As I began my spiritual journey I had many encounters with sinister entities of darkness while I was out of my body, and I learned to use special recitations to get rid of them. There were so many, and they came again and again, time after time in many different guises.

Doré_-_Dante-_Inferno a_forest_dark...)Sometimes they would be confusing, such as the time I saw a spiritual being I recognised, or what looked like him. He began to tell me something, but as I listened my intuition told me there was something wrong, and so I stared closely into his eyes. As I did they appeared blackish and dark with an evil resonance about them. I immediately knew that it wasn’t him, but it was a negative entity, a being from the dark side in disguise. Deceit is a major weapon of the forces of darkness.

But there was one being from the dark side I met at that time who was different. One night out of my body I travelled through dark regions, with the familiar intensity of the regions of hell. There I saw a figure dressed elegantly in black. He had an entourage with him who followed him. His entourage had its counterpart amongst a certain group of people in the physical world who I won’t mention; they are obviously under the influence of the dark side and wore black as well.

They were in front of me and approached me, and I also walked towards them. The leading figure seemed larger than the others. He stood out and he had a somewhat distinguished appearance. He was refined, like a middle-aged person with some high level of responsibility.

I had my sword which I had gained after my first initiation of the path of fire and the technique to cast away demons, but he walked along the road right towards me and I walked towards him, until each of us stood in the other’s way. We stopped right in front of each other and I asked him who he was and he replied “Bael”. He looked at me and I looked at him. I looked straight into his eyes and to my astonishment I saw evil, but not an evil of the other beings I had previously encountered, but a great, deep, sublime evil intelligence.

It was an intelligence that was dark and yet was vast. His eyes were portals into deep blackness, a blackness so deep they seemed to encompass all the darkness. As I looked in, the darkness looked back at me and he looked at me. He looked at me and through me, like he saw something more than eyes can see. I moved to one side and let him pass and he did the same, as though we knew that to fight each other would have been in neither of our interests. He and his entourage kept walking along that road, slowly disappearing into the foggy darkness.


Note: Bael is not the same as Baal, they are completely different demons.