Ebook on the Ancient and Timeless Spirituality of the Sun to Be Released Soon

Sun at the pinnacle of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (photo copyright Nina Aldin Thune 2005). A new free eBook will be released here shortly. It will bring together everything we’ve written on the solstice and equinox - compiling what Mark has discovered on the cosmic connection between the awakening of consciousness, the stars, and ancient texts and teachings. Writing this has been a journey in itself – both in terms of the circumstances it was written under, and in the process of unearthing what has today become a lost and cryptic knowledge. The circumstances we wrote this under were extremely difficult – we were under the weight of an intensive smear campaign, whilst moving from place to place (from hotel to hotel, an extended garage in someone’s back yard, with all our things in tow), taking people to the police and courts, all the while continuing to write here and there with hardly any real support. The stunning thing about it all is that the knowledge unearthed is so significant to humankind and yet hardly anybody really knows about or wants it beyond a superficial or passing interest. I hope somehow that people can not only find [...]

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The Flight of the Feathered Serpent – Now Released as a Free eBook

This is an amazing book which is full of genuine and very profound spiritual teachings. The diagram about consciousness in there is worth taking some time to study. In fact the whole book can take a lot to understand, especially if you're not familiar with this kind of information, but as you go back over it, you'll discover more and more, it's a book that grows with you. It's now available for download as a free eBook, it's great to see it presented so well. Those who worked on it and put it together did a really good job. It's released as part of the commitment to make spiritual information free and available to as many people as possible. Read about it and get your free copy here

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