the class, that had this type experience.. The Instructor re-affirmed I had an OOBE, & that is quite common to have with this Seminar, he said, because we are working with different energies, & Higher Levels of Frequencies, using the alpha, theta, & delta states..

    After that experience, it was easy for me to have other OOBE’s by just getting into the state of expectancy of having one.. I let go of any fears connected with this.. I also did alot of reading on this subject, such as Robert Monroe’s books, I have all of them. For me I never had to concentrate on my heartbeat, or anything to induce these.. I have them several times a week now, & sometimes they are just Lucid Dreams, where I know I am dreaming, & usually in the Lucid Dream I am not seeing myself in my bed, I am just in the dream… With the OOBE I am more conscious of everything…

    Its good to see, so much openness today with discussing this subject. Since I had my first experience 35 yrs ago, when I took the Silva Seminar. And I remember if I spoke of it, most people thought I was a nut case (even today with some people) I usually say nothing..

    Good there are blogs like this to share with one another now… And how awesome, & grateful to have the internet to share with so many people all over the world. 15 – 20 yrs ago this was not available, & I can imagine how we will be in another 15-20 years… cell phones will be obsolete for those using telepathy… :) peace, & love..

    • Jenny R says:

      Hi Creigh,

      What a magical first experience! Thanks for sharing it. It made me smile because my first experience started out in my kitchen too — only it was not as exciting, but kind of funny. I was trying to astral project with the heart concentration technique one afternoon. I generally can never fall asleep for a nap during the day, but I wanted to just get a few extra practices for astral projection in because I was told that practice makes perfect. Well, my practice didn’t seem to be going so well. It felt like I was laying in bed for hours, trying to concentrate, and nothing was happening. Then I decided that I’m going to get up, go get a drink and then come back and try again. And so I got up went to the washroom and then walked to my kitchen (noticing that strangely the door to my room was wide open even though I closed and locked it so as not to be interrupted during the exercise). Once in the kitchen, I got a glass of water and sat down to drink it. Suddenly I felt a strong pull and woke up in my bed. My door was locked and closed as I left it. I then realized that the whole thing took place in the astral plane and I didn’t even realize that I came out of my body. So I spent my first out-of-body experience going to get a drink in the kitchen :)

      I know what you mean about how it’s a relief to be able to share these types of experiences with others and inspire each other to investigate these aspects of life.

      There’s an article on this site on lucid dreaming and astral projection that I thought you might find interesting, since you mentioned many of your experiences are to do with lucid dreaming: (there are a few other good ones in the articles section for astral projection and dreams).

      Anyways, hope you have a good go with the heart technique! All the best with your astral explorations.

    • David G says:

      Hi Creigh,

      Thanks for sharing your experience, it sounds awesome!

      I’ve also been able to travel very quickly just by thinking about / visualising where I wanted to go in the astral. It’s a pretty amazing thing!

      Interesting what you say about expectancy helping you to have experiences, it’s something I’ve found to help in the past too, but haven’t given that much attention to.

      I think you’d really like the e-books on this site. They give lots of information about the esoteric side of life and the path to enlightenment which can really enrich your astral experiences and give them a deeper meaning!

      All the best with them!


  4. This is a wonderful resource. I’m very grateful to those who make it available; Thank you Belsebuub.

  5. Jenny R says:

    Concentration on the heart was the first technique I astral projected with, and it has remained my favourite way to fall asleep. I find these exercises very relaxing too & also like how they often make dreams more vivid. I think what I like most about this too is learning to explore the connection between the physical and the spiritual within the body.

    Thank you for the article. I feel inspired to give some of the variations of this exercise a go now.

  6. Concentration on the heart has become one of my favourite astral technique to use. I just read the article for inspiration and will go with the visualizing a Spiritual Place in the Heart for tonight.

  7. This is a good article. It’s reminded me that I’ve always wanted to be able to visualize my physical heart better than I can now, and there are some good tips in here to achieve that.

    I think one of my favorite things about concentrating on the heart is the way it makes me feel connected to a much deeper spiritual aspect of myself. This is such a help to me in terms of motivation, because not only can you astral project with this particular concentration, but you’re concentrating on a place within you that has all these layers of significance: a luminary temple, a home for the divine, the place where real understanding and knowledge can unfold within you, the place where you feel love.

    It’s very inspiring, thanks a lot for this!

  8. DaveyNicks says:

    Such a good article. Thanks very much.

  9. The concentration on the heart beats taught by Belsebuub was one if the first astral techniques I had success with. There is something very natural about focussing on your own heart. It can be a very peaceful and relaxing exercise to do in itself and it can enhace dream clarity even if you don’t project. I would recommend this to anyone looking to astral project. It takes some practice and consistency but it works.

    I could do with some more practice and consistency myself and this article is a good inspiration. Thanks for posting it Belsebuub.

    • Geraldine says:

      Hi Matthew,

      I like what you say about how concentration on the heart has something very natural to it. As a child, I remember loving hearing my heartbeats on the pillow. Depending how my ear was positioned on the pillow, I would hear the drumming of my heart. I always found it very soothing, and comforting.

  10. Seraphim says:

    “Direct your concentration to your heart – imagine it as a place of light or divine fire. Go into it and visualize any spiritual place or spiritual being there. Fall asleep visualizing this.”

    It’s really very inspiring.

    Belsebuub thank you very much!!

  11. Alexandros says:

    Thank you Belsebuub for your article, I had stuck with this exercise and reading your article
    gives me a renew to try again, taking some things from the beginning. It is a boost :)

    Thank you

  12. I really enjoy this practice too and have had a handful of experiences with it. Reading through the Q&As was really helpful as it gave me some insights and things to try when doing my practices. Thanks for the article!

  13. I have always struggled with this exercise for one reason or another but giving this article a read it’s really refreshing and inspiring all over again and a few things stood out to me that helped me see what I have been doing wrong in terms of approach to the practice. The part about training yourself to concentrate is really helpful for me because I feel like I can sometimes expect results without much effort. I’m pretty inspired to try this exercise out with more dedication.

    Also, I did have an astral experience unexpectedly a few mornings ago which really showed me the value of strong concentration. I was concentrating very hard and found myself out of my body on a street somewhere. I was a little alarmed because I had woke up in a dream and realized I wasn’t in my bed anymore so I came back to my body fairly quickly but it was really intriguing and eye opening as to what level of concentration is needed to come out of body.

  14. Thank you Belsebuub for this article, it really inspired me to renew my efforts in exploring this exercise. What is really there within my heart? There is something so magical, interesting and wonderful about this particular practice.

  15. Thankyou for this article, it has inspired me to learn more about the spiritual aspects of the heart!

    It took me ages to learn how to feel my heartbeat when I started trying, but reading this article, there were some things I obviously overlooked (learning to visualise the heart better for instance) which I think would have helped me a lot.

    Now I can finally feel it I really love feeling my heartbeats as a practice, I feel so clear and peaceful from it and like Geraldine said even if I don’t project from it I feel like the heart practices have an effect on my dreams.


  16. I love concentration on the heartbeats! It has brought so many awesome results, and in general is just a very nice exercise to do.

    Thanks for this article – looking forward to the eBook.

  17. I really agree, this exercise is for me the most effective, its simplicity and naturalness is what makes it very effective for me and I’ve learn’t a lot more about my heart along the way.

    At first I used to be a bit scared of the sensations, because the heart beats can feel quite strong, but I realised I was missing out on something that could be truly wonderful, so I pushed on, overcoming the fear with each go.

    Thankfully, I came to have my first concentrated astral projection through this technique and though I missed the actual split, I realised that I was in the astral because I could feel my body in a different position to the position of my physical body. It took me a little while to work out how to actually move around because I kept trying to move my body mentally. After a few attempts I finally realised that I just needed to feel my self there and move naturally, and I did. It was a great experience and it helped me to learn about the way the astral feels and how to be there.

    Thank you Belsebuub, for these simple and yet so effective techniques – an inspiring article! I hope many more give it a go!

  18. Geraldine says:

    Thank you Belsebuub for this timely article!

    These are other great techniques to project naturally and consciously. Plus, I’ve noticed that if I don’t project consciously from it, but I have been genuinely trying to concentrate and connect to my heart before I fall asleep, I have a better dream recall in the morning, and seem to have more meaningful dreams.

    The first time I projected using this technique took me by surprise. I went to bed at my normal time, and tried to concentrate on my heartbeats, but I drifted off to sleep into dreams unconsciously. Mid-way through the night, I woke up naturally somehow, and while I lay in bed, well relaxed from several hours of sleep, I decided to try again to concentrate on my heartbeats.

    I could feel my beats very strongly, it was actually surprisingly nice, and then I felt the beats intensify, but I did not focus on the emotions or thoughts at all, and instead I kept focusing on the beats itself, and I started to feel as if I was pulsating with the beat with more affinity, and the next beat just felt like it propelled me out of my body! It was so amazing and cool!

    I was hovering on top of my sleeping physical body, in my bedroom – everything looked pretty much the same as in the physical, but more peaceful. But I started to think of my beats, as I was no longer feeling them, and that simple thought brought me back to my physical body, and I felt myself rush back, being pulled back into my physical body.

    I remember waking up right after that, and I was smiling and so thankful for that experience – what a feeling! It was short but like nothing I had experienced before, as I did not need to make myself roll or get-up after I had projected in the astral plane. A lot to say about these practices :)