We all know that sinking feeling of waking to the alarm on a Monday morning—and having to face another week at work… and thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be on permanent holiday retreat.

But if we look out the window, every living thing in nature is at work. The birds and insects, flying this way and that busily forage for food; the trees and flowers, are constantly expanding or contracting in accordance with the seasons.

Nature’s design compels us to work and actively participate in creation; if we don’t, we are soon submerged by the forces of disorder, degeneration, filth, starvation, disease, and decay.

These principle not only apply to the outer world, but also to the inner. Without a constant work on the egos within ourselves, degeneration takes hold, and our spiritual qualities and perceptions begin to atrophy like unused muscles. It is clear therefore, that we are here to work.

Ordinary consciousness in the human body is receptive by nature (as it’s here to soak up learning and experience to take with it through eternity). Therefore it needs to be engaged to be active, and creation provides the stimulus and impetus for it to do so. Those who don’t engage in an inner work, degenerate; we see this in action for example, when the great civilizations built by those who used disciplines and principles, are destroyed by subsequent generations who enjoy their benefits without labor.

It’s worth mentioning though that in the cycles of nature, there is not work alone, but both work and repose, waking and rest, action and contemplation, which each play their important role in creation and in our physical and spiritual development.

I don’t think nature had in mind the modern debt slavery which passes for “work” today, but I could imagine extra-terrestrial civilizations understanding the principles of action and putting them in motion so as to avoid the degeneration and atrophy of their societies and of the individual.

Follow the example of all the angels of the Heavenly Father and of the Earthly Mother, who work day and night, without ceasing, upon the kingdoms of the heavens and of the earth. Therefore, receive also into yourselves the strongest of God’s angels, the angel of deeds, and work all together upon the kingdom of God.

Follow the example of the running water, the wind as it blows, the rising and setting of the sun, the growing plants and trees, the beasts as they run and gambol, the wane and waxing of the moon, the stars as they come and go again; all these do move, and do perform their labors. For all which has life does move, and only that which is dead is still. And God is the God of the living, and Satan that of the dead. Serve, therefore, the living God, that the eternal movement of life may sustain you, and that you may escape the eternal stillness of death.
~ Jesus in The Essene Gospel of Peace, translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely