Seeing Reality through Awareness and Showing Others the Way — A Taoist Exercise


This week’s featured ancient exercise is from a Chinese text that was banned, but is believed to contain the oral teachings of the great sage Lao Tzu. It is a practice of being aware in the present moment.

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The mindThe Hua Hu Ching, a Taoist text said to contain the teachings of Lao Tzu, explains the following approach to seeing reality through awareness.

It also explains the priceless “blessings” and “wisdom” accorded to those who help others to find the “Integral Way.”

“… there are two kinds of wisdom.
 The first is worldly wisdom, which is a conceptual understanding of your experiences.
 Because it follows after the events themselves, it necessarily inhibits your direct understanding of truth.
 The second kind, integral wisdom, involves a direct participation in every moment: the observer and the observed are dissolved in the light of pure awareness, and no mental concepts or attitudes are present to dim that light.
 The blessings and wisdom that accrue to those who practice the Integral Way and lead others to it are a billion times greater than all worldly blessings and wisdom combined.”

~Hua Hu Ching, Chapter 26. Translated by Brian Walker

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Angela Pritchard is a researcher into the universal nature of spirituality and ancient knowledge, and co-author of two books on ancient sacred mysteries. She writes alongside her husband Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub) who provides the esoteric and psychological knowledge found in her blogs and articles from over 30 years of his own dedicated experience into consciousness and the process of transformation, which she brings together with her research into ancient sites and sacred texts.


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  1. i need my, i need your help.

  2. Thanks for this article. As others have mentioned, these ancient Tao texts speak to me too and it dawns on me the person who taught them must have had deep understanding of a higher way of living. What stands out is the part about “direct participation in every moment”. I often find myself thinking I’m aware but when I look more diligently it’s not the case. Also this active participation is something that needs efforts from my side to work, I guess that’s why the text says “direct participation” but the way it is written stands out.

  3. James N says:

    Thank you Angela. A very valuable practise for me.

  4. It’s so sad that these teachings have been banned so many times throughout history. Thankfully we have easy access to them at this time.

    While simple, I find this exercise quite difficult to maintain for any length of time, but it is in these moments that I have found that profound things can happen and huge insights occur.

    Thanks for this practice Angela.

  5. Thank you for posting this Angela. It is very helpful to learn about different perspectives to awareness – somehow expands my understanding of it. .

  6. This is an awesome exercise, thanks for posting Angela. I found that Taoist exercises strike the cord with me due to their simplicity. They have really helped me to improve my understanding of awareness in general by trying to approach it in a natural and plain way. We have a tendency to complicate things with our minds and this excel isle in particular helped me to understand that the real understanding comes when we are just present and aware.

  7. Aleksandr says:

    Thank you for the quote today. There is a lot of wisdom in that quote, and it needs a lot of reflection. A ‘direct participation in every moment’ seems obvious at first, but considering the daydreams as well as the constant wish to escape situations, it’s obvious that it does not come by itself. I will enjoy experimenting with it today.

  8. Geraldine says:

    The Hua Hu Ching is an an amazing book of goodness, wisdom and so much more. To realize that someone or a group of people had censored / banned these amazing teachings in the past only goes to show that there exists a dark force to stop this goodness in the world. Seeing how online access to spirituality seems to have dramatically shrank in the last 10 years should really be a wake-up call for all interested in spirituality.

    This is such a great excerpt from that book.

    Being part of the moment and what is happening around us as well as helping others have access to these teachings goes on so many levels.

  9. So beautiful, thank you for sharing Angela! Inspires me to try awareness with new force. These quotes I’ve seen from the Hua Hu Ching just amaze me with their clarity and truth, which is still so applicable for people practicing spirituality today.

  10. Great quote, thank you Angela.

    I know that no matter how hard I try to be aware, dedicating entire energy to it from early morning, inevitably awareness fades away and familiar daydream takes over unnoticed. Then it requires an impulse from within or sometimes an external event to snap me out of daydreaming, and again there is an opportunity to fight for awareness. Unfortunately, as events of a day unfold and more mental activity is required to complete daily tasks, there is usually less and less willpower to strive to maintain and increase in awareness. That is why I find dedicating time for even short practices helpful as it allows refocusing and provides refuge from the ever active mind. Being aware is a worthwhile goal however and it opens commonly underestimated possibility to truly learn, grow and acquire invaluable experiences beyond anything we can dream or think of.

  11. This is another great discovery of the teachings passed down from the gods. Should I surprised that it was banned? To be honest, no, since it’s clear to me that dark forces have always tried to wipe out all esoteric teachings.

    From experience, I can comfortably say that to be aware in the present moment, and to remove the darkness within, is such an effective way to experience real peace and Love. The hard part is remembering to do it, so that we can really change from what we are.
    We live in a world of so much misery, which keeps us in chains. Yet these teachings can set us free, and as mentioned in this ancient Chinese text, it’s so important not to forget others who are searching, otherwise we can’t find our way to liberation.

    I have so much to learn but I know that these teachings are the only way back to The Light.

    Thanks Angela, and the team in the background.