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We are a husband and wife team who love to explore spirituality and the mysterious aspects of life and creation, and we write the articles and blogs on this website.

We base our work upon metaphysical experience backed up with research, as for us, to discuss or know about realities beyond the five senses takes experience of them, which is more than just having a set of ideas. We keep learning and trying to improve our own knowledge and hope to empower people to experience new spiritual horizons.

We don’t charge any money for what we do, as we don’t like to limit spirituality with financial ability. We just want to get the message out; it’s what we love doing and what we feel a responsibility for.

Wherever possible we hope in our own way to enable anyone to shine a light of consciousness on the darkness that engulfs so much of the world, particularly in relation to the darkness within, and we try to bring truth and peace to the world and to individuals as much as we can.

Mark & Angela Pritchard

Mark and Angela


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