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Flying in a lucid dream, a common experienceHere’s a simple technique with which to become conscious in the astral plane by waking up in a dream, which is commonly known as lucid dreaming. With it, you can carry out exactly the same investigations in the astral world as you would do when you project from your bed.

In the normal course of sleep, dreams occur in the astral plane. When dreaming there is no recognition of being in a dream; it just happens and there is no self-awareness to enable us to realize where we are. But it is possible to know that we are in a dream, to become self-aware and know that we are out of the body in the astral plane.

This experience happens to many people and is commonly called ‘lucid dreaming’. However the term does not distinguish between the two kinds of experiences we get while becoming aware that we are dreaming; there is a difference between knowing that you are in a dream yet still dreaming, and knowing you are in a dream and seeing what is actually there around you in the astral plane, rather than still being in the projections of the mind.

There are exercises that can be done to become conscious in the astral plane while dreaming. They basically involve questioning during the day to see whether you are in the astral world or in the everyday world, in order to record that question in the subconscious and to repeat it while dreaming and thereby to realize that you’re there.

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  1. My very first astral experience came from waking up in a dream after pulling my finger.

    I was sick with the flu and so didn’t feel up to doing an astral practice, so as I went to bed I asked for help to be shown something in my dreams that would help me wake up in them.

    After I fell asleep I found myself walking in a strange place wearing strange clothes for the surroundings, and I thought that maybe I was dreaming and tried to pull my finger. As I did it stretched right out, and the dream I was in dropped away and I was in a different place altogether.

    It was a pretty amazing experience, one I think I’ll always remember!

    Are we dreaming right now?

  2. Geraldine says:

    I’ve found reality checks very useful, both in the physical to bring myself back to the present moment and obviously in the astral, as it is usually what triggers a conscious astral experience in my case ( that and being helped as well).

    I’ve noticed that the genuine questioning in the physical is really important. And I’ve also noticed that if my awareness is quite clean, then my questioning is also more genuine.

    I used to prefer pulling of my finger over jumping, but after giving a good try with the ‘jump’ I’ve seen how it can become a favorite technique :)

    I like these techniques, because they are so easy to incorporate in the day and I’ve found then that the day becomes more spiritually focused and more geared toward self-knowledge.

    • I can relate to a lot of what you mentioned Geraldine :) It can be a good test of awareness for me how many times I naturally remember to check where I am. If it’s not much, chances are I was a bit caught up in what I was doing during the day.

      I find trying to stretch my finger is a really effective way of realising I’m dreaming. Sometimes it stretches just a little but enough to wake up me to the fact that I’m dreaming and then I can stretch it more.

      I also find if my awareness isn’t very good, if I focus on my hands for a little bit it really brings out the awareness and doubt about whether or not I’m dreaming and then it’s easier to test with a real feeling that my finger is going to stretch.

      I have had some success with jumping too :)

  3. I find that these reality checks are the most effective technique to experience the astral. For me it always works when I combine it with inspiration and a desire to experience the astral plane. It

    I’ve seen that sometimes it is difficult for people that are introduced into this practice to accept the fact that right now we might be in the astral plane. But there is no need to even fully believe in it. Just to try it an open-minded way for a sustained period of time and it will definitely bring results.
    I’ve experienced it quite a few times. This technique is really effective.

  4. Doing reality checks during the day has helped me to wake up in dreams on many occasions. I usually have better luck with jumping than pulling my finger for some reason, although both of those techniques have given me results.

    Nice to see this here, it’s a good reminder to check…is this the physical or the astral? :)

  5. The techniques in this article have led me to have the most astral experiences out of any techniques, particularly questioning what dimension you’re in. Thanks so much for bringing this all together here – it’s been a helpful reminder (had a lucid dream last night!).

    • Me too Jon!For a reason I’m yet to figure out :) it seems like some people tend to have more experiences by questioning whether they’re dreaming, and some people seem to have more conscious projections. For me so far, I’d say at least 80% of my astral experiences have come from realising that I’m dreaming! It’s cool to have different ways to get there though, I feel like it gives us a lot more chance of success.

  6. Thank you for sharing these techniques free on internet!
    I wish even people who don’t seek for spirituality to test them and discover new sides of reality.
    Actually doing the reality checks i had my first experience on astral plane. Socking at first moment but a great feeling afterwards. Like i was blind and for some moments i got my sight.
    Be conscious in the astral is a great deal like a new amazing world rise in front of you, but also be conscious in daily life changes the whole perspective on life and that’s real magical for me.

    Thanks again!!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion Mitchel.