The Occult Influence of the Moon

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Cosmic events and forces affect the earth and everything that lives on it including us, as the human body is a microcosm of the macrocosm and, at the smallest levels of atoms, electrons etc., it becomes as a replica of the cosmos and is under the influence of it. As the universe is multidimensional, that influence extends to other dimensions too.

It is in those other dimensions where beings of light and darkness exist, generally unseen to the human eye.

Cosmic events are not just physical but they are multidimensional too, and so too are their influences. The closer to the earth the moon is, the stronger its influence.

The Moon

The moon is a dead planetary body. In its unilluminated, dark state as a black moon, it’s psychically and esoterically negative – yet has a positive aspect when it reflects the rays of the sun in a full moon. Thus we see the transformative power of the sun, but as the light reflected from the moon reduces, so then the moon’s dark aspect emerges.

The moon is normally at a crescent stage and is either waxing or waning. The waxing moon is when the sun’s light on it is increasing and tends to the positive, while the waning moon is when the sun’s light on the moon decreases and tends to the negative. A half-moon has the two forces of light and darkness in balance.

The moon has no light of its own – it’s dark when the sun doesn’t shine on it, but when the sun shines on the moon, the light reflected from it converts the dark moon gradually into a light moon at the full moon. The light of the sun in a spiritual sense, is the light of the Spiritual Son and, when it shines on the moon, it can represent the darkness made visible and revealed by light, or the condition in which the darkness of the subconscious has been revealed or overcome by the light of consciousness.

Nevertheless, the dark side of the moon remains and so does its intrinsic negative force. What we’re seeing with the reflection of the sun is not equivalent to the sun’s light, but an effect of light upon the darkness, bringing to view what was hidden.

Because in a full moon that which is hidden and negative has become visible, darkness celebrates its presence in the world, which is why the full moon has often been used in ceremonies and rituals of darkness. It becomes the symbolic counter to light, even though it requires light to make it visible. Thus even darkness needs light to be manifest in the third-dimensional plane.

A full moon happens when the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth and all the surface of the moon is visible from the earth.

The black moon is to the beings of darkness as the sun is to beings of light. At a personal level, the light of the sun represents the light of consciousness, while the darkness of the unlit moon represents the darkness of the subconscious.

The moon moves many things on earth in a mechanical way, and is important to the functioning of life. Likewise, the innate psychic influence of the moon is of the mechanical and subconscious; both of these are also important to life, but can be transcended by the spiritual path.

The moon’s influence on the psyche is subconscious and goes to subconscious, which has its roots in the infra-dimensions where the egos reside.

However, half of the moon is never illuminated, and is always there shadowed in darkness. This is the dark side of the moon, representing and influencing the unilluminated side of the psyche, the subconscious. The properties and forces acquired on the spiritual path overcome the dark side of the human psyche, extracting and destroying the egos from within it, leaving the subconscious functions necessary for the functioning of the human body and brain minus the egos.

The Black Moon

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A black moon occurs when the sun and the earth are on opposite sides of the moon, and this happens every month in the lunar cycle. Even though the moon is above the horizon, we can’t see it because there is no light illuminating it and is in complete darkness. It’s commonly called a new moon, although we normally think of a new moon as being the first appearance or waxing of the moon.

Technically, a new moon is only a black moon at certain times of the year, but really speaking, the new moon is always a black moon because it doesn’t reflect the light and therefore is black.

Without the light of the sun it emanates negative forces, which reach their maximum effect each month at the black moon.

The black moon has a special force which facilitates and conveys darkness; it’s a special time used in dark ceremonies and rituals, and is an important event personally for those demons and aspirants of darkness who have physical bodies.

Some people call the first crescent a new moon, but that’s not a black moon – a first crescent is a positive sign.


Solar_eclipse_1999_4Lunar eclipses happen when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned – then the earth blocks the sun from reaching the moon.

An eclipse of the moon represents an eclipse of spiritual light.

An eclipse of the sun happens when the moon gets between the earth and the sun and shades out the sun.

Solar eclipses are ominous symbols of darkness as they represent the lunar forces of darkness eclipsing the solar forces of light.

Blood Moons

Blood moons are a rare combination of celestial events. They happen when the earth eclipses the moon, and are particularly powerful when the moon is closest to earth in its cycle.

This kind of total lunar eclipse has a red colour, which is caused by the earth blocking the light of the sun from reaching the moon. As it does, a red glow is created around the silhouette of the earth like when the sun sets over the horizon. This red glow is cast upon the moon and its red light is reflected back to earth.

Blood moons are a special time for demons and black magicians. They use these occasions to have major gatherings in the underworld. The blood moon, or red moon as it sometimes called, powerfully projects to earth the emanations of occult darkness and of hell, greatly enhancing the forces of darkness.

When utilized by the forces of darkness, red becomes a channel of the energies of desire and of the atmosphere of hell, as the light of hell is infra-red in its spectrum. The red or blood moon projects the negative emanations of the black moon and enhances them through a negatively charged red filter back to the earth.

The lunar eclipse enhances the negative vibrations in the cosmos, upon the earth, and upon the human organism and psyche. The red vibrations invoke sexual desires, passions, the animal ego, and the energy of hell. And the chaste light of illuminated spiritual consciousness instead becomes the lustful red light of hell.

In the underworld, beings of darkness take advantage of cosmic events like this and the energies they create to enhance the effectiveness of their activities – it’s like adding oxygen to a fire or fertilizer to a plant.

Black moons and blood moons can have follow-on effects upon events in the world and upon targeted individuals.

Countering ceremonies of darkness with those of light

Celebrating the solstice with candlesCounter the ceremonies of darkness with ceremonies of light such as the celebrations of the solstices and equinoxes. They are especially powerful times of the year to celebrate the light and to use their forces to enhance spiritual growth and generation. It’s awful that these festivals of light and of the sun have been removed from most of humanity. There are many kinds of ceremonies that can facilitate light. It’s good to be aware of the esoteric power of ceremony and ritual and how powerful these can be when aligned with cosmic events and forces.

The Moon as the Feminine

shutterstock_39970447The moon has long been an esoteric symbol and there have been both male and female deities associated with it. It influences much on this planet particularly in relation to water, such as the tides, a woman’s menstrual period, etc. Esoterically, waters are feminine in their nature – the waters of chaos were the seedbed of creation and the womb of the Mother.

The Mother in creation is of the earth and the personal Mother of the Being is of the physical body. However, the moon is a dead body, a planetary corpse, while the earth is alive. Thus both the earth and the moon are associated with the cosmic mother, one of light and life, and the other of darkness and death.

Both the light and dark sides of the moon have also been associated with the Mother in different aspects. Commonly the white moon has been associated with spiritual deities such as Heva, while the black moon has been associated with demonic ones such as Lilith, or with the non-demonic dark aspect of the Mother such as Kali.

The three major phases in the cycles of the moon have also been associated with three aspects of the Mother – the new moon, the white moon, and the black moon, particularly in Goddess worship in Paganism. But the moon is a corpse and the Mother is not, and so a corpse shouldn’t be confused with her living properties.

The Symbolic Role of the Moon

The interaction between the sun, earth and moon is cause for some very interesting reflection, as each has its influence over our experience of light and darkness. This influence occurs not only on a mundane, physical level, but at a multi-dimensional, spiritual level too. Each embodies principles, and together these principles interplay in the daily, monthly, yearly, and even grander cycles these planetary bodies rotate through.

The principles they express relate not only to light and darkness in the world, but also to light and darkness within the human psyche. At times the earth’s shadow obstructs the sun from lighting up the moon, and at other times lets the sun’s light pass, causing the waxing and waning of the moon and the moon’s corresponding occult influence over the earth.

And so the sun, moon and earth play their part in causing the continuously alternating cycles of light and darkness in our lives. Both light and darkness have their role to play – the darkness provides the opposition and contrast needed for those who wish to awaken spiritually.


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