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Latent within every human being is an incredible seed of spiritual potential. Emerging from the spiritual source, we descended and crystallized into duality, and material form, in order to gain self-awareness. Using a process of inner transformation, we can retrace our steps back through the process of creation until returning to source having self-realized. This is the central theme of the purpose of life.

The purpose of life is to create self-realized spiritual beings.

The end result of this transformation has been called enlightenment, salvation, liberation, self-realization, imperishability, and immortality, and has been symbolized throughout the world and history. It is a process that underpins all authentic spiritual wisdom, and is found encoded in the very fabric of the universe so that all those who truly seek can discover it.

Using the underlying principles of existence and creation, the fundamental energies of the human being are used and transformed to reunite us with higher parts of our consciousness, until we are whole again – having extracted all the light and knowledge of our consciousness from darkness.

Get an overview of the process of transformation, and how it can be found in the design of creation.


The Process of Awakening Consciousness

In the process of awakening, an ordinary human consciousness is transformed and merged with divinity. This is a very long, slow and difficult process. Most people never begin it, and most that begin it never go far on it.


The Merging of the Being with Consciousness

Progressing along the path, the spiritual is incarnated in different aspects in stages at different times; by progressing, they merge with you until eventually merging into a unity. Having the Being inside gives peace. At the beginning it gives a gentle peace. The more the progress along the path, the stronger the peace gets. After a while this peace begins to dominate.


Why Enlightenment Takes Time

Enlightenment means different things to different people; most of us have different versions of what it is and how it occurs. In some descriptions it happens in an instant, perhaps as a realization of something, or as a result of doing a certain practice, or by a divine intervention.


The Understanding of This Kind of Spirituality

To understand spirituality you have to practice it, to gain experience, and know the truth. There are things which happen in the world of the spirit which are unseen here and are acting upon every single individual right now. These require an awakening of consciousness to perceive.


If You Want to Awaken Create a Revolution Within Yourself

An ordinary life leads to the things which are temporary and decay, however beautiful they are, and however wonderful the ideas around them sound. For a life to lead to the spirit requires an inner revolution and a transformation of consciousness.


If Your Life Was Over and You Could Relive it From Now

It takes determination to walk this path to liberation, without it however, the journey of life is nothing more than that of any another creature on the face of the earth: being born, growing, reproducing, aging, facing the unknown, and dying.



Creation is an act taking place around us constantly. Male and female unite to create new life from the smallest forms of life to the largest. In ancient spiritual myths from around the world, these same underlying feminine and masculine forces were said to have created the universe, and have been symbolized by the multiplicity of Father and Mother creator gods in their many cultural guises.

In this fractal universe, man and woman, husband and wife, can harness these same energies and use them in an electro-chemical-magnetic process to create spiritual parts within. This process has been called alchemy, the bridal chamber, tantrism, and the integration of yin and yang, in many spiritual writings.

Enlightenment is Hidden in Sex

Many who try to become spiritually awakened are unaware that sex is essential for enlightenment. To awaken consciousness in its return to its origin is a long process, which cannot be done without using sexual energy and understanding sex and sexual desires.


Sexual Desires and Inner Darkness

Sexual attraction is one of the most powerful human and animal instincts, it’s an electrical magnetic force that at its root is the energy of creation itself. For us humans it creates not only physical bodies, but it’s part of spiritual creation too and its energy is at the root of all that constitutes a person in body, mind and spirit.




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Spiritual Exercises

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