Astral Travel and Dreams by BelsebuubThis was one of the most popular and successful courses in astral travel ever created – taken by tens of thousands of people throughout the world completely free of charge.

The course was geared towards teaching people how to have their own out-of-body experiences – and many people did. Over 67 percent of people surveyed on the course had an out-of-body experience within the first two months. Some participants, in different parts of the world, were even able to meet up in the astral and verify their meeting in the course forums!

An intensive program over 9-weeks, it was designed to take someone step-by-step through the most effective techniques for astral projection, including building the skills to make those exercises work and to have clear, meaningful experiences on a regular basis. Truly, this was a groundbreaking course that made the astral dimension a totally tangible and useful part of peoples lives.

Over the 9 weeks, the course covered:

  • what out-of-body experiences are and where they happen
  • how to develop concentration to make astral exercises successful
  • what dreams are, how to remember them, learn from them, and interpret dream symbols
  • how to “wake up” in dreams and experience lucid dreaming
  • several highly effective techniques for astral projection
  • how to travel in the astral plane, meet other people there, seek out knowledge and visit places in the astral dimension
  • common obstacles when trying to project and how to overcome them
  • the spiritual tools to protect oneself from negative influences and entities whilst traveling

People from all over the world experience the magic of astral projection

TGM Perth Center

Getting ready for a mystical evening of astral projection exercises in Perth, Australia.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams ran completely free of charge both online and in study groups in Australia, North America, Europe and the UK. Each week thousands of course participants in over 100 different countries would simultaneously receive a course topic and exercises in PDF format that they could download, read, and study at home – sharing their insights and learning in online chat rooms, course forums, and practice groups. Course participants also practiced the exercises together throughout the week by taking part in guided astral projection exercises, which proved highly effective in a group setting.


Many people were able to experience leaving their bodies consciously for the first time. Throughout the course at home and during group exercises, it was not uncommon to find people having mystical experiences, which made the course a magical time for everyone involved – where the veil between other dimensional reality seemed to get thinner, and life literally took on another dimension.

The course culminated in the final week with a goal to project and meet up at a mystical location in the astral plane. This literally saw hundreds of people in countries all over the world practicing on the last Saturday night of the course with the aim of meeting each other at the set location. The set destinations included the Pyramids of Egypt, the planet Mars, temples that only exist in the astral, and Stonehenge. The resulting experiences people had were remarkable – many people projected to these locations and brought back information about them that is not physically visible, meeting spiritual Beings associated with these sites, and even seeing them as they were in the past. Perhaps most extraordinary, were the experiences of people who had never met in person before but were able to meet each other in the astral at the location, and verify their meeting with each other when they woke in the course forums.

The effects of the course were profound – those who completed the program often said it had changed their whole perspective, now seeing that there was more to life than the physical world. Others had experiences that touched them deeply and often revealed information about themselves and their own spiritual journey.

What the course was all about

This was a practical 9-week course providing step-by-step guidance to explore another dimension of life beyond the body – with a technique known as astral travel. It also explained how to remember dreams and grasp the hidden knowledge and insights they often contain, and gave practical strategies to increase awareness and clarity in them, and experience lucid dreaming.

Each week would introduce a time-tested technique to try, to enable participants to build their astral projection skills. It provided the methods, guidance and road map to consciously project into the astral plane, and travel to different places when out of the body. Many of the pitfalls often experienced by astral travel aspirants were addressed over the course, with helpful tips to overcome them.

The course also detailed the wider spiritual context and purpose of astral travel in a multi-dimensional universe, revealing how out-of-body experiences can be used to acquire knowledge and guidance towards the awakening of consciousness. It explained how dreams can also play a role in that process, and sought to develop the ability to remember and study one’s dreams, interpret their symbols and teachings, in order to acquire knowledge that can help in one’s personal spiritual journey.

Course Outline

The-Astral-Codex-oct-2015Belsebuub first authored the written weekly material for this course in 2001. These weekly topics were freely distributed as PDF documents. Nearly every year after that, he would review and revise the course as necessary.

After people began appropriating this material without authorization, even reselling it for profit, it was later put into the book, A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams, and any sales of the book went back into printing more books.

The present version of the book is called The Astral Codex.

Week 1
Topic – An Introduction to Astral Travel and Dreams
Exercises – Relaxation and Remembering Dreams
Week 2
Topic – Preparing for Astral Projection: Concentration and Visualization
Exercise – Introduction to Concentration/Visualization
Week 3
Topic – The Process of Astral Projection
Exercise – Concentration/Visualization on the Heart
Week 4
Topic – The Influence of the Psyche
Exercise – Visualization/Concentration on a Place
Week 5
Topic – Waking up in the Astral Plane from Dreams
Exercise – Waking up in the Astral Plane from Dreams
Week 6
Topic – Mantras for Astral Projection
Exercise – Mantras for Astral Projection
Week 7
Topic – Unpleasant Experiences and Sinister Figures
Exercises – Extra Mantras for Astral Projection and the Recitations of Protection
Week 8
Topic – Astral and Dream Experiences
Exercise – Astral Explorations
Week 9
Topic – Where to Go From Here
Exercise – A Group Exercise to Meet Together in One Place in the Astral



You can read experiences people have had with this course on a number of websites. On the My Dream Guidance website you can read experiences people have had with Belsebuub’s work on dreams. On the Out-of-Body website with Belsebuub’s work on out-of-body experiences, and on the Spiritual Journeys website you can read mystical experiences that include those involving astral projection.


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