It’s not just great that people searching for truth look into the occult roots behind many world events, it’s absolutely essential for understanding the deeper mysteries of human history. But everyone who I’ve seen speak about it names every esoteric group they can find and lumps them all together – branding them as “satanic” and as sharing the same sinister agenda. This kind of claim is bigoted and ignorant.

Throughout human history there have existed undercurrents of people who have explored the hidden side of life. There are those who have used this knowledge for sinister purposes – to control and exploit others. Whilst there are those who’ve used esoteric knowledge for good – and have contributed greatly to the freedoms and principles of entire civilizations. Both often work in secrecy – the malevolent to hide their true motives, the benevolent to avoid the persecution of the ignorant and the agendas of the dark side operating within society.

The word occult simply means hidden or secret, and in common use it refers to metaphysical phenomena, which are things we become aware of that are beyond our ordinary perception.

Those who label everything esoteric or occult as evil are inadvertently or deliberately persecuting those ultimately trying to save people from the plans of those working through truly sinister secret orders. It’s better to make the distinction between those using the esoteric for light or for darkness. But there’s no point asking a researcher or intellectual to tell you the difference; try asking a practitioner.