Beginning the Day Spiritually — An Excerpt from The Secret of the Golden Flower


This week’s featured exercise is a simple, daily one that can help with being more focused towards self-observation and awareness throughout the day ahead.

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An illustration of this exercise from The Secret of the Golden Flower.

An illustration of this exercise from The Secret of the Golden Flower.

The Secret of the Golden Flower, a Taoist text, gives practical guidance on how to begin the day with a spiritual focus, thus helping with the practice of spirituality as a way of being in daily life:

“If there is time in the morning, one may sit during the burning of an incense stick; that is the best. In the afternoon, human affairs interfere and one can therefore easily fall into indolence. It is not necessary, however, to have an incense stick. But one must lay aside all entanglements and sit quite still for a time. In the course of time there will be success without one’s becoming indolent and falling asleep.”

~ The Secret of the Golden Flower, page eleven. Translated by Richard Wilhelm





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  1. It’s interesting how the text mentions that in the afternoon things are busy, the energy is busy and it’s more difficult to disentagle yourself from the train of daily things. Personally I love the energy of the morning, at dawn and at sunrise. It is pure, light, mystical, still, hopeful. I also love the light and colours of the morning, the fresh air. I long to sit in our backyard where we have a view of a mountain lit by the sun’s first rays, to attune to nature, to bring myself into connection with spirituality. I haven’t done this for a long time but this post inspires me to do it! Especially now that the sunrise is exactly at a time when it’s convenient for me to get up a bit before having to prepare for work. Definitely would give rise to a different kind of day than rushing around the first thing.

  2. I personally find it very important to make time, 10 -15 minutes, to do a practice like this in the morning.

    For me any sort of practice like concentration, silencing the mind or a mantra will do. With the essential thing being that I choose and make the effort to not allow thoughts and emotions to be more important than peaceful within. Not allowing lingering emotional states, worries of the day to come or ‘important’ thoughts to get a grip on me. Perhaps like the text said: ”lay aside all entanglements”

    If I don’t do a dedicated practice like this in the morning, right away it’s easier to slip into the stream of the daily routine. And to stand a chance against the barrage of impressions, and weight of everyday life which tries to unbalance us, I find it best to do a practice like this and try to retain that state in the next thing I do, guarding myself, and the next and so on throughout the day.

    I like those lines about the incense stick. They’re quite funny, but maybe that’s because of the translation. Anyway on a serious note, I’ll try adding the incense to mark the practice make it more special. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I like how it talks about sitting still and laying aside all entanglements without being lazy and falling asleep. I think sometimes I complicate practises, so will be good to try out this simple one!

  4. Aleksandr says:

    A nice and simple tip. Just reading it inspired me, and I look forward to trying it.


  5. Many times I love to just sit and be quiet. It really helps to calm things down and clear the mind. Doesn’t have to be anywhere special, just wherever I happen to be.

  6. Just wanted to give a quick feedback.
    I set the alarm for earlier time in the mornings and also dedicating a bit of extra time for practicing awareness during the day or before sleep. I seem to be somehow more capable to calmly face daily challenges, although that can be difficult to judge objectively. Going to sleep has become more exciting too as clarity and continuity of dreams has increased and also recently I had a few interesting encounters in dreams as well. Last night, there were multiple opportunities for astral projection. All of that I find really encouraging to keep overcoming laziness and to continue with exercising awareness.

  7. Thanks Angela looking forward to give it a go.

  8. A great practice that can be easily implemented into daily routine and with bit of consistency could become a healthy habit.

    Thank you Angela.