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Belsebuub taught through courses for more than 20 years starting in 1990 until around 2011. He designed four courses in 2001. These were called Searching Within, which was a course on self-knowledge, A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams, and Esoteric Wisdom. There was also an advanced practice course called the Investigative Course for those who had taken the three previous ones and who wanted to take their practice further.

These were offered online and in-person. They guided people through spiritual topics and practices in practical eight or nine-week programs structured to encourage an exploration of spiritual exercises in a hands-on methodical way, and to cultivate personal experience.

They were highly interactive – each weekly class involved a talk, followed by a Q&A session, and meditation-based practices relevant to the talk. There was a discussion of the previous week’s homework (homework was usually a practice or series of practices to try at home), and finally, at the end of each session, a homework was set for the week with reading to study and exercises to explore throughout the week.

The courses were given in person by qualified teachers in centers and groups worldwide and online. Supplementary information, personal experiences, and articles—as well as interactive features like forums and chat rooms—were also available.

As the online courses developed over the years, they incorporated more features, such as video lectures, guided practice videos, and personal interactive course journals where online students could track their own progress. These were the three main courses:


Astral Travel and DreamsAstral Travel and Dreams

This was one of the most popular and successful courses in astral travel ever created – taken by tens of thousands of people throughout the world completely free of charge… read more



advanced-practice2Searching Within

This was a course in the field of self-knowledge, taken by tens of thousands of people worldwide. It was completely free of charge and ran for 9 weeks both online and in study groups throughout Australia, North America, Europe and the… read more



Spiritual FreedomEsoteric Wisdom

This course unveiled a process of spiritual transformation that has been encoded in sacred scriptures and mythology throughout time, and provided the information, methods and know-how to undertake it personally… read more



Belsebuub wrote all the written weekly course material, which was freely distributed as PDF documents from 2001. Nearly every year after that, he would review and revise the courses as necessary.

After people began appropriating this material without authorization, even reselling it for profit, it was later put into books that were sold at production cost. These books were The Peace of the Spirit Within, A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams, and Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom. The updated versions of these books are Searching Within and The Astral Codex.




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