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This is where we share some of the knowledge we’ve learnt from our spiritual practice, and our observations on life in the hope it will empower people to experience higher consciousness and spirituality in its most pure and universal forms.

There is a core spiritual knowledge that’s expressed through some of history’s religious and mystical teachings, in ancient sacred sites, in esoteric symbols and secret schools, and which is even indicated in the movements of the stars and cosmos. Currently we’re workiing to uncover the ancient solar religion, evidence for which is found all over the world, and which was based on a profound understanding of the spiritual principles that underlie all creation and is still at the heart of the journey into spirituality today.

Although it’s sometimes secret knowledge, it’s so universal that it’s been recorded in ancient sacred sites, myths and teachings worldwide, and rather than being a belief system, it’s about experiencing a greater reality and having a personal connection with divine and cosmic forces.

We look into the key spiritual exercises needed for individual spiritual transformation and the principles they are based on, as well as the defined process someone can expect to go through as they begin this journey of change. There is an incredible and very real potential each of us has to not only experience what has been written in sacred texts but to achieve the state of enlightenment they point toward themselves.

We provide everything on this website for free, as we believe that’s the way spirituality should be provided – it doesn’t let money get in the way of access.

The work to get this information out is not yet complete. What’s here at the moment is just partial information, so it might be a little difficult to take in what it’s all about right now, but it’ll get clearer as more free eBooks are released.

The most effective way to understand this work is to get your own personal experiences by doing spiritual exercises, as you’ll find you gain far more by experiencing things for yourself rather than just reading or watching something.

Mark & Angela

Angela Pritchard


About BelsebuubDotCom

Mark H. Pritchard is an author and practitioner of esoteric knowledge, and writes with his spiritual name Belsebuub. He writes primarily on the transformation and exploration of consciousness from over 30 years of dedicated metaphysical experience. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including The Astral Codex and Gazing into the Eternal, which are free to download on his website www.belsebuub.com

Belsebuub is the name of Mark's spirit/soul/consciousness - everyone has their own unique spiritual name.