Some Tips to Remember Dreams

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Dreams tell us a lot about ourselves, here are some simple things to try for remembering them better.

1. Plan ahead

Just before you go to sleep, have the intention to remember your dreams in the morning when you wake up, because as soon as you wake up, it’s as though a little program starts in the head that reminds you to try to remember what you have been dreaming about. Normally the mind comes in and says “get up, work, shower,” or whatever it is. If you’ve thought about that beforehand, it’s become a routine. So what you need to do is to kind of re-educate yourself to think about remembering dreams when you wake up rather than other things.

2. Keep still when you wake up

The next step is to keep still as soon as you wake up – don’t move. You’ll find it much easier to remember your dreams in the morning if you do this, because as we wake up, the astral body hasn’t quite locked into the physical one and the dream memories are easier to hold on to.

3. Try a mantra to remember more

Thirdly, if you think you have exhausted all possibility of remembering your dreams in the previous way, pronounce the mantra RAOM GAOM. A mantra, like all sound, affects the psyche. The sounds of this mantra help in dream recall. Keep pronouncing it over and over like this: Raaaaaooooommmm (breathe) Gaaaaaooooommmm (breathe) and repeat. See whether you prefer to say it in your mind or aloud. It really works.

4. Keep a dream journal

Finally, keep a dream journal/diary on the side of the bed and after you’ve remembered your dreams, write them down in your diary. You’ll then have a record of your dreams that you can go back over and study, and the more that you study dreams, the more you begin to understand them. If you don’t write them down, then you really forget them, even though sometimes you may think that you’ll remember an important dream, before you know it, it’s gone – you’ve lost the details and everything. So it’s very useful to keep a dream diary. Write in it soon after you wake up and have remembered your dreams.

In this way you’ll start to think about your dreams and when you think about them, you put the process of remembering them into that little program in the mind. It becomes part of your daily routine then and it’s much easier. It’s like training for anything else: once you actually start doing it and get into it, it becomes automatic.

5. Train Dream Recall by Remembering Events of the Day

There’s another exercise that’s similar to dream recall, but it’s like a dream recall of the day. At the end of the day, just briefly go back over the day and that will help you to crystallize in your mind the things that have happened. This helps to train the memory in this type of recall and gets us to reflect upon the day.

When you look at what’s happening in the day see not just at the things you’re doing, but also to look at the emotional states you had, and if you can, see if you can spot how they influence your dreams. It’s these states which, if they’re strong enough, produce much of the content of dreams.

If you would like to explore this exercise in more detail, see the article A Review of the Day: Learning from the Past

6. Be Aware

The more we respond to environmental stimuli, the better we can remember dreams, and so the more aware we are in life, the more we are going to remember dreams. By practicing being aware and observing within, we come out of thoughts and daydreams and perceive the three-dimensional world, this clears the mind and that gives clearer dreams which are easier to remember.

Learning from Dreams

By remembering dreams we can see lots about ourselves we could otherwise miss, and can recall useful information that may even be spiritual in nature. There are many kinds of symbols that appear in dreams – they may not just be coming from the subconscious, but may be part of humanities shared symbolic language that is prevalent in many religious and esoteric texts, myths and legends of the past. Even the subconscious itself can be learnt from, because in dreams we can see things hidden away in the depths of the mind that wouldn’t normally come out.

What we can discover in dreams can not only help us to bring positive change to our daily lives, but also to ourselves. By uncovering what’s in dreams we become aware of how we are as people and that gives us the ability to change it. If we never saw what was within ourselves we would never be able to change it, and, as we change here, that brings positive changes to our dreams too.



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