A Psychic Experiment With Matthew Manning

Matthew Manning in the 1970's

Matthew Manning in the 1970’s

Psychic experiences are the perception of reality that is greater than the ordinary perception of the five senses.

Just as an ant can see only part of reality through its simple compound eyes, so too the human body is limited in what it can perceive. It does however have capacities that are latent and seldom used, which give us the ability to see more.

Back in the early or mid 1970’s the Daily Mirror, a national newspaper in the UK, put on a psychic experiment. The details aren’t so clear now as it’s a long time ago, but I decided to join in.

A well known psychic at the time called Matthew Manning went to the Post Office tower in London I think it was, and broadcasted a series of things with his mind. Participants had to try to ‘see’ what he was broadcasting.

At the appropriate time, I held a pencil and a notebook and closed my eyes. I began to draw a series of items including a house, a number, and other things. I also picked up on flags flying around the place, which weren’t in the test. After the experiment, in an impromptu moment, with my eyes closed again, I made random marks on the notebook. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see a well drawn fish – this wasn’t in the experiment, I just did it there and then. I had never done this kind of drawing before and never have since, but I later learned that Matthew often did; I think it’s called automatic drawing.

Participants were supposed to post their results to the newspaper. I thought of doing it, but I intuitively felt not to. Days later the newspaper released the results of the test. I had everything right apart from one digit in a long number -it was just as well I didn’t submit my results though, because I heard that the winner was later subjected to scientific tests. I never felt that spirituality was compatible with this kind of scientific experimentation because of the attitude of the scientists towards it.

Matthew, speaking about the experiment, later said that he found it difficult to concentrate on the objects because he was surrounded by flags, which made him lose concentration.

I was very impressed by Matthew’s psychic abilities; it must have been very difficult to focus clearly with all the distractions and pressure upon him and to have kept his mind clear like that was quite an achievement. Interestingly Matthew also had similar poltergeist and paranormal activity to me in his own childhood, which, like in mine, was witnessed by several other people. I believe he now dedicates himself to healing and I wish him all the very best with it.

Back in the 1990’s I was in a Mind Body Spirit festival in Sydney Australia, and I thought I saw Matthew there, but he didn’t have a beard, which I remembered him having from the newspaper in the 1970’s. I was unsure it was him, and I was hesitant and didn’t go and talk to him, but I should have; we probably would have had a lot in common.

As I’m writing about this experiment, although there’s not much room to fit a lot in here, I might as well mention a few things about my own childhood psychic and supernatural experiences. Most children are psychic to a degree, but as we get older we tend to lose these finer perceptions. I like many children, thought extra sensory perception was the normal way everyone saw the world.

Mark as a child

An early picture of me

I frequently had visitations of both divine and demonic kinds as well as hauntings and poltergeists, which moved things around.

I would often predict future events and see things that were not visible to sight. At school I would describe what was on the other side of walls and other things that were not ordinarily visible. I would play games with my friends where they would mentally think of a number between one and ten, and accurately I’d tell them what it was. This could go on for a long time. At one point the predictions became so frequent, that one morning before class started I remember wondering what the point of going to school was, since I had an idea of what the teachers were going to say anyway.

I could partly perceive the activities of the other dimensions from this one, and there were always two forces making their presence known, one very spiritual and the other demonic; I felt both were trying to influence me. I was incredibly drawn to the spiritual side and felt comforted by the many divine presences that would be around. It seemed the darkness wanted to destroy me while the light guided and supported me.

When I went to bed the apparitions became strongest. I would also see my egos outside my body. When the lights went out, I saw them as strange, large, amoeba shaped forms. These hovered around me; they had a life of their own and seemed to have the capability of communication in a strange sort of way. They were almost mocking towards me and felt inherently bad.

There were more in the beginning, but as time passed they grew fewer, as one by one they merged with me. I could see them in the space above me, leaving their position and coming towards me. As they came into me, I could feel the unpleasantness merging with me; each one was different.

This continued until I was seven, and then one night there were no more left. These are the different egos that hover around a child, and slowly incorporate until the personality is formed by the age of seven. If you are practicing astral projection or doing a practice such as meditation, you may keep your awareness and consciousness for longer as the body goes into sleep. If you do, you can occasionally hear a load of disjointed voices and human sounds – these are the egos splitting from the body as we go into the fifth dimension with sleep.

My father would often come in to reassure me that everything was alright, that it was just my imagination. But the psychic activity was accompanied by real things in the physical world, such as sounds and objects that appeared in different places from where they were left. These phenomena became a permanent part of my life; although no-one else outside my family knew about it, until my parents invited a friend of mine to stay overnight. When the light went out these psychic events appeared, and of course they kept him awake. Another friend was invited at another time, and he saw the same things.

On occasions, these appearances could be heard from outside my room. After many years, I decided to have a frank discussion about it with my parents (never ones to admit the existence of the paranormal). We sat down in the living room and I said to them that the house was haunted. They started to say it was impossible, but just as I spoke, a loud thumping and scraping noise, which came from hauling heavy furniture, went right across the ceiling from my room above. I and friends had heard this sound many times before, so I said to them, “What’s that then?” My mother looked resigned to it.

My First Esoteric Ceremony

These phenomena and psychic perceptions and a strong religious upbringing led me to research the supernatural and by 1971 I created my first esoteric ceremony. I was looking for a name I could use for a ceremony that could connect me to forces of light and I found Tetragrammaton in an old book. And so to create my first ceremony I drew a circle on the ground around me in chalk. I had some words prepared that would reach out to the light, I drew a pentagram the right way up inside the circle, and stretched up my arms chanting and pronouncing Tetragrammaton. I looked upwards and imagined the forces of light flow to me and in me from above, and I could sense the presence of divine beings. I made some gestures which I can’t remember now and ended my first ceremony.

There was no one else I knew then that was interested in this and I had no one to talk to and so I had to keep it all to myself.

By the time my teens began, my psychic abilities had started to noticeably reduce, and by the time I was about 16 they had almost disappeared. It was these early psychic perceptions however that gave me a broader view of reality than I was brought up to believe, they led me challenge the way I understood the world as I was being taught it was and to see life in a more holistic way; it was these psychic experiences that would be the catalyst for me to search for the spiritual and the nature of reality and existence.

To Practice Telepathy and Remote Viewing

If you want to practice remote viewing and develop other faculties of extra sensory perception, you have to be able to pick up on the signal, which means being able to recognize it as distinct from everything else in your psyche, which is quite difficult.

You could try little exercises of perceiving things at a distance, which you can’t see with your five senses. You could for example get a friend to place an object somewhere else and you try to tell what the object is. It takes lots of practice and you have to be prepared for it to be wrong, a lot. But if you keep practicing, you will gradually be able to distinguish the feeling you get with a correct perception, from an incorrect one, which is usually a result of thought and the images of the mind.

One of the biggest obstacles is the almost constant flow of images and the way imagination interferes with perception. You learn to know when you merely have imaginative viewing by recognizing the feeling you get when you get it right and by learning about the influence of imagination upon seeing. The best way to do this is to observe ego states and how the subconscious affects how you see the world. You can get more information about this in my book Searching Within.

Another way to increase the ability to perceive psychically is to raise the inner level or vibration to a higher spiritual level. One of the easiest ways to do this is through sound. Chanting mantras is an especially effective way to get your perceptions to a finer, more sensitive level, and being at that level we can perceive more clearly what was previously imperceptible.

If you can remember your childhood psychic experiences and want to share them, post them in the comments below.


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About the Author:

Mark Pritchard is an author and founder of the modern revival of the ancient Religion of the Sun. He's been teaching since 1990, has been dedicated to spiritual practice for decades, and has had metaphysical experiences since childhood. He has authored a number of books on out-of-body experiences, consciousness, and spiritual awakening, including an earlier edition of The Astral Codex which became a bestseller in its genre, and Gazing into the Eternal which was a finalist in the Best Book Awards 2009 in spirituality. He has appeared on over 70 radio and television programs internationally, and writes with the name Belsebuub, which is the name of his spirit/soul/consciousness.


  1. Shane July 13, 2014 at 5:07 am - Reply

    I also found Matthew’s interview endearing.
    It’s unfortunate that so much fanaticism surrounds karma. I have heard some spiritual mentors espouse terrible affirmations against those sick on the street, or suffering from past traumas, drug taking, etc. On the one hand such mentors assume spiritual humility and on the other they are psychopathic. I often sense these statements are linked to pride basically saying ‘I spit on you and push you into hell, so I can get into heaven first’. It is the typical ‘good Samaritan’ story, where everyone scolds, judges and condemns as they walk past and none ever imagine they might be reborn as an ‘untouchable’ or go through similar life experiences and challenges to bring about similar circumstances. To use karma as an excuse to avoid doing ‘good’ has always seemed repulsive to me. It is such a strange mixture and makes me never forget there is good and bad in everyone, including those considered incurable and those considered spiritual.
    As Matthew mentions in the interview; ‘the greater plan’ for an individual’s learning is often unknown, but I am quite sure there are no penalties for trying to do good, when it can be done, and particularly done or attempted with an awareness that there are far greater beings involved with the direction of a person’s life.
    I can relate very much to Matthew’s interview and thanks very much for posting it.

  2. Adam July 12, 2014 at 5:44 am - Reply

    Thanks Marks and everyone. All these experiences helped me to understand a few things I have been contemplating for many years. There is indeed something mystical and mysterious about ones childhood though.

    I also had a number of paranormal experiences growing up and into my teens.My first memories include recurring visitations by a singular demonic force when I was asleep. Only after using the Hail Mary prayer during an attack and receiving divine help was I able to break the cycle. That set a bit of standard I think for me where strange things would happen or be experienced and there was no one to talk to about it, no authority to refer to for help. I think we had to figure these things out on our own to a degree.

    I remember as a child staying in a holiday house with my family. I was the first to get up in the morning and went downstairs to the bathroom. There was mist everywhere like someone had taken a shower and voice came out of it saying “Hello”. I did what most children do and ran away petrified. Still regret to this day not having a conversation though.

    I used to get this strange feeling occasionally growing up where it felt like I was alternating between the size of an atom and a star and switching back and forth really quickly. This occasional ‘feeling’ occurred during childhood and into my teens. Still haven’t worked this one out. Seems to have a similarity to an Astral split but still different and occurring while awake.

    Though lucid dreams and other mystical type things occurred during childhood they also mostly faded away by the time I was in my teens. Maybe due to keeping an interest and occasional mental focus on the subject matter though I had a few spontaneous things happen in my-mid teens. One in particular I was sitting in class (not paying attention as usual) and I had an instantaneous ‘vision’ I guess you would call it. It was like I was viewing the whole universe arranged in a giant tunnel like formation of stars with all the different galaxies of life arranged in a circular pattern and existing along the tunnel via their spiritual advancement. It was more then a little peculiar but have since realised that within the physical mystical information/intuition often comes in a single instant revealing more information then can be carried in any number of books. I find it funny that I am probably one of the only people to be taught that other intelligent life exists in the universe through a high school class. Not sure that was supposed to be part of the teachers graphics curriculum though.

  3. Boyd July 10, 2014 at 10:22 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful childhood experiences,Mark.

    i can recall one experience when i was in my late teens in the Philippines. i was driving on a main medium traffic road and while approaching an intersection i felt another vehicle is going to cross the road. i stepped on the breaks to slow down and just before i came to the intersection a fast moving car crossed by with the driver seemingly no regard of the consequence. Luckily nothing untoward happened.

    Made me say to myself, “wow! what was that i felt?

  4. Stas July 10, 2014 at 2:37 am - Reply

    That’s a pretty cool story Mark. It actually would be very interesting to develop this ability and learn to use it to guide us. I often feel something whether intuitively or telepathically but egos interfere too much with it, which makes it very difficult to trust these feelings. I really liked your suggestion of practicing to recognize these feeling as I can really see how it can be done and can be quiet useful in daily life.

  5. Dara July 9, 2014 at 2:07 pm - Reply

    Thanks for sharing about your childhood, Mark, it’s very interesting to hear about the kind of psychic phenomenon you described. I always wondered what it would have been like to grow up with those types of experiences.

  6. DavidP July 9, 2014 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    Thanks for relating all this to us Mark. I can’t imagine having those psychic abilities or intuitively doing esoteric practices as a young kid.

    The only psychic kind of thing as a kid I can recall now is having lucid dreams and sometimes feeling astral sensations falling asleep also sometimes negative entities harassing me like one time it really felt like something came along and climbed into bed next to me, it felt very real and scared me greatly at the time.
    Of course I understand all that much better now having read and practiced your astral codex book.

    One time a few years ago I used the word Tetragrammaton as a mantra, elongating the vowel sounds like explained in the Astral Codex book, using a separate breath for each syllable. Using that as a mantra is not something I read or learned about anywhere else but just something I came up with once when I wanted to do a mantra practice to connect to the divine. It felt noticeably different than other mantras I have used. I felt more connected to the divine and a better clarity of awareness for a time. I was not sure if that was because of that particular mantra or just because I was better concentrated on it than normal as it was something new so it worked better. I have not done it since though.

    It was interesting to watch the 6 part interview with Matthew Manning that you linked to. It made me think with regards to his healing about the possibility of someone being used as an agent of dharma. Previously I had only thought of the opposite, agents of karma, but I suppose now there can be agents of dharma too. I was impressed with how Manning heals (imaging white light flowing through him and into and through the patient) and the understanding Manning expressed about his healing, that he does not expect it to work nor even wants it to work if it is not within the will of the divine as he does not want to interfere were he shouldn’t be.

    Its been very interesting to read everyone else’s comments here too, thanks all for sharing.

    • Mark July 9, 2014 at 2:21 pm - Reply

      Yes, Matthew kept his psychic abilities well into his adult life, whereas a lot of mine faded away into my teens and I had to try re-develop some of them again later, which wasn’t easy.

      • DavidP July 12, 2014 at 2:33 pm - Reply

        Thanks for adding that. Ok, so you didn’t have the benefit of all of those all the time along the way but I guess having had some prior experience of them helped in some way.

  7. Shane July 9, 2014 at 4:03 am - Reply

    With regards to practices to increase psychic sensitivity, I always found the easiest exercise to start with was holding objects and narrating what one felt. This quite often goes on in ‘spiritual schools or churches’ depending on what they like to call themselves, but essentially it is developing psychic abilities. The exercise simply is everyone in the group brings an object with them, but not tell anyone else what it is. Each is given a paper bag and the object put in the bag. Things that people wear, particularly metal or stones always seem to hold more ‘energy’ and easier to tune into. So for example a watch, ring, necklace, etc., if they are not available, keys, wallet, hairpin, and so on. The bags are then randomly distributed. Assuming everyone has an object not their own, you take the object out the bag and hold it, clear the mind and narrate the imagery or feeling associated. My own variation on this would be to ensure people are facing out of the circle, not in. The reason for this is some people (particularly new to the game) can’t help but get excited or in awe at some stranger talking all about them. This can easily interfere with the exercise. When I first tried this I thought it nonsense and made up stuff, as I made it up then girl it was related to almost fell off her chair in disbelief. I was holding a set of keys and said things like, ‘these keys belong to a female, young, she is very worried and has severe pain in her left arm, which is what I am also experiencing from the keys, etc.’ I was very surprised myself that it was all accurate. As already mentioned it just takes practice and eventually confidence grows in the perception, much like intuition when we follow the ‘gut feel’ or impulse.

    It is very interesting the energy connections that surround us. Recently I was watching a documentary by Ian Crane (link below). In his research he mentions some amazing ‘de-classified’ material of Uri Geller. Well worth a watch, the whole NZ lecture is very interesting (worth downloading before it gets censored) and also contains updates on the effects of blood transfusions and organ transplants, among many other psychic or mystical references. Ian relates much of his research to the war on consciousness.


  8. Michelle July 9, 2014 at 2:44 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing about this. I was especially interesting in your first ceremony. I have had experiences with what I would call telepathy at times, but I am not sure how that relates to remote viewing.

  9. Maria July 8, 2014 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    Thank you Mark for sharing your very inspiring experience from your childhood and also thank you for the very inspiring photo!
    It touches me deeply reading the remarkable abilities you had and what you could perceive.

    The only thing I remember from when I was a child is praying and discussing with God, as I felt him, before going to sleep. I also remember promising to God to offer him my life in a monastery. My parents, as they weren’t really religious, were worried about this. When I was about twelve, I had a honest discussion with God saying I wasn’t able to keep my promise, asking for forgiveness. Entering in the begging the teachings, I visited a monastery to try to feel through my heart and investigate what I wanted to decide finally, and after that didn’t want to go to a monastery again.

    I also remember when I first found these teachings, I used to play games with other participants, to find where something was hidden. I was surprised then to see how this worked. I used to play this game also by myself, for example at my job when my boss was asking me to find something. I enjoyed it because I always found the object then and it was always because of a very clear sense I had, most times exactly the opposite of what my mind was saying. I don’t really know if it had to do with telepathy or intuition, maybe both. Gradually I lost the ability to find things like this so easily and my mind’s interferes has played it’s role on this, as much as I can understand.

    Thank you for highlighting how all this is combined, with how our inner states interferes our perception of the outside world. It’s something that inspires and motivates me, and couldn’t have seen it like this by my own.. It makes me want to study these things further, so I won’t be living in my fantasy, suffering for no real reason.
    Being in difficult situations lately, trying to study further so I can break my lack of understanding, I have seen this reality twice appearing very clearly in front of me and this helped me have some understanding, giving me a releasing feeling. But it’s very easy to forget it, when I weaken my attempts.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your inspiring insights and experiences on this. Something about music, I feel deeply it has to do somehow with the language of my soul, it heals me sometimes and I’ll never forget a related dream with this beautiful music, in the past.

    Thank you Mark, very much, once again, for inspiring and encouraging so much, from my heart.

  10. Jenny July 8, 2014 at 10:40 am - Reply

    This has been an interesting and insightful read all around – hearing your experiences, reading others experiences in the comments, and your insights into how to remote view. Thanks for posting this Mark!

  11. Shane July 7, 2014 at 1:10 am - Reply

    It’s interesting the amount of poltergeist activity that surrounds very young children and particularly those reaching puberty.
    I was always very sensitive to ‘feeling’ ghosts and presences but rarely saw them. In later teenage years I used to like visiting very old castles, churches, houses and manors, as they often were filled with memory.

    On one occasion I stayed at a very old hotel in Europe. It had been used for many different purposes in the past. During the night I was awoken by the sound of creaking. I lay very still and didn’t move as I knew someone was very close to the bed. As I listened I realized someone was sitting in the old rocking chair at the foot of the bed. It was creaking on the wooden floor as it moved back and forth. I thought, ‘right, now is my time, I’m going to move like lightning and turn around and catch them and ‘see’ them’. When I knew I had all feeling in my physical body, as fast as I could I spun around from lying face down, to sitting up and ‘catching’ them. I moved like lightning and as fast as I moved the entity immediately whizzed across the room straight out the door, or rather through the door. I immediately looked back at the rocking chair and it slowly came to a standstill as the noise also slowly stopped. I thought, gosh I missed it. I didn’t see anything as usual but I felt it precisely as it moved out the chair, across the room and through the door. I had followed it with my head and knew exactly where it was, but I still couldn’t see it with my eyes.

    On reflection I thought, maybe what I did wasn’t very nice. The lady who was in the rocking chair wasn’t doing any harm and my sudden action caught her completely off guard and she left terrified and in shock. I thought to myself ‘if she wasn’t already dead, I would probably have given her a heart attack’. I then realised that although she was dead, she was not as dead as I thought. She still had faculties, reactions and ‘feelings’. I knew she was old when she died and she died a long time ago (about 300yrs was my ‘feeling’). I also felt she was confused, lonely and stuck, and enjoyed rocking in the chair whilst people were sleeping in bed, as it gave her a sense of company and comfort.

    Later in the same area I visited the local graveyard. I used to visit graveyards a lot and wonder about all the lives that were inscribed on the tomb stones. At this graveyard there was a recent tombstone (less than 100yrs old). I stopped at it. I didn’t know why, it looked ordinary, but at the same time there was something intriguing about it. I felt it was asking for attention or some kind of help. I took a picture with my camera, which in those days was film. I then forgot all about it.

    Weeks later after processing the film, I was very surprised to see the film had picked up an apparition hovering over the tombstone.

    • David July 7, 2014 at 6:32 am - Reply

      I thought to myself ‘if she wasn’t already dead, I would probably have given her a heart attack’ – that made me laugh Shane, thankyou 🙂

      Some pretty amazing experiences you’ve had too!

    • Jenny July 7, 2014 at 4:21 pm - Reply

      Interesting story, Shane. I once stayed in a haunted cabin with a group of friends. I didn’t know that it was haunted when we rented it, but as soon as we arrived at the place, strange occurrences began to happen to me which pointed to the presence of someone. There was physical poltergeist activity going on which I and a few other people experienced (movement of objects, hearing voices and impossible sounds, etc.), and there was also the consistent astral presence of an old man which myself and many of the people I was with had met in dreams, nightmares, and conscious experiences throughout our stay. I had one of the worst nightmares involving this guy as he seemed to like me the least, which I think was due to the fact that I physically re-arranged all the furniture in the house, incensed, and otherwise changed the whole environment of the cabin. He expressed his dislike by attacking me in a very specific way in the astral. Anyhow, after a few days of these strange things going on, I chanced upon a book in the cabin about the history of the place — as I read it, all the pieces of the puzzle came into place and pretty much everything we experienced of/with the presence of this old man (the builder and former owner of this cabin) was consistent with the story of his character, behaviour, manner of speaking, peculiar actions, and generally how he lived in that cabin and his final days of mental derangement and the subsequent over-protectiveness of his cabin. It was not a very pleasant experience, but it was a very meaningful one to me. It was a rare instance of having physical proof of a metaphysical experience.

      • Lucia July 8, 2014 at 5:13 pm - Reply

        Wowww, this is cool Jenny! It sometimes amazes me, when reading about these apparitions, how strong they still are and how they seem to have their own will and so on, even after death. I would think that when somebody dies, they can’t really intelligently recognize new people or interact with them in the astral, that they are just somehow “mindlessly vegetating” there, doing mechanically everything they used to do in the past… But it seems there is a limited ability to recognize and interact with new things.

        Now that I have read your story, I remembered that I actually did encounter something strange while translating a certain spiritual text into Slovak. During this translation, just when I was translating something about the darkness, my candle went off, electricity stopped, my computer froze, and when the electricity finally came back and I restarted my computer, I found a hidden text revealed in my MS Word file, where the words of my translation were arranged in a funny way, like a collage of sorts, with a new, creepy meaning. 😮

        • Jenny July 9, 2014 at 4:19 pm - Reply

          That’s an interesting story, Lucia! I can’t help but wonder what the re-arranged sentence looked like 🙂 But I guess it’s one of those things you have to experience when it’s happening to understand what’s behind the event, so I won’t intrude on your experience there.

          I think in the case of that cabin, the ghost was particularly strong because according to the story (which his kids recorded) a tragic event happened to him in his late age which drove him mad. He became physically violent (threatening to attack with a knife anyone who came for a visit), always muttering things, and extremely over-protective of his home (not even wanting relatives approach). So it makes sense to me that these strong inner states must have continued after his passing and in the same manner. We could all sense that in our experiences as well before we had even read about the guy. All things considered, he couldn’t have died that long ago — less than 100 years for sure (I think more likely 50) so it’s not that odd that he was still lingering there. And I attributed the poltergeist activity to be connected with those strong states and the tragic force of madness he experienced before he died.

          The strangest coincidence was that it turned out that a little while before his death he was removed from the cabin (which was in a rural area a few hours away any major city) and placed in a retirement home that happened to be on the same small street I lived on in Toronto at the time of our visit to the cabin (which has now been converted to a small condo complex). Every time I passed those condos after that experience, I couldn’t help but wonder how many lingering ghosts and stories must be lodged in places like that that we are completely unaware of unless a metaphysical phenomenon draws our attention to it (like poltergeist activity or a psychic experience, etc.).

      • Shane July 9, 2014 at 5:40 am - Reply

        That’s very interesting Jenny. I suppose you should have asked before moving someone else’s furniture or even using their house. At least you won’t take it for granted next time 😉

        I think most deceased personalities do get ratty when people intrude on ‘their’ turf.
        Another old house I lived in for a year or so, had a female hovering around, up and down the stairs and in and out of one particular bedroom. People who stayed in the bedroom often spoke of her presence.
        I never ‘saw’ nor heard her, but felt her presence. The most interesting thing about this ghost, was she carried a bunch of flowers all the time. I used to pick up the smell of the flowers and they were very nice. When I first realized this, I was actually walking down the stairs. At first I was very puzzled by the intense smell of beautiful flowers, because there was nothing around that would cause such a sweet smell in that spot. My nose is normally very ‘insensitive’ to smells. As I pin pointed the smell on the stairway, I realized it was the regular pathway of the ghost and she had just walked up the stairs before I descended. I asked other people if they could smell it and none could. I wonder what faculty psychic smelling is called?

        A friend who was more psychic than myself visited for dinner. Whilst we were eating at the table, he suddenly said, oh, someone is talking to me from ‘x’ plane (or something similar). I knew it was the woman and said; “oh yes she wanders up and down the stairs and carries some flowers, I think she used to live here”. At this my friend nearly choked on his food, and said the lady was having a screaming fit shouting that no she never lived there, but visits all the time. At this my friend told her to go away and leave him alone, which she did. My friend warned me that such ghosts crave human interaction and attention, and we need to be very careful and make it very clear what type of contact or interaction we want, if any, else they can cause problems.

        • Jenny July 9, 2014 at 4:29 pm - Reply

          That’s very interesting, Shane! And I certainly don’t take things like that for granted anymore, though it wouldn’t stop me from re-arranging things ;). I did notice that that experience helped me to become more naturally sensitive to different environments and I have since stayed in several other places where I could feel/sense the energy/presence of the former occupants in various ways. I experienced that a few times as a child, but did not understand the significance at the time, so I’m glad to have been able to re-connect with that sense of perception. Sounds from all your stories that you must be able to (more than) relate 🙂

        • Lucia July 10, 2014 at 6:20 pm - Reply

          Hi Shane,

          It seems the psychic sense of smelling is called “clairolfaction” on several websites at least.

          Some funny “clair-somethings” can also be found on the website below, including “clairgustant” – a person who can feel the taste of the substances from other dimensions. 🙂

    • john p July 8, 2014 at 9:19 am - Reply

      Nice story Shane, really enjoyed that. As I write I’m still trying to stop my random urges to laugh. I can only imagine the fright that poor old woman must of got.

  12. ConsciousCreation July 6, 2014 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    This is a beautiful commentary that takes a lot of courage to admit to publicly. I can assure you that there will be people that relate to this post. I love your little childhood picture, it’s very beautiful. There’s so much I’d like to share but maybe we can save that for the forums again when the time comes. Hehe 😉

    Blessing to both you and Angela.

  13. Sue July 6, 2014 at 5:37 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Mark, and your childhood photo – something very special about you even then :o) .

    I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t interested in esoteric things, but my earliest experiences weren’t so pleasant – night terrors from seeing things that I was led to believe were just my active imagination.

    Thanks for the practice too.

  14. David July 6, 2014 at 2:51 am - Reply

    At one point the predictions became so frequent, that one morning before class started I remember wondering what the point of going to school was, since I had an idea of what the teachers were going to say anyway. – That made me laugh! 🙂

    I wonder whether when kids are growing up and they have ‘invisible / imaginary friends’ whether they really are made up or whether they are elementals or something real that kids are picking up on.

    A friend recently told me about a documentary called ‘The animal communicator’. It’s a beautiful doco about a woman who has developed her sensitivity and can communicate messages to animals and receive them back mainly symbolically it seems.

    It seems like the type of faculties and sensitivities you are talking about would be so beneficial to develop in so many ways!

    • ConsciousCreation July 6, 2014 at 5:33 pm - Reply

      My son met my daughter five years before she was born. She appeared to him in his bedroom one day while he was playing. He did not know I was standing by the door. I hear him speaking to someone, thinking it was his imaginary friend. I said, “Can you tell me about your friend you were just visiting with?” He said, “Mom she was the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Her name was Eva and she looked like me.” 😀 I was not sure what to make of that. Five years later in passing, he was very upset that he had a sibling on the way, I said to him, “Why don’t you name your new little sister.” I had forgot all about saying that to him. The day she was born, he said, “Excuse me mom, you said I could name her?” I was terrified! He named her “Ava” and it threw me right back to that moment five years prior and I reminded him and said, “God has a plan in everything in our lives.” He was then okay that he had a sibling. hehe 😀

      • Jenny July 7, 2014 at 4:23 pm - Reply

        Beautiful story, ConsciousCreation!

      • john p July 8, 2014 at 10:30 am - Reply

        Thanks for sharing your story, It reminded me of another very nice story I was once told.

        The story is of a woman who recalls the events immediately following the birth of one of her children. At the time, the couple already had a two-year-old son. As soon as the newborn was brought home from the hospital, the two-year-old son asked to hold the smaller child. But when the infant was put into his arms, the boy would specify that he wanted to be alone with the baby. Understandably, the parents were unsettled and didn’t think this was a good idea.

        Anyway, a few months went by and still the two-year-old insisted that he wanted to be alone with the baby. The parents put it off as long as they could, hoping that the older kid would forget, but his demands just got more and more persistent. Finally, they agreed to leave the two very young children in a room alone for a few minutes. Standing just outside the room, they listened for anything out-of-the ordinary, while their son was FINALLY alone with the baby. And this is what they heard.

        The two-year-old said to the newborn: “Tell me what God is like, cause I’m starting to forget.”

        This wasn’t a religious family, and in fact the child hadn’t really been introduced to even the idea of God.

    • Dara July 9, 2014 at 1:00 pm - Reply

      David I’ve wondered the same thing about kids who have imaginary friends.

      My brother who is three years younger than me had something that he saw when we were children for several years. He called it “the coon”. My parents and other adults thought it was an imaginary friend, but still I wonder….when we were alone playing in a room he would often see it, and track it with his eyes if it moved about the room. He could describe the shape and color, but had a very hard time verbalizing what it actually was.

      After he got a bit older, maybe to 8 or 9 years old, he stopped seeing it.

  15. Olga July 6, 2014 at 1:50 am - Reply

    It is wonderful to hear you share you story Mark. And what you have went through as a child is quite extraordinary. Especially with the forces of light and darkness being always by your side, and how you recognized the destruction of the darkness and the goodness of the light so directly.

    Its really interesting too that alone, you strove to make your own ceremony and you were pulled to make that contact with divinity in some shape or form. Even whilst having no one else in the world to connect to.

    I often look back at my childhood and wonder why my earlier spiritual cravings never materialized and why I was delayed for so long to embrace the spiritual with my whole heart. It really seems like something strong was always pushing you to help you find your way.

    Your private ceremony reminded me of something I did with a few friends, looking at some of Pythagoras’ writings and setting up a small ritual just like they did to give thanks to God before we ate. It was extremely simple, and the ritual was said (something on the lines of) to help transfigure the soul to be in remembrance of God. Today things like this seem to be looked at as funny, ritualistic etc… (even though it was so strong among ancient cultures) yet something probably many would never understand, but to me it was a simple and beautiful way to connect with divinity.

  16. Matthew July 5, 2014 at 11:38 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing those experiences and insights Mark. You certainly had an interesting childhood. I don’t recall any positive supernatural experiences as a child, although there were a few negative ones including a the odd poltergeist-like occurrence that both my sister and I experienced, but it wasn’t a frequent or common thing.

    Lacking any spiritual or religious upringing, for me music was the only channel through which I felt something higher and spiritual, and I felt happiest when singing in our school choir, especially traditional Christmas carols, which felt magical and uplifting. Christmas carols got banned in government schools in my later years at Primary school unfortunately. But my experiences with music did teach me that sound can have a powerful positive impact like you say.

    Thanks for your helpful tips on how to activate and enhance psychic abilities. Definately it is worthwhile making more effort on this front.

    • Olga July 6, 2014 at 2:11 am - Reply

      How odd that those songs were removed from your school.

      I remember when I was little, going to church, songs and hymns also made an impact on me. Interesting how sound and music can affect us so positively – even whilst the rest of my time there was not so endearing.

      • Shane July 6, 2014 at 9:56 am - Reply

        Maybe the songs were banned because of Matt’s singing 😉

        I must admit when I was at secondary school, it was a Catholic school and we HAD to sing. It certainly wasn’t considered masculine and tough so we would whimper along under duress. Then one day out of rebellion we started singing in a mocking way, and started to compete in volume. As we got carried away blasting our lungs out among the whole school, we actually became high with it, to the point we didn’t want to stop and by then we were singing the exact words and tunes. I realized then that there was a power behind this, though I didn’t really know what.

        • ConsciousCreation July 6, 2014 at 5:38 pm - Reply

          That’s wonderful 😀 Thank you for sharing. Maybe that is the karma for being playful. God says, “Well see about that little one, here’s this for you instead!” Love it. xox Make a joyful noise upon the whole of the earth right? (regardless of how good or bad we think it sounds.) 😀

  17. Vadim July 4, 2014 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    Thanks Mark, reading your story made me reflect more about the value of exploring other psychic faculties besides intuition.

    These capacities can definitely be developed! We studied them a bit here and there with a group. After doing mantras to activate corresponding chakras, some of us were able to get into a pattern of getting the right answers telepathically and see things beyond physical vision. For me, one of the tips was to try using telepathy and clairvoyance in combination with intuition. Another one was learning to perceive things in a state of deep relaxation.

    It seems that besides simply being interesting to see how one can see things beyond physical eyes, there could be a much greater value of it, for example, like you mention, to study subtle work of the mind, discover more how much it influences us, and how to stay completely detached from subconscious thoughts and just see things as they are.

  18. Lucia July 4, 2014 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    Thank you very Much mark for sharing these things with us. It made me reflect on my own childhood and how I felt back then. One thing that comes to my mind is how I always used to imagine a lot of things, thinking it was just my fantasy, only learning later through these teachings, that those things were real. For example I imagined beings existing in the forest that I could talk to, or flying to other planets at night, etc. It feels as if something inside me knew these things were real, but my waking consciousness didn’t remember it, and so it made its way to me through my imagination.

    Thank you for sharing your childhood photo too. Like Christy, I am also finding it incredibly cute. The boy on it is definitely suspecting something is up. 🙂

  19. Karim July 4, 2014 at 11:27 am - Reply

    It’s interesting what you mentioned about your first esoteric ceremony. And how you felt those forces of light flow into you.

    I’ve also felt something like this when I did prayers through mantras in a serious way. For me it requires fully putting my heart into it, as well as chanting for a period of time before I feel these forces though. It seems being in the physical body has a certain solidity or inner hardness which makes perceiving other forces or extra-sensory perceptions more difficult as they can seem more subtle.

    Whereas in the astral dimension I’ve had experiences where I did mantras, recitations or prayers and there I could feel the amazing power these words have.

    One example is with a certain mantra (it starts with the word ‘KLIM’, which I pronounce more elongated) I have used in the astral where I could immediately feel this higher force, or divine strength, vibrating in me.

    Thanks for sharing some of your childhood events and useful tips.

  20. Michael S July 4, 2014 at 4:28 am - Reply

    Thanks for sharing sir! I especially liked your advice about practicing to ‘pick up on the signal’. It inspires me to try to slow down and become more sensitive to what I’m feeling and thinking.

    Autobiographic stories like this inspire me the most! I hope that I’ll get to read a detailed autobiography from you someday. Thanks very much!

    • Jordan July 6, 2014 at 10:50 pm - Reply

      I feel the same way – thanks Mark.

  21. richard July 4, 2014 at 4:01 am - Reply

    Thanks Mark Sounds like a amazing childhood, I wish that I had a little bit of understanding of this information when I was a child as it would of helped to explain a few things.

    I remember there was times that I would wake up in the morning so excited, not sure why, then I would remember that through the night I would have dreams that I was flying and it seemed so real and exciting that I imagined that I could also do this in the physical, unfortunately I was unable to : (

  22. Christy July 4, 2014 at 3:34 am - Reply

    I can recall being young and seeing those amoeba shapes floating above me as well and around the room. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or my mind as they had an awful feeling to them and I felt really afraid. It’s really interesting to hear your account of these same shapes as well as all these other experiences with psychic phenomena.
    Thanks for sharing with us. And your baby picture is really adorable! 🙂

  23. Jenny July 4, 2014 at 2:40 am - Reply

    Thanks for the glimpse into your childhood, Mark. I’ve always found this story of yours very interesting. I also wanted to mention that through practising many of the exercises you’ve outlined over the past years I’ve been able to have many of these types of experiences as well (many thanks!) — things like picking up on others’ thoughts; being able to see something others visualize, and likewise being able to send visual messages to a group of people; being able to perceive and verify poltergeist activity; intuitively finding hidden objects; and even being able to communicate with my dog at times, etc. And though I can’t always access these things at will (they seem to occur spontaneously, or out of need, or as a result of strong inner clarity, or just with people and things close to me), I feel that they still play an important role in my daily life and I really appreciate the potential these things demonstrate. Thanks so much for sharing these things with us!

  24. Jon July 4, 2014 at 1:08 am - Reply

    While I never had much psychic ability growing up, many times I felt sinister unseen presences, especially when going to sleep. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be much of the nice spiritual side around. A recurring situation happened where something would grab my blanket and try to pull it off me as I slept, and a tug-of-war would begin with myself gripped by immense fear. Then I would wake up in disbelief, since the experience felt so real that I couldn’t understand how it could have been a dream. This would happen over and over again for years until I learned conscious astral projection and dealt with the entity behind it.

    One time when I was five or six with my brother and a friend of his, they decided to try to contact a “spirit” by asking it to enter an empty glass and move it towards a yes or no while we each had a hand on it in a pitch black room. I don’t know why I agreed to be a part of it. When we tested it and the glass actually moved, I was so freaked out I ran out immediately. I asked my mother how I could protect myself from evil spirits and she said to pray. Looking back I’m thankful for the advice, as every night I would say the Lord’s Prayer as well as another prayer of protection I made up. Through those prayers I felt there was real and definitive spiritual help out there, and that feeling was one of the factors that ultimately led me to take up these spiritual teachings.

    • Karim July 4, 2014 at 9:12 am - Reply

      Indeed great advice from your mom. Thanks for sharing Jon.

    • Olga July 6, 2014 at 2:06 am - Reply

      That’s beautiful Jon that you found that connection to prayer early on and you had those spiritual feelings. My mother taught me to pray every night and to give thanks to the virgin Mary for her protection and learning. I also believe this helped me greatly along the years in my own search, for when I found this work and realised the role of the Divine Mother something really sparked inside me that throughout my life I was building this relationship with her and already had a lot of faith that she was close by .

      • Jon July 7, 2014 at 12:22 am - Reply

        Mothers have great advice sometimes 🙂

    • Shane July 6, 2014 at 12:22 pm - Reply

      Jon, your comments reminded me a bit of my early years. I was born with a profound feeling that I should never have been born and felt I had been thrown out of paradise. It was a feeling that I had misunderstood something and had assumed something that was wrong and so I was sent back. I was sent back to a hell. That is how it literally felt as a young child.

      Whenever I looked into the eyes of anyone I was terrified as all I saw were diabolic evil faces and entities, many fearsome and treacherous. I didn’t know why I kept seeing all this and didn’t understand it. Even when I looked into my own eyes in the mirror I would see similar grotesque monster animal people form and take shape. As a child I thought everyone could see it, not just me, but as I grew older I would mention it and somehow was warned off from talking about it ever again or I would be locked up as a nutcase.

      I tried to be like my siblings and parents and not be ‘self-conscious’ or ‘self-reflective’ but it never worked. Out of all the eyes I would look into the most comforting was the family dog. He had similar entities, but they were nowhere near as evil. They were simple and predictable and some had a simple happiness and humour that I loved. There was no cunning, no manipulations. Curling up next to him in the dog basket was delightful and a place of refuge.

      There were times when entities would try and push me downstairs and I would have to hold onto the rail. It was quite embarrassing, because sometimes they would shove and if I suddenly grabbed the rail, any witnesses would think I was around the bend.

      I used to love sleep and dreaming. However, occasionally I would be attacked. I remember one night three witches were attacking me, and one flew over me and threw a brick on my lower back. It landed on my lower back and caused me to immediately wake up in my physical body. The problem was the brick was still on my back as I lay face down in bed. I thought, “It was just a dream, how could the brick possibly be on my back in the physical world”. The sensation was literal. Eventually I summed up the courage to move my arm out and take the brick off me, but I had to do it slowly and carefully so as not to wake my brother sleeping close by, otherwise he would see and wonder what I was doing. I moved my arm around to grasp the brick and there was nothing there and yet I could still feel it on my back.

      I never felt any benevolent presence when I was young, that said, I would regularly get shoved (pushed) or pulled by someone or thing, to bring me back to my body if I was asleep. Most of the time this ‘interference’ seemed benevolent and was getting me out of danger. I still get this happening quite a lot. So I have always felt someone or thing is helping but they never make themselves visible, or maybe it’s I am unable to see them?

      From others comments and from my own research I find it very interesting just how many young children ‘instinctively’ perform made up rituals to produce magic effect or worldly influence. I don’t recall ever doing such myself, but it does seem to indicate an ‘automatic’ type of spiritual connection, that gets lost, or suppressed as we adjust to society’s codes of conduct.

      • Jon July 7, 2014 at 12:21 am - Reply

        Shane, I used to feel quite a connection to the family dog too, and felt sure there was deeper communication going on when I looked into her eyes. I think some dogs have old souls.

        I also used to love sleeping and dreams, when I wasn’t so frightened by the “evil spirits” (thankfully not as prevalent after my younger years) and the thing beneath my bed that used to pull the blanket off. That’s interesting you mention about the brick and swearing it was real – that’s exactly what it was like in my blanket tug-of-war experiences. It was after learning astral projection that I understood why these experiences feel so “real” – because they are!

    • Jenny July 7, 2014 at 4:34 pm - Reply

      Hi Jon. I really enjoyed reading your account — your mother indeed gave you good advice 🙂

      I actually recall doing occult ceremonies as early as being 5 years old. I can’t explain how I knew what to do and how to do it, but I carried it out in a very serious manner and got a friend to partake in it as well. Thinking back on this first experience, it’s actually a little jarring. It was clearly a remembrance something I carried over from the past, and it makes me wonder why I took part in/was aware of such a ritual. I have no recollection of it now, but as a kid I must have since I did it very naturally and with knowledge. When I was older, I recall several instances of creating “seances” or “rituals” with a few friends — these came mostly from our mind/imagination though and did not feel as powerful, but it’s still interesting that that’s the kind of play activity I was drawn to. Later in life I also took part in another form of ritual, which unfortunately I learned the hard way had very negative connotations and invited negative influences into my life — when I first witnessed the physical manifestation (in the form of a moving object) of a presence from the netherworld I became completely terrified as well, so I can really relate to your experience of being frightened and seeking refuge from it. I did the same. Nonetheless, I’m still amazed as I’m reflecting on this, that these ceremonies seem to be a recurring theme through childhood and adolescence for me.

  25. Justin July 4, 2014 at 12:00 am - Reply

    Such an interesting set of experiences. I also wonder that Mr. Manning was able to do what we do in such a high pressure situation, being in the spotlight and having things broadcast in the papers and so on.

    I like your experience creating your first ceremony. It reminded me of how I did something similar as a child.

    I had no formal religious upbringing but a certain young age (perhaps 11 or 12) I felt a strong desire to connect to something spiritual — it seemed intuitively to be a way to ease the sadness/loneliness of growing up. So I also tried to create my own evening “prayers” combining bits of things I had heard or felt into a ritual I could do at night.

    There was something innately comforting about it — an avenue for connecting with the divine in my own simple way. I feel sure it had a positive impact at the time and resonated within me long after.

  26. Shane July 3, 2014 at 11:30 pm - Reply

    That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Craig July 3, 2014 at 11:26 pm - Reply

    Thanks Mark,

    You certainly had an interesting childhood!

    I have also found using a remote web cam is great for checking Remote Viewing accuracy. (I used to use webcams overlooking the pyramids, until they became unreliable). http://www.earthcam.com seems to be a good choice these days. I also notice that I must be careful to not ‘want’ a result. That is, keeping clear of egos is vital, otherwise the emotional unbalance will create false images.

  28. john p July 3, 2014 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    I really enjoyed your childhood account, thanks Mark.

    Our son Beau will be 2 years old this month, and thanks to the understanding of these teachings Daya and I hope to provide our little Beau the best help to understand the effects of the egos starting with his first seven years and hopefully if it is his own will, for the path of Awakening

  29. Seth July 3, 2014 at 5:37 pm - Reply

    Omg I think this is the test my mom did long ago. She always told us the story of drawing flags during a remote viewing session and later found out they were on top of a building where the guy was. She was working for the government at the time researching psychic phenomena as part of a project called Grill-Flame. I vaguely remember something about a fish too. It’s too bad she’s gone now and I can’t ask her about it :/ It’s really such a small world after all…

  30. Hrvoje July 3, 2014 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    Interestng experiment. Thanks for sharing the tip on how to recognize the signal when it comes to remote viewing. I heard many people who are naturally apt at it see remote things very clearly, like watching the TV screen, which is how they can also distinguish between mental images and the real deal. I guess this is related to the general development of the third eye. Definitely an interesting and important subject to look into. One thing I wondered is if remote viewing is the ability comming only from the chakras or if there is something else involved…

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