Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences Audio

//Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences Audio
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Belsebuub discusses the very ancient technique of astral projection, also referred to as astral travel and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), which allows someone to explore the multi-dimensional reality of life. Mystics used them to directly experience divine places and beings and gain knowledge in their quest for enlightenment, giving their experiences different names which were often symbolic. He also talks about other kinds of out-of-body experiences, which include near-death experiences (NDEs) and death itself, as well as dreams with their insights into other realms, psychology and symbolism.

What Happens When We Dream

The recording of Belsebuub’s Live Online Talk from the 25th of July 2009.

Out-of-Body Experiences

The recording of Belsebuub’s Live Online Talk from the 20th of June 2009.

Near-Death Experiences Radio Interview

Recording of the interview with host Dave Callan on the Australian national radio show Triple J, from the 29th of March 2009.

When taking a trip to Tokyo we’ll pack a Lonely Planet guide so we know our way around when we get there. So why don’t we prepare for the destination of death, which we all inevitably arrive to, more seriously than a holiday? Belsebuub talks to Dave Callan on Australian national radio station Triple J about how we can learn about death while we are still alive and prepare ourselves for the great journey each of us has to make.

Questions and Answers on OBEs

The recording of Belsebuub’s Live Online Talk from the 16th of August 2008.

A discussion between Belsebuub and listeners on out-of-body experiences and astral travel, touching on negativity as an obstacle, the importance of practicing, and discovering hidden information beyond the body.


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