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Video Interview on the Ancient Celebration of the Solstice and Equinox


Total View is a brand new show on YouTube that looks at life, the universe, and current world issues, from a wider perspective. I’ll be chatting to host Jenny Haase there regularly on all manner of topics, like other dimensions, ancient knowledge, the supernatural causes behind world events, the potential of consciousness within and much more.

Here’s our first interview on the ancient celebration of the solstice and equinox, which explores why the most common alignment of ancient sacred sites was to the sun, and how it is connected to the journey of consciousness.

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After this video was shot, I now have access to a new HD Canon video camera, thanks to everyone who has donated to Mystical Life Publications and made it possible. I’ll be putting it to use, with many more videos on the way.


About Angela Pritchard

Angela Pritchard is an author and researcher into the universal nature of spirituality and consciousness. She is the co-author of two books on ancient sacred mysteries. Her primary focus is on experiencing spirituality firsthand, including through OBEs, and she has been dedicated to this for the past 10 years. She aims to uncover the hidden roots of what’s really driving the agenda in society and the world in relation to the war on consciousness and awakening, and writes alongside her husband on the website


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  1. A special thanks to Angela, Jenny and Mark for this amazing information.

    I really enjoyed your video and found it to be source of inspiration.

    I totally agree, during these sacred events you can feel life and our connection to the spiritual light.

  2. Interesting Ang, nice video. Shame we don’t celebrate these major seasonal events like we used to, such a big part of our history! Btw you’re old email addresses aren’t working, are you able to me your current one? Davo.

    • Angela Pritchard says:

      Hi Davo, so nice to hear from you! Have just sent you an email. Not sure if you go the last one I sent? Hope you are well!

  3. ConsciousCreation says:

    Timeless! Thank you so much. Once we can observe the external, we can see how it impacts the internal.. Thank you so much for this, you have no idea how much it means to me to see this in print.

  4. Angela Pritchard says:

    I found this video recently about someone who had an NDE and was introduced to God who he felt came to him from every star… beautiful . Thought it was very powerful to again see the spiritual coming through the stars (the sun is our closest star) and nature.

    • Really nice, thank you Angela for this find! I liked how those stars were alive and worshiping god. It must be very beautiful to be aware of all that love… Here, we are just bound to imagine it.

    • It’s always amazing how in these types of experiences you go through something that you feel deeply and understand entirely, and then words can’t really explain it logically nor can you make others feel the same things you’ve experienced, but you know what you’ve gone through and you treasure it.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Thanks, Angela. That was really interesting how he saw the stars in this experience

      It’s interesting to hear about an experience that someone had at that age, too. It must have been able to reach him very deeply.

      To me, he seems a bit different, too, like a person who is freer in some way. Fear of death seems to be so common, which makes sense, and to have had a direct experience at such a young age that would lead him to welcome it now must have had such an impact on the way he lives his life. Pretty inspiring!

    • Nice account, thanks for sharing.

      I’ve seen it another account as well where the person is told to go back to the physical world and they are like: “no no no, you’ve got it all wrong, I am staying!” Quite funny :D

      The priest telling him as a devout child that his experience was the work of Satan…. That’s just terrible. Made me feel that it’s irrelevant really what title you may hold here in whatever belief, it’s personal experience of the divine that matters.

      • That stood out to me too Karim. Seemed like a case of labelling anything that is beyond normal experience or the understanding of the priest as bad. That seems to be a recurring theme in the Church towards any type of spirituality or experience that can’t be filtered through the Church’s structure unfortunately – good thing he didn’t listen and trusted what he felt about the experience!

  5. Thanks for all the comments and feedback everyone!

    I feel there is a lot of potential for the show as it gives a platform for the often unheard voice on matters related to consciousness and it seems there are many people out there thirsty for information from different view points with the world in the state that it’s in, so I’m happy to be taking part in providing that platform along with Jon behind the scenes.

  6. Nice initiative, a show like this can have a great potential similar to podcasts. Like many others here I’ve also learned so much from the Solstices and Equinoxes and how they relate to life and to our internal life. It’s almost a bit strange thinking back a few years when I knew nothing about the subject at all. Looking forward to further installments and topics. Thanks

  7. Thanks very much for sharing this video and well done to everyone behind it for such a great idea! I really enjoyed watching the show and look forward to seeing it continue, it has so much potential to present amazing information through this engaging medium. Much appreciated.

  8. Thank you so much for this awesome idea, Angela and Jenny! It’s inspiring and encouraging to see how far you’ve gone in your research. Really looking forward to more videos.

  9. Gabrielle says:

    It was great to see this video. I felt inspired by the discussion. I have also learned so much from your book and from gaining an understanding of the meaning behind these events.

    At first, I did not feel a connection to these cosmic events, although I thought they were interesting. After gaining an understanding of the personal and spiritual meaning of them, I feel so fortunate to know.

    It has helped so much in understanding the cycles within life and how to navigate through the different quarters of the year. It also helps in terms of knowing what to aim for and how to use time in the best ways during different parts of the year. While, it would be nice to have summer all year round, I now see and have come to appreciate the incredible value that the fall and winter bring.

    Thanks very much, and I look forward to the videos to come.

    • “While, it would be nice to have summer all year round, I now see and have come to appreciate the incredible value that the fall and winter bring.”

      Me too. I’ve always thought there was something different and magical about each season, but understanding the process that nature undergoes and that it is also mirrored in the individual and in everything in creation, I have grown to appreciate the whole process of the yearly cycle a lot more.

  10. This video channel is such a great idea.

    This first episode made me wonder again what it would have been like to be alive in a time and place where the whole civilization was geared towards a spiritual purpose. It must have been so different to live back then!

    I also found it really inspiring to hear your description of how your investigation into the solstices and equinoxes grew, and how you were able to piece together information until a coherent picture emerged. It’s a good example of how to dig in and investigate spiritual topics that are obscure, so thanks for sharing about how you did that.

    Definitely looking forward to upcoming episodes!

  11. Thanks Angela and Jenny, what a great video and a great start. I hope it becomes huge on YouTube and that it inspires people to search deeper.

    I look forward to the next installment.

  12. What a lovely video and it’s great to see your commentary on the book. I like the discussion on the solstices and equinoxes and how we as humans are connected to nature and its processes. I find it shocking to see how society and its currently setup is very distant from nature and natural beauty. Peace seems to be always just around the corner but never within reach. I’m sure many can relate and this book and the celebrations might provide the guidance that allows people to reconnect with themselves and the world around.

  13. You speak in a really clear and easy to understand way. Looking forward to more videos.

  14. Aleksandr says:

    Thank you for starting this project. It has great potential and already helped me understand more about why to do these ceremonies. I don’t feel like these ceremonies or spiritual practices are a part of me though, like I would imagine them to have been part of lives of ancient peoples. I need to put in effort every time to do something about this in my life. Either way I am grateful for this website, for at least explaining how we can go about doing them.

  15. This is a great idea to help spread this information so that people can use it and reconnect with the spiritual and with the processes of nature.
    Thanks so much Jenny and Angela for the video. I look forward to sharing and learning more from future ones.

  16. Thanks so much Angela and Jenny for the interview. It’s such an important and interesting topic that really needs to reach humanity right now.

  17. This is a great way to introduce the inner work to the world. I really like it.

    All the best for more enlightening videos like this.

  18. It’s interesting how people can come to realise on their own, the spiritual qualities found in nature, and how so many people can connect with the spiritual in forrests, and valleys, looking at stars, sunrises etc… the rush of the wind etc. In particular its amazing how sunrises/sunsets draw people to the closing of a day or its beginning. I wonder if it something innate in each of us, regardless of calling it spiritual or not. The sun has a way to silence us. It seems that only later when religions and doctrines were developed and integrated into social structures that spirituality had to be defined and intellectualised, ”this is spirituality/this is not” etc… whereas really, spirituality has always been everywhere, all around us, within us and beneath us. And especially in all the life forces in nature.

    It seems like this connection to spirituality through nature is all that’s is left from a once obvious form of expressing your love for the divine or appreciation of it, where building monuments and sites to the majesties of nature and the cosmos were so prevelent because the spiritual work was so obvious in them. Now these ways to glorify what was always with us, before time & creation, have become lost mysteries, ignored by masses, cherished by some, but thankfully rediscovered more and more..

    I wonder if there is a relationship to the spontaneous love for nature, the spiritual work and the reintroduction of ancient celebration. I wonder if nature evokes a longing from a different time that has been ignored by the religious constitutions on purpose.

    Thanks for the video Jenny & Angela! Lots to discover, look forward to more :)

    • I really liked what you said Olga.

      Each time I go out in nature, for camping, for long walks, or simply just go about watching the sunset/sunrise it just has a very calming effect, or it helps me bring me back to see reality more like what it truly is. By that I mean, it’s like watching the stars, or watching the world below us in a plane. I just would start realizing my place/importance is not all that much :) and so the worries and thoughts become less ‘big’ so to speak.

      And it seems that watching the sunset/sunrise has a particular effect as well – even raised as an atheist, when there were times I did not understand what was going on in my life growing up, i would look up to the sky, either for the stars or for the sun, waiting to get answers.

      Yes, I think there is a lot more than meet the eye and nature can teach us a lot of things :)

      • Absolutely Geraldine :) our whole little lives come into perspective.

        I have always felt, when I bring my worries into nature, everything clears up. Plus connecting to the divine in nature, praying and just trying to connect with the spiritual, almost instantly resolves mind problems and emotions that have been weighing me down.

        Nature can definitely uplift the spirit and help us see reality.

        • I was reading a text today called the Hymn of the Pearl and what you guys are talking about reminded me of it. It’s a story about coming into the world to awaken and then forgetting our origins, but later being reminded of our purpose and awakening. In it our true home is talked about as the dawn-land :)

          And thereon I snatched up the Pearl,
          And turned to the House of my Father.

          Their filthy and unclean garments,
          I stripped off and left in their country.

          To the way that I came I betook me,
          To the Light of our Home, to the Dawn-land.

          • That is so beautiful David. I love these kind of ancient timless poems. You have inspired me to go read the full hymn…

            Indeed these reminders that come from the unknown are so intriguing… Again, its amazing how throughought time, religions, art and cultures, people talk about a forgotten past that had a great purpose. Hopefully with enough remembrance and attention we can reawaken it and be guided by its strength.

          • Yes, amazing… I especially like “Their filthy and unclean garments,I stripped off and left in their country”. There definitely is this mystery of our origin, that seems repeating elsewhere.

            I found a similar topic also being sung about in the traditional Peruvian song called Inti Churchin (meaning Children of the Sun), which is sung beautifully by Ada Gibbons. Here is the link to original Quechua words, together with English translation under it, and the Youtube video with the song.

          • Did you find the full version Olga? Something else that’s amazing is that poem is from an esoteric christian text, but I have read a parable that is very very similar which apparently is the cornerstone of the teachings in the Sufi tradition. So like you said, the same teachings of a great purpose throughout time!

          • Lucia, that’s a beautiful song, amazing lyrics!

  19. How sad that we have built a culture around shopping centres, materialism and constant pleasures only to be left poor in spirit, poor in health, poor in well being, disconnected, unhappy and hugely in debt. This contrast says a lot about those ancient cultures that respected and valued life in ways that the grandeur of modern society has nearly all but lost.

    Great background into the Path of the Spiritual Sun, and definitely a great start to conversations worth watching and sharing. Looking forward to more!

  20. Thank you for explaining how this very insightful book came into being and the work that went into researching for it. Very interesting to see how the traditions have been watered down and lost along the way throughout history. Thanks so much for bringing this information to the public to help us all become inspired to connect with the eternal spiritual principles within us and around us.
    Look forward to seeing more videos on the new Youtube Channel.


  21. It’s sad we don’t build sacred sites anymore… we only build massive corporations!

  22. Great to hear about the process of putting the book together and all the discoveries that went along with it! I’ve been inspired in a new way through the information you guys have put together about the solstices and equinoxes, and I hope heaps more people find their way to the information!

    “The whole of nature, the whole of creation is imbued with the principles of spirituality” – awesome :)

  23. Awesome. It is so refreshing to see your beautiful faces and hear more about the book and ceremonies! I am inspired and looking forward to the next episode! Great job to everyone involved!

  24. Very interesting and inspiring interview. I hope this information will spark people’s interest in spiritual development and help to understand the forces that unite and move all things.

  25. Patricia A. says:

    Excellent overview of the solstices/equinoxes and their historical and spiritual significance in relation to ancient civilizations and monumental sites across the world. Enjoyed the montage of incredible images too. Looking forward to the next topic of discussion.

  26. Its great to see this Youtube channel, and look forward to seeing and being inspired by the true spiritual content that i know will be uploaded

  27. Thank you, and well done, it was great to see a talk about these subjects of such a great importance! All the best with this new project.

  28. Wow, thanks so much, what a great initiative. Have subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing more videos

  29. That’s so great to see this Youtube channel! Youtube is where people who really care about independent information go today and it is amazing that now they will be able to find out about these ancient mysteries and more there. I love the great simple logo and beautiful “cosmic” banner too. :-)

    Wishing you a lot of strength and guidance in making more of these inspiring episodes!

  30. This is a great initiative to get this important message out there!

  31. Hey this is awesome. Looking forward to more episodes.

  32. Very nice! I think this show is off to a great start :)

  33. Great first episode!

    Looking forward to what this has in store. Great work!

  34. It’s really great to see this amazing content being discussed on video and it being up on Youtube! Looking forward to more episodes!