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There have been surveys done which say that most people have more bad dreams than happy ones. Bad dreams are afflicting most people throughout the world. But although unpleasant dreams are very common, having them does not necessarily mean you are having nightmares, as nightmares can be quite different from ordinary bad dreams.

A_woman_fast_asleep_with_devil_on_stomachNo-one really wants to go through an unpleasant time while they are asleep, but there are reasons for having bad dreams and if you can discover their causes you can deal with them and eventually stop having them.

It’s with self study and having out-of-body experiences, that the root of their causes can be uncovered.

Bad dreams are generated by what goes on in the mind during the day. The different thoughts, emotions and images continue when asleep, except that they become real for the dreamer, who gets locked into a model of the world that they’ve created, and they live in the scenes they create, generated by the different emotions and thoughts. Basically, it’s a repetition of what happens in the day, but with the added influence of another plane of existence with all its activity.

The mind and emotions are full of negative things and dreams just repeat it all. Look at what most people watch on television. There’s not much peacefulness; there’s a lot of violence, horror, crime, fighting, arguments and the like. Yet these shows are really popular. That’s because the things which like them are inside the psyche – they are part of the mind and these emotions come out in dreams, the images and scenes become as though they are real, and each individual gets caught in these. What’s in the psyche during the day carries on at night in dreams.

Another example of the enjoyment of heightened negative feelings is being frightened on a fairground ride. People enjoy and seek out negativity. When the subconscious does this in dreams it’s a bad dream. These bad dreams are a little different from nightmares however, which are a truly terrifying experience.

Again, it’s down to what’s within and it’s also due to different planes that exist out there, as nightmares take place in a different place than dreams. It’s a more unpleasant place altogether; in religions, that’s really what people refer to as hells and people occasionally go to these hells unconsciously in nightmares.

More happens in dreams than can be put down to random models generated by the brain – there’s too much of an incidence of premonitions, of people finding meaning in dreams, as well as having lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, and the like.

Another trigger for a nightmare is to go to sleep with an upset stomach; you’re then much more likely to have a nightmare or an unpleasant dream.

Some people were doing a TV show in the 70’s and were trying to research into horror films, so that they could create a TV show on horror, and what they used to do was to stuff themselves as full as they could just before they went to sleep. They’d have big banquets and big meals and then they’d have a lot of nightmares and they’d base their TV shows on the nightmares they got from stuffing themselves full of food as they went to sleep.

Q: When we have these sort of negative dreams, do we still benefit from the sleep that we have in the same way as if we were having lovely, warm fluffy dreams?

Belsebuub: In terms of rest, yes, you would benefit the same, because the body’s asleep – you’re out of it. Unless the body itself became agitated and it really disturbed the sleep, but normally, whether the dream is good or bad, you’re out of the body and the body is resting at that time.

How can dreams have such an effect on our physicality really?

Because when we’re there, we’re really in the dream – it’s our life for us in that moment and it becomes all encompassing. Sometimes it’s so strong that it can wake you up physically. If that happens, you wake up out of your dream and you feel the impact of it, because when we are in a dream, it’s like it’s the real world and it’s very powerful.

So a tip for a good dream life is if you’re having stressful dreams, you’re stressful in your everyday life, so look for a way to calm yourself down?

Yes, look into your life and begin to see what’s going on in your world of thoughts and emotions – just see them during the day. If you’re afraid of coming for a job interview for example, just look at that fear, start to see it. You’ll uncover it, and you begin to get an understanding about yourself and how you work and how you function, and then that has its effect in your dreams as well. So as you reduce your fear, anxiety, anger and things like that, they also reduce in dreams. So it gives us not only a pleasant dream life, but also a more pleasant daily life as well if you keep going with it.

So they really do unlock all the secrets to where you could be going wrong.

Yes, dreams are like a window into our own mind.

So I guess recurring dreams are perhaps more indicative of something perhaps psychologically that’s going on as opposed to just a random moment that you’ve never thought of?

Yes, that’s right. They are really telling us that we should look at that dream and see what’s in it and see if there’s something we can see in ourselves that we could change in our lives, or inside of us, in order to change that dream, to stop it recurring. It could well have a message for us.

I’ve been thinking about different places, traveling and stuff. I feel like different cities have different vibrations to them, like London had kind of violence in the air a little bit and you could see it in the way that people acted.

Back here in my city it just feels very heavy, very dark, like very spiritually lethargic. Since we moved here it’s been so hard to astral project and to remember my dreams and it’s just so hard to see clearly in dreams or anything. I was just wondering if it really can have that big of an effect because I’ve noticed that different cites seem to have different vibes about them.

It’s more the personal level of activity which counts here. You can be in any city and if you’re passive, if you’re not really doing much, then you can’t expect to have spiritual experiences. Even if you’re doing the same kind of level of inner work that you were doing say a year ago, which gave good results at the time, the force of entropy pulls things down. Also, as we go along we’re expected to meet the next standard and if we don’t, then we just don’t have many experiences and we get trapped in a mundane life. So what we need to have is activity with the three key components of the path – that’s what gets things moving.

Now as far as environments in cites go, different places have different atmospheres; we can perceive that. Like you said, you went to a city and there was this violence in the air and you don’t necessarily have to see it, but you can feel it. Every city, every place has its own kind of vibe.

I was wondering about this when I was in a town that I felt was very mundane. It was as though things were quite difficult there; it was hard to do anything. Internally it didn’t stop me doing anything, but the whole vibe of the place was mundane and low. Then out of my body one night, I was walking in that town through the main shopping area and I could see the atmosphere, I could see the energy, the psychic environment that the town lived in, and its energy was really heavy. It was as though it was pulling things down into the inferior dimensions, into the lower regions of the earth, the heaviness and the weight were so great. It was there within the whole atmosphere; it was like the air itself was full of it. It affected everybody, because that was the environment that people were in.

What causes that are the people within that place. Each person is within a certain psychological country or region and has a certain psychological series of vibrations. The vibration of those energies travels like sound and like sound, with vibratory affinity they resonate from person to person. This and the strength of the energy sustains their presence in the environment, and along with what is happening in other dimensions in the inner world of the individuals there, gives the atmosphere to a town or a city.

~ A talk by Belsebuub in Cyprus, 2006

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