A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences

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Belsebuub A talk in Nicosia University, Cyprus in 2006.

Belsebuub in greece 2006Dreams can be an insight into something more than can be known in this dimension, we can have premonitions and get information from our dreams, and yet science doesn’t understand why.

In religious texts there are prophecies, divine beings and visions and most of these originate from the astral plane. As when we dream, we leave the body behind and go into the astral plane of the fifth dimension.

If you’ve ever had a dream or begun to dream and then have fallen into your bed, or when falling asleep have felt as though you’ve suddenly fallen from a height, it’s because as soon as we fall asleep, we leave our bodies behind and go into the fifth dimension, into the astral plane. This is very profound, and yet most people know so little about it.

There are techniques of astral projection through which you can discover that you do actually leave your body behind when you go to sleep.

Most people are unaware that this is what’s happening because when going to sleep, thoughts and daydreams continue, and then without seeing it, consciousness of the physical world is lost as we leave the body and thoughts and daydreams merge into dreams.

In a dream, the daydream, mental images, and underlying emotions, which were going on in the physical world, are projected into the fifth dimension, the astral plane, and that daydream becomes real. So an event earlier in the day can re-emerge at night in a dream.

Consciousness becomes locked in the illusory world of the subconscious mind and the astral world is not seen as it actually is. Not having a physical body there is no physical reality to fix on to, so the mind is locked into its own world.

We can actually go there consciously through two ways that are practical: by becoming aware when we are in a dream, which around 55% of the population have done, and by projecting out of the body into the astral plane which around 10% of the population have consciously experienced. You can learn to do both these things by doing exercises that specifically enable us to have out-of-body experiences.

Around 18% of people who die and revive have near-death experiences. They also go to the fifth dimension, to the astral world consciously, although that is obviously not a way to intentionally explore that dimension. Whichever way we go there, we can see the astral world exactly as it is.

When in a dream you can know that you are dreaming and question where you are. It’s like here when you wake up from a daydream – you know you’re thinking and daydreaming, and suddenly you realize you’re here. If it happens to you in a dream, look around and be aware of where you are and that’s it. You’re as aware there as you are in the physical world, but you are aware of having woken up in the astral plane, in eternity, in the fifth dimension.

The other practical way to go there is to astral project. For that, you learn to leave your body as it’s going to sleep. In effect, you maintain your awareness and stay aware as the process of sleep is taking place. If you do, you can feel your body getting a bit paralyzed, you can hear like a high-pitched motor sound in your head, you get like a tingling sensation running through your body as though you can’t move, and then, you just lift up. That’s a classic astral projection. Sometimes it doesn’t happen like that; sometimes you miss one or two stages and you just get up, or you get there and you doubt you’re actually there, or you’ve been coming out of your body and you’ve just lifted out a little and you notice you’re moving your hand and your arm and it’s not your physical hand and your physical arm. In a classical astral projection however, you get up from your bed, you stand up, and you’re in the astral plane.

What you see over there looks just like it does here, as long as the subconscious is not interfering. Sometimes though you might get taught in the astral plane, so what you see can be altered according to what it is that you need to learn. We can also do different things over there than we can do here because that dimension has fewer laws and we’re a bit freer. We can for example fly and travel to different places in the world and into space.

Now this is an actual event; it’s not a product of the imagination or fantasy. The problem with proving it is that it’s an internal event that happens when the body is asleep or unconscious, as such the only evidence for others is the account we give of our own personal experience. Science therefore can’t tell what happens when we’re out of the physical, three-dimensional world and in the fifth dimension. All an ordinary person can do here is to measure what’s happening in the physical world – usually to the physical body, looking at different stages that the sleep goes through, looking at different patterns in the brain, etc. – but none of this tells us what we really experience when we’re in the fifth dimension.

We’re connected from the astral body, the body that we’re in when we’re there, to the physical body by a silver cord, which stretches to infinity. Messages from that silver cord are sent back to the physical body, which is why we can move when we’re dreaming, and so on. The physical body is not just left like a dead shell, but the impulses, the signals are coming from the astral body back to the physical body through the silver cord. While we are out of the body we have left all things physical behind and continue to exist with what is non-physical.

If you are interested in spirituality you would want to go there to learn. In itself, going into another dimension is an education. However, there is much more you can do there, most importantly, you can get information about your spiritual progress, about your life, about how to change, what your purpose in living is, etc. – you can get spiritual knowledge that is beyond that which you find here on Earth.

There’s another dimension of life that you don’t normally see or hear about and you get to go there; you get to be in it. If you’ve ever wondered where spiritual beings and the like have come from, you can actually go into the astral plane and see them.  You can understand the process of death and understand living. You don’t need to believe in something; you can actually see and experience a multitude of spiritual things and really find out what’s going on with life.

To get the most out of exploring beyond the body you should do a spiritual work here, by changing and transforming yourselves and the ways you act, starting with self-observation and awareness, because then you can get superior kinds of teachings and information. You only get access to information and knowledge according to what you are here and according to what you do at this present time. And if you’re not really changing, if you are not very spiritual, you can’t expect a lot of spiritual knowledge over there either – the more spiritual you become, the more access you have to spiritual knowledge. The worlds beyond the body are part of the fabric of life, which every human being potentially has access to and they and what is contained within them are behind the major religions of the world.

Q: Do we see more of our true situation as a humanity and understand more about this world that we live in by having out-of-body experiences?

Belsebuub: Vastly, yes, because there are lessons to learn there that have a huge impact upon what goes on here and we can get otherwise inaccessible information about why things exist here, what we’re doing here and what’s it all for.

We can get answers to these because over there are things that we just cannot see or experience here. People make beliefs out of these things but it’s not a matter of believing, it’s a matter of going there yourself and finding out what’s happening. By using the correct techniques you can go and experience things over there for yourself.

You can meet all sorts of different beings, good and bad. All this is going on, and who knows a thing about it? The average person knows little about this. Do they even care? And then what are the consequences?

I think the consequences for not caring are dire. All of this is going on, there’s a spiritual purpose behind everything, and yet, most are content to live their lives just like any animal, subjected to all of the terrible things which go on in life, stuck inside the body, having to face illnesses, losses in the family, deaths, all of these things, terrible things, without knowing why, without understanding what it’s for and not being able to deal with things.

By living in that way, you just become victims of life. And what happens to you at the end of it? If you go into the astral world, you can find out. It’s not good overall for humanity; what’s going on is dire for humanity, worse than anything you can see here in daily life, more terrible than the things of the world are, worse than the suffering can be here in this world. There are terrible things happening to people and they’re happening right now. You go out there and you can see what’s happening here. And people are so blind to it, so lost to it. And then what can you say? Do this work, find out, discover what’s really going on. The stakes are too high not to.

If you don’t do it, you have to be aware that you have to accept the consequences of not doing it.

I’ve been able to go out of the body and see so many different things. But you won’t know whether what I’ve said is true or not. That’s the difficulty with verifying out-of-body experiences: they are for the individual. A group can project and some people can meet up in a room over there and recall the event back here, but really most of the knowledge that we get there is individual, we get it for ourselves. It’s part of a universal knowledge that people throughout history have tapped into and received.

Unless you also experience such things, you won’t know whether they are true or not. But then, why would you want to live not knowing? Why would you be content not to see beyond this world? To find out if the worlds beyond this one exist? Because if you find out that they do, then it brings up huge questions for you, as it does for all of humanity. If you can do this you can get knowledge, because if you don’t have knowledge, then what’s the point of living? Is it just to be like an animal?

Is it dangerous?

No, astral travel is not dangerous. Everyone goes there every night when sleeping. Would you rather drive or be in a street consciously or unconsciously?

Are there higher dimensions than the astral one and can we meet people from other planets when we are out of the body?

Beyond the fifth dimension there are higher dimensions and planes up to the seventh. Each of them is lighter in its laws, and by the time you get to the top, it’s extremely spiritual. Now, we’re not the only people or beings who exist in the universe. Those beings who can travel through space have a higher level of awareness than this humanity; they also have the ability to astral travel. So the simplest way to meet someone from another planet is by being out of the body.

Is having out-of-body experiences a way of meeting higher beings?

Yes, there is a whole world of life over there. We can meet other beings who are conscious and awake all the time, who don’t need to be here in this world where people are learning and changing. They’ve done all that, they are awake and aware in that dimension and they can and do teach us.

Many people say that they can’t stay conscious for long in the astral plane, that by getting confused or by having a strong emotion they unwillingly fly backwards straight back to their body. What can be done to prevent that?

It’s true that those things can bring us back, and one of the things you can do is just try to be aware when you get there and hold on to something, because your connecting then with something of astral matter.  Hold on to a table or something like that and it just stops you from being pulled back into your body.

Can being on medication affect astral projection?

Yes, it can sometimes affect astral projection if someone is on medication. It depends on the medication – some of it can make you dizzy, sleepy, etc., some of it doesn’t affect the consciousness at all. It just depends, but it’s something you’ll need to put up with and work around if you need to take medication, as you don’t want to risk your health by not taking any medicine that you need to take.

Can anyone become conscious in the astral world by making specific steps, or will some people never do it?

As long as someone has a sound mind and tries for long enough in the right way then it will happen eventually. The problem is that it’s so easy to say that it’s not working, and then just give up. It can be in those times when you keep trying even though you think it’s never going to happen, that you get an astral experience. So keep trying with faith, because if you do get into the astral plane, it can have such a big impact that it’s worth persisting with the efforts to achieve it.


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