A seance from around 1920

A seance from around 1920.

Continuing with my theme of different psychic and spiritual activities I’ve tried, back in 1988 I went to a two day workshop at the Swansea Psychic Centre in Wales, UK, to explore psychic phenomena. It was mostly attended by old ladies. They had a nice facility with lots of rooms for different talks and activities and it was well presented and organised.

Amongst the first of the activities, was one where we had to sit next to a person and describe each others life. The first person (an old lady) and I had nothing to describe about each other – we were blank. The instructor said when you have something in common or an affinity with someone it’s easier to get a psychic reading with them. So I tried again with another person (another old lady), and this time it worked, and I managed to accurately describe many important things in her life; finally there was a hint of psychic abilities after a drought of so many years.

In the next day’s activities, each person anonymously put an item of theirs (in my case my watch) into a basket. They were collected and taken to another room where one of the psychics at the centre would pick up each item and ‘read’ about the person from it. She emerged later and went through the items one by one, describing what she had sensed of the person when she held the item, and then she would ask the audience who the item belonged to. People were surprised by this woman’s accuracy and I waited for her to describe what she felt from my watch. She got to the last item in the basket, but mine wasn’t there and she didn’t say anything about it. I wondered what had happened and where my watch had gone.

A_Psychic_Message_'Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums' 2478315At the end of the event she went and picked something up and approached me and handed me my watch. She explained that she didn’t include it and didn’t want to say anything to the audience about it because when she picked it up she felt something she had never felt before and dropped it. I thought she must have got something wrong and I didn’t think about it much.

The final event was a channelling done by two people. It was explained how a Chinese man regularly manifested through the medium or mediums here and that he was, from what I remember, said to be an advanced spiritual Master. Two ladies were going to channel him and get messages from him.

Well that sounded interesting. I had been to a clairvoyant session before when I was in university, and I thought that was just made up, but when the lights went out, I felt this was different, like something was about to happen.

c1918. Hester Dowden the medium.

c1918. Hester Dowden the medium, reminds me of some of the ladies at the workshop.

The two ladies sat and closed their eyes; I could sense a change in the atmosphere. A presence appeared that wasn’t there before, but it had a ghostly feeling about it though, not unlike some of the milder entities I had encountered in my childhood. The two ladies began to contort and twitch. I checked them and their movements appeared to be synchronised; they were twitching in an identical way, with the same movements, that couldn’t happen as their eyes were closed. I was convinced it could only be due to supernatural phenomena, as the movements were just too synchronised to be rehearsed, right down to the smallest twitch.

In a moment I could ‘see’ a sinister presence go into them. I could perceive the darkness and vibration it brought, not just to the channellers, but into the room itself. As it settled they began to talk to the audience. They were speaking about spiritual kinds of things and the audience was well receiving of the dialogue. But I could see what was influencing them, and so I put a question to the person/entity which I suspected they wouldn’t be able to answer. They couldn’t, and so she or the entity replied “you are an old soul close to the awakening.” I felt this was using flattery as a way to stop my line of questioning by elevating my pride. I could have pressed a few more questions, but I didn’t want to disrupt the meeting for other people, so I just said thank you, and the channelling continued. I observed the entity until it left.

At the end of the session the weekend workshop concluded. I thought it was well done, and I could see the people involved at the Psychic Centre had genuine psychic abilities, but that wasn’t going to get me where I felt I needed to be, and so I had to continue my search for spiritual knowledge elsewhere.

I had read an account of channelled information back in 1978, when I used to take a channelled book to school with me to study. It was called The Boy and the Brothers by Maud MacCarthy, but there was something about it that didn’t feel right. Many years later I would discover along my own path how a Spiritual Master actually uses a physical body. Each person has their own higher consciousness, their divine spirit or Master, and it is this which manifests in them when they have reached a certain spiritual level of preparation.

It has often surprised me how people can trust something they can’t see to enter into their body. Of course it’s going to say nice things, as deceit is one of the biggest weapons darkness uses. To defend something you can’t see is just to defend a belief.

Mark Pritchard