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This website is home to the work of the author Mark Pritchard who writes with the name Belsebuub.

Belsebuub has been exploring esoteric knowledge since his childhood and writes from his own spiritual and mystical experiences over many years. You can read more about his personal spiritual journey in his biography.

Because of his experience, he is able to write very precisely about spiritual and mystical phenomena and has decoded many ancient spiritual process, making them understandable in modern terms. This has revealed meanings in formerly incomprehensible ancient texts, sites, and symbols, revealing part of humanities lost spiritual knowledge, as well as casting new light upon spiritual and scientific phenomena of all kinds.

Provided for free

To make it accessible to everyone, all the work on this website is provided free of charge, except for printed books, which are provided as close to cost as possible, and which neither Belsebuub, nor his wife Angela Pritchard, receive any royalties from. You can read more about why it is free here.

Much of what Belsebuub writes about relates to a process of inner transformation. The following is a summary of that process:

Spiritual transformation and Enlightenment

shutterstock_112768435Just as there are defined and recurring processes for everything in our universe, from the birth of a star, to the life cycle of a plant, and the growth and development of the human body etc., so too are there defined processes when it comes to spiritual transformation.

Imbued in nature

The process of enlightenment has been written into the very process of creation, and imbued into all that is created. Its principles can be found in our physiology, the stars and seasons, the chemical composition of all matter, organic processes, and even great cosmic cycles. It is the profound, underlying purpose of human life and thus its principles have been designed into all that surrounds us so that it can be discovered by those compelled to search for life’s deeper meaning.

The root of many sacred texts and symbols

BromeliaPeople throughout history have uncovered and walked the path to enlightenment, irrespective of race, gender, culture, and epoch, as it is universal to all humanoid life (including even that of other planetary civilizations) and is observable in the principles of the natural world both with and without the aid of technology.

This is largely the reason why so many ancient sites, texts, and symbols share so many similarities. Hidden amongst the layers of cultural expression are many shared experiences and observations by different peoples of the same innate truths.

It has been called variously enlightenment, the great work, salvation, self-realization, imperishability, immortality, liberation, reunification with divinity, and the return to source, and the understanding of its principles have been expressed in spiritual symbols, sacred texts, ancient sites, and mysterious legends in different parts of the world.

The spiritual sun

The divine son as Horus

The divine son as Horus (photo CC BY-SA 2.0 FR by Rama, edited).

At its heart lies the spiritual sun or Son—a personal aspect of each person’s higher consciousness or Being that reconciles us with the divine. The spiritual Son has been referred to as the Christ and divine saviour for this reason, and deities such as Jesus, Osiris, Mithras, Odin/Wotan, and Krishna, enacted the processes someone goes through in incarnating their own personal Son and saviour through the events of their lives. These events also correspond to the annual journey of the sun, which is imbued with principles of transformation—the sun symbolizes the spiritual Son as the true light of higher consciousness, with the darkness of the egos as its antithesis. This is why many ancient sacred teachings share similarities not only to each other, but also correspond to the cycles of the sun and stars. Many ancient people aligned their sacred temples to sun, recognizing it not only as the source of light in the universe, but also as the source of spiritual light and creation in higher dimensions, and as the symbol of each person’s own inner spiritual light.

The spiritual trinity

Ultimately, the role of Christ in our consciousness is to reunite us with our spiritual Mother, and then with our spiritual Father, returning us through the process of creation in reverse and reuniting all the parts of our consciousness, until we are a whole Being again. These parts of consciousness have been symbolized in spiritual trinities of Father, Mother, and Son around the world, and are the underlying forces of creation expressed as positive, negative, and neutral, which form the fundamental basis of all matter and without which creation could not exist. As a microcosm of the universe, every atom that makes our bodies, as well as our consciousness, follows this same inherent structure.

The major stages of transformation

Anubis attending the mummy of SennedjemThe major stages of spiritual transformation include inner death and descent, resurrection, and ascension, all of which have famously been depicted in various ancient spiritual teachings and the lives of their major deities, and which correspond to processes found in creation. After a very long and difficult process in which someone is thoroughly tested, the final stage is the return to the spiritual source from which we first emerged after reunifying consciousness and awakening it—having chosen light and love over darkness and hatred of our own free will through knowledge and experience gained in the midst of great adversity, many trials, and personal suffering.

The ancient religion of the sun and the lost global civilization

These maoi statues, which includes the heaviest on the island ever erected, stand facing the summer solstice sunset. (photo copyright 2006 Honey Hooper)

These moai statues on Easter Island, which include the heaviest on the island ever erected, stand facing the summer solstice sunset (photo CC BY 2.5 by Honey Hooper).

The knowledge of spiritual transformation was once part of an ancient religion of the sun that was practiced by a now lost global civilization, evidence for which can be found all of the world. This lost civilization was founded by wisdom bringers who are recorded in many ancient texts and oral histories as traveling the world after a great cataclysm, in order to found the spiritual beginnings of our current human age. These wisdom bringers were said by the ancient Egyptians to come from the lineage of divine kings of Atlantis, and in the ancient Hindu scriptures, as belonging to a dynasty of the sun. They oversaw the building of some of the most enigmatic sacred sites on the planet, and gave rise to a religion of the sun, in which huge megaliths all over the world were encoded with spiritual symbolism and aligned to the sun’s major stages at the solstices and equinoxes. Traces of this knowledge have come down through the most ancient sacred texts on earth, in which the sun is venerated as the embodiment and living emblem of each person’s higher Being that they reunite with through the process of enlightenment. You can learn more about this ancient religion in the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun and on the website The Spiritual Sun.

Liberation from the cycles of nature


Everything in nature moves in cycles – all things grow to a certain point, and then begin to age until finally dying. What goes up, must come down; what is born, one day must die. These cycles are constantly in motion, applying to every form of life, to the seasons, the tides, and even to the rise and fall of civilizations.

The cycles of consciousness

shutterstock_83803231Our bodies are subject to the cycles of nature, and so too our consciousness. The different lives we have in this physical world are like cycles within cycles – much like the daily rotation of the Earth as it moves in its greater yearly rotation around the Sun. Like the Earth, our consciousness is passing through its own larger cycles that adhere to the same cyclical principle found in nature. We’ve moved up through various forms of life until reincarnating in human form, like the fruit that reaches maturity at summer. But then the green leaves of summer fall, and we continue in our cycle of lives, this time going down into the inferior dimensions and realms of nature – as the learning of our consciousness progresses in its stages both through light and through darkness, just as the Earth does in its annual journey through the seasons.

Depicted in the wheel of life


A Buddhist painting of the Wheel of Life, showing the progression of consciousness through light and darkness, as it moves through its cycle of lives.

Some spiritual disciplines of the past taught people how to suspend their progression through this cycle, but the turn of nature’s wheel is inevitable, and the only way to truly be free is by liberating consciousness. This cycle of consciousness has been depicted as the Wheel of Samsara (Wheel of Life); and for those wishing to avoid the downward cycle into what has been described as hell by cultures and religions the world over, being free from this cycle is the most pressing spiritual task. What is needed, and what Belsebuub explains in his work, is the process of transformation that allows someone to be liberated from it.

We Meditate on the Three-eyed reality, which permeates and nourishes all like a fragrance. May we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality, even as the cucumber is severed from bondage to the creeper.
~ Translation of a famous mantra from the Vedas, which asks for liberation from the cycles of nature. The cucumber is used as a symbol because it grows, withers and dies whilst still attached to the vine – the vine never releasing it unless it is picked.

Human potential for transformation

Every single transformation from one state to another requires certain elements and the employment of certain practices. Any chemical reaction requires specific elements to be added in specific quantities at certain times. The process of spiritual transformation is no different, and uses the most fundamental properties of the universe, such as birth, death, creation, chemistry, electricity, magnetism, and energy, etc.

The universe in microcosm

ReturnToSource_ebook cover_cropsquareEach human being is a microcosm of the universe and contains these same fundamental properties. Creation therefore is a living reflection of all that we are and have within.

Each of us has the power to create life in the birth of a child (when united with the opposite sex), cells in our body are continuously dying and being replaced, we could not survive without energy, nor the constant electro-chemical functions that run every facet of our bodies.

These are the innate functions of our physical body, but every physical phenomena also has its corresponding multi-dimensional one. Parallel dimensions have now been theorized about at the highest levels of science, and as all matter at an atomic and sub-atomic level is believed to be multi-dimensional, then so are we.

Harnessing the fundamental forces within

shutterstock_100090124The natural and fundamental forces of creation can then be harnessed and used consciously at a multi-dimensional level to fundamentally transform our energetic and psychological make-up. We can employ the process of creation not just in the creation of a physical child for example, but in creating spiritual parts within. By harnessing the spiritual side of our own chemistry, we can transform and purify the elemental state of our inner energies—a practice which has been described as alchemy, and symbolized as the transformation of lead into gold, in many ancient writings.

In life, we have the ability to use this transformative potential either to create greater disharmony, darkness, and hatred within, and to take the consequences of these choices in the greater scheme of existence—or to create inward beauty, happiness, and peace, and use our latent potential to its full extent in becoming awakened spiritual beings.

The most important spiritual exercises

In addition to the key exercises of transformation – which involve spiritual creation and purification, and making personal sacrifices for the greater good of others – there are many other spiritual practices that can be used to help in this spiritual journey. These include exercises to be conscious in the present moment to access the spiritual part within called consciousness and therefore all of its qualities and faculties; Exercises to observe and understand ego states such as anger, hatred, anxiety, depression etc., and ultimately remove them; As well as practices to help with remembering dreams and to have out-of-body experiences, which are used to access spiritual learning in higher dimensions.

While it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of spiritual information and techniques, Belsebuub’s work describes the essential exercises for spiritual transformation, as well as the most important exercises that help it.

Where do I start?

shutterstock_247518844All spiritual development begins in consciousness – the eternal, spiritual part of us, which is like the seed we can begin to grow spiritually from. Within consciousness is real intelligence, and all spiritual qualities such as love, inner peace, and happiness, as well as all spiritual abilities, such as intuition, the ability to travel inter-dimensionally, and communicate non-verbally.

Belsebuub shows how to increase consciousness along with all of its qualities, and use it to begin the process of spiritual transformation. With the right exercises, this is a process that someone can get started on straight away.


Belsebuub’s books provide detailed descriptions of the various aspects of spiritual transformation. More are being written that will outline the stages and practices of the spiritual path.



Read Belsebuub’s articles on various topics that help to give an overall picture of spiritual transformation.



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Other dimensions can be accessed consciously to help on a spiritual journey.


Consciousness can be developed and increased, along with all of its abilities.


There is a defined process of inner transformation that leads to liberation.


Esoteric means hidden, and refers to the knowledge of things beyond physical perception.


The process of spiritual awakening is imbued in the natural world and can be celebrated.


Demons have been described in cultures throughout history, and are the hidden hand behind much darkness in the world.


There are many supernatural influences behind world events; and events also tell us about what’s within the human psyche.


There are influences in society working against the development of consciousness.


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