Techniques for Concentration & Visualization – 3 Articles


Concentration on a candleTo successfully astral project, it’s important to be able to concentrate on the particular exercise of astral projection you are doing at the time, without being distracted from it by other thoughts or by anything else.

Willed astral projection usually occurs when the mind is concentrated at the exact moment that sleep occurs.

Most techniques for astral projection are variations of concentrating the mind and/or visualizing.

Being concentrated is having the mind and the whole of one’s attention on one thing alone.

It is possible to concentrate upon whatever activity we do at one time. That ability is developed by learning to do one thing at a time in daily life. It is also a natural outcome of the psychological study, which I describe in other works.

Sitting exercises of concentration train and develop the ability to concentrate upon any astral or esoteric exercise.

Read the articles:
Concentration and Visualization for Astral Projection and Meditation
Concentration and Visualization on an Object
Imaginative Visualization

These three articles are taken from my book on astral travel, which is being revised and converted into a free eBook.

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Mark H. Pritchard is an author and practitioner of esoteric knowledge, and writes with his spiritual name Belsebuub. His work is primarily on the transformation and exploration of consciousness from over 30 years of dedicated metaphysical experience. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including The Astral Codex and Gazing into the Eternal, which are free to download on his website

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  1. Geraldine says:

    Visualisation used to be quite difficult for me to achieve. I used to get very “mental” about it, instead of incorporating the feelings / the 5 senses, into the visualisation, I would only think “it”, and create this mental image only, and would not get anywhere with it. I was too static.

    Then I re-read about this technique in the book, and realised that I needed to imagine myself using my sense, and really “imagine” myself where I wanted to be, interacting with the place I wanted to go, but doing it consciously, instead of letting happen on their own. And it worked!

    I was trying out this practice one day, and imagining myself going to Mount Everest. At first, the visualisation was just my imagination, but I imagined myself interacting with the place, and then all of a sudden, I was there, walking in the snow. I could feel the snow crackling under my feet. From looking around, I intuitively knew I was walking on a glacier – the details were so vibrant, in light and colors. The reflection of the sun on the snow was intense and as I was walking, getting closer and looking up toward the mountain, something external interrupted the practice (the phone rand or someone was at the door – can’t remember exactly) and I felt myself rushing back into my body and woke up. But I knew without a doubt that I had been there, and that was so very amazing! How raw and real the whole experience had been and that it had happened so quickly.

    Yet after this experience, I decided to look into it more, because I thought that my imagination had played a trick about walking on the glacier to reach mount Everest (I though there was no glacier, and only mountains), and there is actually a glacier that people use to climb to one of the base camp. So I was pretty shocked about it. I knew from that as well as from the raw feeling I got, that I was truly there for a while :)

    (that’s a picture from the glacier: except there was more snow/ice in my experience but that’s the “view” I had in a sense)

    So it was a really good experience, because it gave me a taste and understanding on how conscious visualisation works. It’s not simply a mental projection, it really is a consciously guided interaction with what I am visualising, and you can really verify things and learn about things in that manner.. The only trick is to do it consciously and not in ‘fantasy’ mode. And that takes practice and awareness – so an ongoing thing :)

    Belsebuub, Thank you for making these articles available here – and thanks for passing on these techniques, I’ve had some amazing and memorable astral projections, and I’m sure it will help many people as well.

  2. Over the past week I’ve guided an online class where people have been focusing on the use of visualization for astral projection and waking up in dreams. Multiple participants have had lucid experiences this past week and for myself I’ve found a big difference in the clarity of dreams and an increase in lucid experiences in the Astral when using visualization techniques like those described here.

    It’s pretty neat to experience the power of visualization like this. I’m keen to keep investigating.

    • That’s great, Andrew. Always encouraging to hear of people succeeding with the astral :-)

      Glad to hear about the upcoming ebook too – look forward to it.

  3. Good point Sue!!

  4. Yes, I agree Deano, but also great to have all these exercises so freely available to everyone on the website.

    It’s a great reminder that we need to get the basics right!


  5. Great to hear this is being released as a free ebook.