Om for Astral Projection — An Exercise from the Mahabharata


Following on from last week’s spiritual exercise – which was pronouncing the mantra Om –  this week’s featured spiritual exercise again comes from a Hindu sacred text, but describes how this most famous mantra Om can also be used for astral projection. Mantras are one of the main techniques for astral projection, as they can both stimulate chakras that help with the astral split and help to focus the mind, which needs to be concentrated for most out-of-body experience techniques to work. Here are some tips for succeeding with astral projection – all the best with it this week!

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Painting by Pieter Weltevrede (shared under creative commons license)

Painting by Pieter Weltevrede (shared under creative commons license)

The ancient Hindu text the Mahabharata describes a mantra exercise that can be used for astral projection:

“Casting off (this) body, he who departeth, stopping up all the doors, confining the mind within the heart, placing his own life-breath called Prana between the eye-brows, resting on continued meditation, uttering this one syllable Om which is Brahman, and thinking of me, attaineth to the highest goal.”

~ The Mahabharata, Book 6: Bhishma Parva: Bhagavat-Gita Parva: Section XXXII  (Translation by K.M. Ganguli)

This practice can be carried out at the time of going to sleep. Lie down in a comfortable position, allow your body to relax, and then imagine the energy of the breath between your eye brows. Chant the mantra Om out loud a few times and then continue internally, let the vibration of the mantra resound within your heart, chanting until the astral split takes place.

The passage highlights the need for the practice to be done from the heart and without being distracted by any other thoughts or external sensory perceptions (i.e. it must be done with undivided attention).

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  1. Michael Disi says:

    I want to express my appreciation to Mr.and Mrs.Pritchard for the great work of spiritual enlightment you have both committed yourselves.My joy knew no bounds when i stumled on your website in my quest for spiritual knowledge.The articles are very inspirational.I’ve also downloaded a few books free which i’m currently reading.This is what i’ve been looking for for some years now.Please,kindly inform your husband that i solicit his and your help in giving me al the ncessary training i need to build a sound spiritual person.I must also thank you for the energy,time and resources you have committed into this programme of spiritual enlightment by making your books and articles free.I know you ‘re both busy but i’ll highly appreciate your response to my request.Thank you.Michael Disi,Edo state,Nigeria.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Michael,

      I’m so glad you found us and have been getting a lot out of the site. We don’t offer any kind of personal mentoring or coaching, but provide everything we do here on this website. At the moment the information is still not complete, and Mark is busy right now writing a new book which will explain about the process of awakening. I’d recommend checking back for when that is released (although it is still some time away), and staying in touch here via comments.

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  3. Geraldine says:

    So far from trying this mantra out, I’ve seen several benefits already:

    – remembering more dreams:
    Going to bed and chanting this mantra softly then internally has been very pleasant. It seems to have brought clarity to my dreams, as I’ve been able to remember more dreams on the night I use it, compared to other nights I did not not use this particular technique.

    – Deep feeling of connection with Divinity:
    One of the main benefit though that I’ve felt from this mantra has been feeling closer to the spark of consciousness within me. I definitely felt like this mantra has been giving some nourishment to my soul. I usually get this from chanting mantra, but it builds up, but with the OM mantra and that particular concentration on the brow, on the heart, on the breathing, I have been feeling like it has a special purpose for giving that ‘love boost’ to my soul/spirit/consciousness, and helping me during the day to fight for it. I’ve also found it very energizing and uplifting.

    And lastly,
    – having more occasions to wake up in my dreams:
    Because my dreams have felt clearer, I’ve also been able to wake up in my dreams more this week, and while the experiences may have been short, it definitely showed me how the OM mantra can be applied for astral projection.

    So far though, no direct projection from the mantra, but I’ve found myself feeling like I was coming back from my body in the morning, as well as the strong heart chakra beats that usually accompany my astral projection experiences.

  4. Looking forward to this practice – interesting technique

  5. Interesting way to carry out this practice, I look forward to give it a go.

    Thanks Angela and the team from Ancient Sacred Knowledge.

  6. Looking forward to trying this out…

  7. I really like the way the practice is described in the text. I have had success with mantras for astral projection in the past but have never tried focussing the breath between the eyebrows as part of it – looking forward to exploring it!

  8. Thank you Angela.

    A week of practicing previous week’s mantra has helped me to clear the mind, if only temporarily, and this morning, after falling asleep with the mantra, I could learn more about some detrimental elements of my psyche, which was unexpected but welcomed and also encouraging to continue with the practices.

    The OM mantra is one of my favourites, so I am looking forward to overcoming laziness this coming week and having a solid attempt at the astral with this mantra.

  9. Very nice, thank you Angela for sharing! I have projected by focusing on all kinds of things in the past, including a song, but this one sounds very nice due to its simplicity and the spiritual meaning of the mantra. Very inspired to try it.

  10. David Nicholas says:

    Awesome. Will attempt this tonight.