Sun Over Pyramid - copyright Nina Aldin Thune 2005

Sun at the pinnacle of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (photo copyright Nina Aldin Thune 2005).

A new free eBook will be released here shortly. It will bring together everything we’ve written on the solstice and equinox – compiling what Mark has discovered on the cosmic connection between the awakening of consciousness, the stars, and ancient texts and teachings.

Writing this has been a journey in itself – both in terms of the circumstances it was written under, and in the process of unearthing what has today become a lost and cryptic knowledge.

The circumstances we wrote this under were extremely difficult – we were under the weight of an intensive smear campaign, whilst moving from place to place (from hotel to hotel, an extended garage in someone’s back yard, with all our things in tow), taking people to the police and courts, all the while continuing to write here and there with hardly any real support.

The stunning thing about it all is that the knowledge unearthed is so significant to humankind and yet hardly anybody really knows about or wants it beyond a superficial or passing interest. I hope somehow that people can not only find out about it, but fully put it into practice to create a new era of spirituality on earth.

The very difficulties faced by Mark however, were the ones that gave a depth of understanding to the processes written about – particularly those symbolized at the spring equinox, in which the individual’s struggle against darkness is part of their spiritual transformation. That’s the unique thing about this book – it’s not a historical compendium, but a rare synthesis of spirituality based on the actual experience of it. Mark’s firsthand knowledge of the process of awakening is what enabled the research to all fall into place.

I was often stunned as I researched to find something he said then appearing almost word for word in the next sacred text I stumbled upon; likewise after creating a ceremony for the winter solstice, Mark then found the record of an ancient Egyptian ceremony used for the same occasion that was almost exactly the same. Suddenly the world’s sacred texts that had been obscured in the fogginess of incomprehension started coming sharply into focus.

By going beyond all religious dogma to the heart of the very principles of life and creation that are written in the stars and creation itself, we could then begin to see these principles Mark has experienced appearing, as if veiled within the mists of time, suddenly becoming visible within the myriad of symbols and expressions of the sacred teachings of the ancients. It was like breaking a code which unlocked passage after passage, and even the very designs of their ancient sites. This knowledge is so remarkable – it has the power to explain the religions of the world. It even has the power to give us the common spiritual understanding with which to converse with other beings throughout the universe.

Many of the ancient texts quoted are hardly recognized in the mainstream; and most stick to the texts of their own religion whilst rejecting those of another. Many of them I had no knowledge of when we started work on this. Perhaps with a new understanding of the universal principles they were based on, they can become relevant again to humanity in a completely revitalized and practical way, and for some finally shattering the confines of the exclusivity of their religious beliefs.

We are consciousness connected intrinsically to the cosmos and it’s about time we got back in touch. The eBook will be released very soon; I’ll post an update when it’s available.