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Total View episode: How Astral Projection Feels, Getting Out of the Body, and Combating Negative Beings


This episode from the Total View YouTube show looks at what it feels like to get out of the body and into the astral plane through astral projection, and includes a method of dealing with negative beings encountered there from The Astral Codex by Belsebuub. Lots of great real life accounts of people who’ve practiced the techniques here on this website and had success with them.

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About Angela Pritchard

Angela Pritchard is a researcher and practitioner of a timeless spiritual process of transformation, evidence for which is found in sacred teachings throughout the world and in the very design of the universe itself. Writing alongside her husband Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub), she is co-author of two books The Path of the Spiritual Sun and Return to Source. Both write on the website where Mark provides the esoteric and psychological knowledge found in her blogs and articles from over 30 years of his own dedicated experience into consciousness and the process of transformation, which she combines with research into the latest discoveries in science, cosmology, sacred sites, and ancient texts.


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  1. Very nice video and great accounts; thank you.

  2. cool!

  3. Daniel M says:

    Really inspiring!
    Great accounts.
    Thank you guys.

  4. Great episode.
    Amazing to hear about the experience with singing the recitations and seeing the divine wind blow away all that was negative. Thanks for sharing

  5. Nice experiences! I loved hearing your account about Bellilin, Lucia — very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Excellent video. It’s good to hear people’s different experiences and methods of projecting.

    Inspiring as usual, thanks a lot.

  7. inspiring account of astral experiences. Thanks for the video.

  8. Very nice vid, thx for that.
    Transformed a miserable train journey into a very pleasant trip!
    Technology today!

  9. It’s very pleasant to listen to people’s experiences with astral projection. Great episode and great tips.
    Thanks to all involved.

  10. Some really amazing experiences there! I really like the one Michelle mentioned where she was walked through coming out of her body, and then the shot straight after of her projecting!

  11. Interesting episode, pleasure to watch; thank you.

  12. Jiri Altman says:

    Thank you Angela for posting the articles. It helps me carry on.