A Romuvan ceremony in Lithuania. (photo copyright Flickr user Mantas LT 2009)

A solstice ceremony being celebrated by the Romuvan community in Lithuania who are reviving their ancient solar religion. (photo copyright Flickr user Mantas LT 2009)

Ancient people of nearly every race and culture have celebrated the solstice and equinox as evident in hundreds if not thousands of ancient sites, myths and texts, and the most famous spiritual figures of the world such as Jesus, Osiris, Hu Gadarn, Mithras, Dionysus, Hun Hunaphu, Quetzalcoatl etc., experienced major events in their life stories at these times. While some of these traditions were simple and based on an appreciation of the natural world, many celebrated the profound and universal spiritual significance of these special times year.

The following article is a comprehensive guide to celebrating the solstice and equinox today, whoever and wherever you are. It runs through the spiritual meaning of the celebrations by looking at the common threads found between ancient sites and celebrations around the world, provides information on how to create a sacred space, and step-by-step instructions for conducting your own ceremony.

Whether you’re on your on or with a large group of people, the solstice and equinox can form a profound and enjoyable part of your spiritual practice and help you to connect with the sacred spirituality of the cosmos, as well as people everywhere discovering their common roots and purpose.

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