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Consciousness is the part of us that is constant throughout our lives – it’s that us when we were 7 years old, it’s what is aware of reading these words now, and is the same us in old age. That us even continues when we die, just as so many near-death experiencers testify.

It’s like a light that is switched on when we are aware in the moment, but is more often submerged in the daydream of the subconscious and the sea of our emotions and thoughts. Egos like anger, anxiety, and depression, switch that light off and plunge us into darkness inwardly in which we are blind to reality and responding in the best way.

Spiritual development is ultimately about the development of consciousness – which involves using it, increasing it along with all of its faculties, and decreasing the egos that suppress it.

Explore videos, articles, blogs and books below, on developing consciousness, the ego, and awakening perception to a wider reality.

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Don’t Just Think About Spiritual Realities – Experience Them

It’s so easy to skip through one interesting article, video or website to another and get informed about lots of different relevant and important subjects. It’s a great way to keep informed and open up new interests to pursue, but it’s also easy to accumulate ideas and information and not actually do anything with it.


Get Out of the Spell of Nature and the Sleep of Death

We are all in nature, as the multi-dimensional experience of consciousness in form. But we are here for a reason. To know that reason and to do something about it, we need to wake up. Not just in terms of information, as that is just a step, but in our perception.


An Introduction to Spiritual Change

Consciousness is what’s actually spiritual within and it has an innate drive to awaken, but there are also subconscious parts of the psyche that work against its awakening and are contrary to spirituality.


Growing in Love and Consciousness

Love is a quality of consciousness, which is the spiritual within. Yet consciousness is not free, as it’s smothered by the subconscious and is asleep, and so too as a consequence is love.


How Spirituality is in Consciousness Not Emotion

Consciousness is the spiritual part of a human being and it’s fully active by being aware of the present moment. Human consciousness however is a small part of the greater spiritual consciousness that could exist within the psyche.




Remembering to Be Aware of Yourself

Having continuity of self-awareness throughout daily life is very difficult, and yet continuity is important for the ability to understand oneself.


Inner Peace and Awareness of the Present Moment

Simply by perceiving the moment we can feel the beauty that emanates from consciousness, as inner peace is a quality of consciousness. If we perceive the whole we can be aware not only of the world we are in at that moment, but also our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and by observing these we can discover much about ourselves.


How to Be Aware

To be aware is simple to do but difficult to maintain. Just be aware of your inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions and, if you can get clear of them, your perception of the outside world will also clear, as the two are really one, and then you will be living in the present moment.


The Driving Force of the Mind

If you’ve tried to live aware and in the present moment you would soon realise that however much you want to be in it, it’s soon forgotten about as other things grab your attention.


You Have to Make Change Happen

Growth in spirituality is not like the process of nature where things grow and develop and decay of their own accord – you have to make things happen. This is an inner revolution.




Depression and Feeling Down from a Spiritual Point of View

Because it is thought of as a medical condition, people seek a cure for depression, but from a spiritual viewpoint this is a mistaken way of looking at it, which can prolong the condition. I don’t see that there is a “cure” for depression any more than there is a “cure” for any other emotional state such as anger or fear.


Don’t Let Yourself Be Dragged Down Into the Pit of Others’ Emotions and Thoughts

How other people feel can adversely affect how we feel, and so learning how to be less affected and even disaffected by other people’s emotions can be a big help in day to day living.






A Review of the Day: Learning from the Past


Analyzing an Inner State


Meditating on an Inner State



You can read the experiences people have had with Belsebuub’s work on self-knowledge on the Self-Discovery Life website. This website is a place where people share their experiences with exercises like self-observation, awareness in the present moment, and overcoming the egos.

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Searching Within By Belsebuub

Get the most effective handbook on self-discovery there is that provides a firm foundation to the inner journey back to source

The search for who we are, and the deeper purpose of existence, is ultimately an inner quest. Searching Within provides the tools and information to set out on this inward journey. It explains why acquiring self-knowledge is so important for any kind of profound inner change, and how it can bring many benefits to one’s life and the world. Belsebuub explains how using the timeless principles of self-discovery, one can observe and understand their subconscious, with its many drives and desires, and uncover the causes of suffering within themselves—and at the same time, develop their consciousness, the source of inner peace and love, and the spiritual part we all carry within.

Learn More

A fantastic introduction to greater spiritual realities and how to explore them

This is a clear and easy to understand look at many of the profound and eternal issues we face, such as what happens with death, is it possible to have the divine within, what are the real causes of human suffering, and how is it possible to explore spiritual realities?

From near-death experiences, to out-of-body experiences, the subconscious, to inner peace and connecting to spiritual wisdom, this book gives a lucidly clear overview of the exploration of the human psyche and multi-dimensional reality, why the world is the way it is, why we have dreams, and how we can understand death whilst still alive.

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See things differently

The Awakening of Perception brings together over 40 articles by Belsebuub, shedding light on some of today’s most intriguing spiritual topics including: out-of-body experiences, the supernatural influence behind world events, whether there is a global awakening happening today, near-death experiences, dreams, ancient spiritual knowledge, the awakening of consciousness, sacred sexuality, self-knowledge, the process of enlightenment, what’s crucial to world change and much more.

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How our inner change improves the lives of those around us

October 20th, 2016|16 Comments

A look at how inner states, particularly the egos, affect the ways we view the world around us and, how they affect the lives of those we live with, or regularly come into contact with. By changing within, we break some of our own contributions to the negativity that may [...]

In seeing reality there is love: Belsebuub

October 19th, 2016|22 Comments

There is an alternative to the feelings of ego states - to develop and nourish consciousness, which is the source of love. Within consciousness are many qualities and abilities, not least is the ability to perceive reality. Reality itself is greater than the five senses can perceive and the interconnectedness [...]

An inner awakening is a revolution in consciousness

September 30th, 2016|11 Comments

A talk at a retreat in Oregon in the USA in 2009.

How to begin this spiritual journey – Belsebuub

September 26th, 2016|7 Comments

An introduction to spiritual change and knowledge of esoteric phenomena. Includes, understanding ego states, self-discovery, consciousness, awareness, astral projection, what the root of ourselves is and what's the purpose for living. A talk in Berkeley, California, USA in 2009.

Experiencing consciousness through mindfulness

November 1st, 2015|35 Comments

Image by Greg Rakozy Have you ever had a moment where you felt a heightened sense of awareness in which you could tune into your environment and people around you, allowing you to perceive things you wouldn’t normally? Or have you ever experienced becoming aware in a dream [...]

Getting down to work

October 17th, 2015|66 Comments

We all know that sinking feeling of waking to the alarm on a Monday morning—and having to face another week at work… and thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be on permanent holiday retreat. But if we look out the window, every living thing in nature is at work. The [...]

Connecting with Our Personal Mother Goddess

October 2nd, 2015|38 Comments

Ancient texts say that each of us not only has a physical mother, but our own spiritual mother, too. She has been described by Jesus, his disciples, the spiritual community of the Essenes Jesus was said to have spent time with, and in numerous ancient sources including those of the [...]

Forgive us our debts

September 21st, 2015|32 Comments

The world of high finance and banking can seem far off, but don't we all act like debt collectors sometimes? We often keep tallies of the actions of those who’ve hurt us, and hold them to account in arguments and in our minds. While we hold people to account, they [...]

Sitting here now

September 13th, 2015|35 Comments

Sitting here now, working on writing an introduction to the website, I was struck with a feeling of the sheer magnitude of the potential of this work to reveal untold mysteries about life, creation, and the natural world—providing the reason for being of everything, from the air we breathe to [...]

Feel good versus real good

August 25th, 2015|44 Comments

The word “spiritual” to most conjures up a scene of perfect peace. Like doing asanas in yoga-style garments on a secluded tropical beach at sunrise, and then returning to a retreat hut for meditation and fresh organic fruit. Spirituality has become synonymous with what makes us feel “good.” Spas, crystals, [...]

Waking Up to Higher Consciousness

August 20th, 2015|28 Comments

Writer Maria Thomas interviews Angela Pritchard about some of the questions people have regarding consciousness, the vortex, and waking up to higher perspectives. What is the difference between a synchronicity and a coincidence? There are infinite numbers of interactions and events occurring around us continuously. From the minute crawling of [...]

Ascension and Raising Our Energetic Frequency

August 13th, 2015|39 Comments

Energetically we are vibrating at a certain frequency right now. We might be feeling anxious, lethargic, excited, upbeat, moody, or just a bit ho-hum. Each of these feelings has a frequency that creates sensations in our bodies and emits energetic vibrations to everything around us. These are the energetic atmospheres [...]

How to see ego states within and remove them

February 1st, 2015|141 Comments A video of a talk looking at how to observe and discover ego states within and how to remove them or 'die to them'. Ego states are the subconscious emotions, drives and feelings that create so much negativity within and in the world and they affect a person beyond [...]

Reflections on pride and inner silence

January 30th, 2015|22 Comments A video looking at aspects of pride and giving some observations on inner silence in the awareness of the present moment. This was from the third day of talks in Quebec in July 2004.

Peace is from consciousness, not from egos

January 27th, 2015|17 Comments A video discussing what it takes to have inner peace and its repercussions upon society and the world. The egos are temporary, they are not permanent, consciousness is the real you. Peacefulness arises from being aware in the present moment. A talk from Quebec in Canada in 2004.

Knowledge of the egos is multi-dimensional

January 24th, 2015|31 Comments A video of an interview from 2002 discussing ways to understand the egos and emotions and how the study of oneself is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. It looks at how the beginning of inner knowledge is from seeing oneself in the present moment as one really is.

A World of Hurt that Can Be Changed

October 22nd, 2014|50 Comments

Millions of hurtful interactions are taking place this very second. Arguments, yelling matches, punches, pushes, angry looks, hurtful tones, spiteful words, shouting, put downs, insults, and the endless stream of abusive posts amongst people on the internet. Hurting plays a huge part in our lives. When we did something wrong, [...]

The poison of anger poisons us too

May 29th, 2014|44 Comments

Nasty, bitey things. They make us want to shriek: snakes, spiders, wasps, scorpions, centipedes, jumping bull ants etc. In a raged frenzy with venom they strike. But what about the venom of our own anger? Like the spitting snake, we feel threatened and the same mechanism kicks in: a nasty [...]

When anger just won’t go away

May 22nd, 2014|63 Comments

We all get angry. Even if we are aware of the harm it can cause, we often can’t help feeling it and in so many different ways – outbursts, irritation, frustration, forcefulness in opinions, glares, raised tones, curt responses, hurtful words, negative moods, and on and on it goes. We [...]

The Danger of Becoming the Darkness When Fighting the Dark Side

February 8th, 2014|73 Comments

Seeing dark global agendas stream rolling over goodness, truth, and freedom throughout the world is more than enough to make anyone feel angry, negative, and even enraged. We as a humanity, along with all our rights, are under siege and the most common response to being attacked is either through [...]

Ignorance is Not Free

October 7th, 2013|53 Comments

Illustration courtesy of Some have called ignorance bliss. But if you actually look into it, there is an incredible cost and consequence to ignorance; and there is no free ride for anyone. There is also a huge range of things both physical, emotional, and metaphysical we can [...]

Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment – New Article

August 23rd, 2013|15 Comments

Simply by perceiving the moment we can feel the beauty that emanates from consciousness, as inner peace is a quality of consciousness. If we perceive the whole we can be aware not only of the world we are in at that moment, but also our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and [...]

We’re Here in This Reality to Learn About Who We Are

July 19th, 2013|46 Comments

What is life for? So many things seem important; there are so many things to do. All of them are vying for our attention, and our interests drive our lives via the many seemingly small and insignificant choices we make each day. But what is it that is ultimately important? [...]

Removing Some of the Obstacles to Love – New Article

February 27th, 2013|22 Comments

It doesn't take too much to see that there’s too little expression of love in the world, just as there’s insufficient expression of other qualities of consciousness. Much of the terrible suffering in the world is caused by a lack of love, but few can be moved to do anything [...]

A Review of the Day: Learning from the Past – New Article

February 8th, 2013|16 Comments

There’s an event in near-death experiences that indicates a way to get better understanding from daily life. One of the most common things people recall in a near-death experience is going through a review of their lives. Many go through it in minute detail, recalling every event. Most describe how [...]

The Sleep of Consciousness That Weighs Heavy Upon the Human Race – New Article

December 12th, 2012|26 Comments

The sleep of consciousness is the default state of the human race, but it's difficult to realize it. The state which we call awake, is actually a spiritual sleep, in which consciousness is stuck in the subconscious, which compulsively churns up feelings and emotions that have a hypnotic like effect [...]

Depression and Feeling Down – From A Spiritual Point of View – New Article

April 6th, 2012|0 Comments

Feeling low is very unpleasant, and lots of people hope for a 'cure' from feeling down and depressed, but can you actually 'cure' an inner state? And what are the spiritual alternatives. This article looks at depression from a different perspective to that found in the mainstream, and brings into [...]

Meditating on an Inner State – New Article

March 10th, 2012|0 Comments

If you want to get extra information about a inner state you want to understand better, here's an effective way to do it. Added to the exercises section in articles.

Self-Realization Requires an Inner Revolution – New Article

February 25th, 2012|1 Comment

It's not enough to like the idea of inner change, or to believe something about consciousness, to have the real thing you'll have to work for it, and be part of the struggle of light against darkness. Added to the Esoteric Wisdom section in Articles, its from a talk at [...]

Don’t Let Yourself be Dragged Down Into the Pit of Others’ Emotions and Thoughts – New Article

February 25th, 2012|2 Comments

This happens so often, a person with a negative attitude can make another feel low, so what do you do to counter it? Take a look at how you respond and deal with that. Read more in the article in the self-knowledge section of the articles page. Its from a [...]