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By Greg Rakozy

By Greg Rakozy

This nine-week course explained the bigger picture of life, unveiling with simplicity vast and complex esoteric topics such as the process of creation, the wheel of life, karma, and the path to enlightenment. It was completely free of charge and taken by people all over the world, including North America, Europe and Australia. Each week, students taking the course online and in centers would receive a course topic and exercises in PDF format which they could download, print out, read and study. Throughout the course, participants  would take part in weekly group meditation practices and programs, strive to explore each week’s topic in depth by using the exercises given, and ask questions and share feedback and insights in the course sessions or online course forums.

Over the 9 weeks, attendees could discover how to:

  • Explore life metaphysically, uncover esoteric mysteries, and understand life’s ultimate purpose
  • Carry out the essential practices for spiritual awakening
  • Discover and begin a process of spiritual transformation
  • Gain teachings and guidance in the astral plane to help in one’s spiritual journey
  • Use advanced meditation practices to completely still the mind and enter a realm of pure consciousness
  • Change and remove egoistic inner states that obstruct one’s spiritual growth
  • Meditate upon one’s dreams and inner states to gain more knowledge about one’s life
  • Grasp the esoteric significance and meaning of dream symbology and numerology, with the help of a dream symbols and numbers guide

People around the world explore esoteric mysteries

Exploring mystical practices at the Sydney Center in Australia

Exploring mystical practices at the Sydney Center in Australia

This course not only explained complex esoteric topics in an accessible way, making them easier for people to grasp, but also outlined clearly how people could personally explore, experience and verify these greater esoteric mysteries firsthand. It built upon the practical training students had previously undertaken in the Astral Travel and Dreams and Searching Within course, and introduced more advanced practices that could be used to investigate esotericism further and begin a process of in-depth spiritual transformation.

In the course forums, and in the centers, many students expressed how they began to have profound mystical experiences from putting into practice what they were learning. This included receiving amazing guidance from divine beings in out-of-body experiences, which often related to what was being explained in the course. For them, it was as if a curtain hiding the mysteries of life was being lifted a little more each week of the course, as they began to see how they could explore hidden esoteric wonders and the spiritual nature of life firsthand. Many expressed they were grateful they had finally found a way to change and overcome negative emotions they had struggled with for years, after learning how to transform oneself within in the course. For some, this course was a stepping stone toward bringing about a whole new positive way of living and learning, which enriched their lives, improved their relationships, brought real happiness, and gave each moment of every day a higher purpose.

Description of what the course was all about

The Esoteric Wisdom course unveiled a process of spiritual transformation that has been encoded in sacred scriptures and mythology throughout time, and provided the guidance, methods and know-how to undertake it personally.

This process of spiritual transformation was sometimes known as “the path to liberation”; a path of gradual inner change which ultimately leads to enlightenment. While knowledge of this path has been hidden in symbols, parables, myths, legends, sacred scriptures, and artwork of various cultures around the world throughout history, in modern times this knowledge has become very obscure, fragmented, and difficult to grasp.

The course helped to explain this knowledge in modern terms to make it more accessible today.

It explained the elements of the process and how to do it. It also provided information about what various esoteric symbols mean, how to know what happens after death, the nature of creation, karma, how to discover the meaning of life and more, along with esoteric practices used for awakening such as alchemy.

The exercises learned in this course could be used to reach higher sources of spiritual knowledge directly, and gain one’s own experience of esoteric mysteries.

This course could be taken after students had completed the Searching Within and Astral Travel and Dreams courses.

Course outline

Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom by BelsebuubBelsebuub first authored the written weekly course material for this course in 2001 and compiled it into this course in 2002, which was freely distributed as PDF documents. Nearly every year after that, he would review and revise it as necessary.

The course was initially called “Journey to Enlightenment”, but later its name was changed to “Gnostic Wisdom” and then “Esoteric Wisdom”.

After people began appropriating Belsebuub’s written course material without authorization, even reselling it for profit, his written material for this course was later put into the book, Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom, which was sold at production cost.

Course syllabus as of 2010

Week 1
Topic – Introduction to the Course: Verifying What the Eye Cannot See
Exercises – Meditation Using Koans
Week 2
Topic – Creation and the Wheel of Life
Exercise – Practicing Mantras
Week 3
Topic – Death
Exercises – Meditation Using the Duality
Week 4
Topic – Karma
Exercises – Death of the Egos from Moment to Moment
Week 5
Topics – Starting the Esoteric Path and The Three Mountains
Exercises – Meditation on an Ego
Week 6
Topic – Disintegrating the Egos
Exercises – Meditate upon Your Dreams
Week 7
Topic – Lust, Sex, and Transmutation
Exercises – Study and Work upon the Egos of Pride
Week 8
Topic – Helping Others Spiritually
Exercises – Mantras for Astral Projection
Week 9
Topic – Overcoming Entropy and Progressing
Exercises – Self-Remembrance and Astral Projecting to a Place with a Group

Personal experiences

People have shared the experiences they’ve had with this course, and with Belsebuub’s work on esoteric knowledge, on the Spiritual Journeys website – with exercises that were taught on the course such as mantras, using out-of-body experiences for spiritual learning, and meditation.


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