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If what we do each day is the same, over and over again, how will the consciousness expand? Its really bringing to mind how nice ideas about spirituality, a routine of practices, or an enjoyment of reading sacred texts is not enough for our consciousness to break free in a profound sense. I am reminded also of Mark’s call for the inner revolution of the consciousness. How an intense effort of seeking knowledge, layer after layer, and changing within is pivotal to any kind of spiritual transformation.

These experiences in the astral plane where ‘nothing is happening’ and we feel stuck etc.. perhaps are a reflection that similarily ‘nothing is happening’ in our daily lives in the pursuit of esoteric matters. To me, figuring out how to achieve it properly, honestly and objectively is a journey by itself.

Comment on Reflections on pride and inner silence by Ella Mon, 23 Jan 2017 18:48:39 +0000 Thanks for drawing my attention to this video Chris, as always Belsebuub speaks straight to my heart and manages to dissolve illusions. He describes so well the labyrinth of pride, fear and the will to dominate that governs so much of our ‘human’ behaviour. Imagine the sweetness of being totally free from those awful mental traps.

Comment on Hell as a parallel dimension in the realm of dark matter – new article by Jenny Mon, 23 Jan 2017 15:09:34 +0000 Thank you for the article, Angela. I think it’s definitely worthwhile contemplating the full spectrum of existence, and sadly just believing you’ll be surrounded by light and carried off to heaven when you die just doesn’t seem a very realistic scenario to me given the kinds of lives we lead and the state of the world… Like Mark once said, it wouldn’t be much of a “heaven” if we all just carried on as we are up there :S

I recently re-watched a movie called The Book of Daniel (based on the Biblical book) and one tale in the story somehow really hit home — it was the story of king Belshazzar’s feast, where he commits the sin of drinking from the sacred temple vessels (dedicated to God) yet not even acknowledging him. Diverging from the Biblical story a bit (and the symbology), it was really the way it was presented in the movie that was interesting to me. He was leading this hedonistic sort of life, praying to all kinds of idols while rubbishing and being offensive towards the truly divine, and ultimately allowing his arrogance and belief that he is above the law and “powerful” commit the offense of tarnishing something that was meant for a divine purpose and using it for his own pleasures and vices. It sounds sort of exaggerated, yet he acted not unlike how we generally often act in daily life in some ways or how we see officials, rulers, and people in power act… And then this writing materialized on the wall, like a curtain falling on an act in a play, decreeing his offences and punishment: “God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; …you have been weighed and found wanting”. He dies that night.

What I thought was interesting in that tale is how similar it is to how life is led for the most part, and how amidst the pursuit of pleasure we tend to dig a deeper and deeper hole for ourselves, while at the same time somehow feel like we can “get away with things” — even in very subtle ways. Yet the veil or curtain between us, our actions, and the consequences can be so thin… In the case of the movie / Bible story it was quite literal — he was in the midst of his vices feeling “safe” and oblivious when the curtain fell and his fate and end were revealed, his life ended.

It sort of made me ponder how the veils over our own lives can be quite thin too and can in reality come down at any moment, yet somehow we can plod along in a delusion that “it’s alright” somehow and not take care of things that we know need taking care.. Not unlike many of the people who have had these NDEs in hell for example and were thankfully given another chance at life with a new understanding.

Comment on Hell as a parallel dimension in the realm of dark matter – new article by Jenny Mon, 23 Jan 2017 14:25:23 +0000 I’m glad you mentioned the Divine Mother, Karim. I was just going to share something on a similar note.

When I was a child I had nightmares very regularly. In fact, I remember some of them very vividly to this day, some 20 -25+ years later. I suppose perhaps with a child’s level of being I was spared the really horrid visions (like the ones depicted in the Hindu hell painting in the article, or the ones in Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings of hell — which I always found eerily real and therefore disturbing), yet I felt the aura and “flavor” of these things in the nightmares nonetheless. Usually I was trapped, chased, there were demonic or monstrous creatures around, and there was this horrid firey orange, red or yellow tinge to everything. Needless to say it was never pleasant. I’d usually become very lucid in these nightmares (I suppose because the consciousness was distressed enough to be shaken a little) and would try to “alter” them so that I felt better (which I hear is a common thing with these sorts of experiences).

But one of the things I learned to resort to at a period when they were really intensified was praying to my mother. It was surprising, but it always worked and once I figured that out, and whenever I became remotely lucid or felt myself starting to get sucked into this “tunnel” as I was falling asleep which I knew was dragging me back to these places I began to very naturally visualize my mother and use her as a sort of “shield” or my protection and it always worked somehow.

When I later learned about the Divine Mother from Belsebuub’s courses, and how the Divine Parents in general have a role akin to our physical parents and will sometimes take on their appearance in the higher dimensions those experiences came to mind and I wondered if it was the childish intuition that helped me figure that scenario out and helped me avoid the nightmares by connecting with my own Divine Mother somehow. Or maybe I just had that much faith in my mom… 😉 I wasn’t brought up religiously and knew nothing of prayer at that time, but this was probably the earliest form of prayer I can recall — focusing on my mother who was my salvation out of these realms.

Comment on Reflections on pride and inner silence by john perez Mon, 23 Jan 2017 10:21:27 +0000 Thanks Chris, that’s a great video, I very much enjoyed watching it again. Great insights and how very true that pride make us very stupid.
I also love the way Belsebuub describes the value of inner silence free of egos.

Pride certainly needs a lot of inner work, and for us spiritual seekers we always need to be on watch for spiritual pride.

From back in the days of The Gnostic Movement, I remember Samael Aun Weor ‘s famous sentence which I find always deserves serious reflection.
“Each one of us is no more than a vile worm in the mud of the earth. When I say this, I begin by myself. I am no more than that: a vile worm in the mud of the world…”

Comment on Study the egos to find the knowledge that will lead you to spiritual awakening by Vadim Mon, 23 Jan 2017 05:50:25 +0000 It was a good question that you asked.

It seems to be the power of Mark’s consciousness to say things in such a way that their essence stays true in this constantly changing world. For me it is hard to get demoralized, but easy to get overconfident. Both things are inner defects that slower down the progress…

Yes, it is so important to strive for objectivity, to see a bigger pictures of things and just “keep going”, whatever it means in one’s circumstances.

Comment on Reflections on pride and inner silence by chris scott Sun, 22 Jan 2017 22:46:22 +0000 This video has been very helpful. It has given me some important points to reflect on.

I liked that you have mentioned that being humble is in seeing reality. I can see how misleading the ego of pride can be within myself.

Thankyou Belsebuub for sharing this valuable video.

Comment on Hell as a parallel dimension in the realm of dark matter – new article by Seraphim Sat, 21 Jan 2017 20:32:52 +0000 I stayed with the mouth open!!

In this article, there is wisdom beyond of words that can teach and give us a practical and deep teaching about who we are, what we are… and I have no still read all the article.
I have no words to express it into all spectrum.

Definitely, I want to study at least some paragraphs deeply.

Thank you, wholeheartedly, Mark and Angela!!

Comment on Hell as a parallel dimension in the realm of dark matter – new article by Julian Kingman Sat, 21 Jan 2017 19:33:42 +0000 Your comment is interesting Karim. It reminds me of this feeling that can be present during the day, this mundane feeling, like when someone asks you “how’s it going?” and you respond “fine”, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Then dreams can be similar, with a sense that something is happening, but nothing really significant. It’s interesting that you found that in an out-of-body experience… I maybe put too much weight on the value of OBEs, when really it’s the inner work that matters.

Anyway, what I found most helpful in those times is overcoming the specific obstacle that’s in your way, the one thing that’s preventing advancing. It could be a behavior or a habitual ego. That then makes you ‘worthy’ of teachings and guidance. Usually I notice that if things are dull for a while it’s because I haven’t done something that I was guided to do previously, whether in a dream or by karma.

Comment on Hell as a parallel dimension in the realm of dark matter – new article by Ella Sat, 21 Jan 2017 11:40:15 +0000 You articulated well an experience or feeling I’m sure many of us have had – I know I am familiar with the stark difference between experiences that obviously have divine help, and when I feel utterly alone and sense nothing but my own limitation. Though it’s painful, it’s good to learn how absolute our need of divine help is.