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Whenever we sleep, we leave our bodies and enter a parallel dimension; the same thing happens in near-death experiences. Many physicists are now coming to the conclusion that we live in a universe of many dimensions, which can be scientifically explained by the infinite ranges of light and the miniscule fraction we see of it, along with the ability of particles to be in multiple places at the same time.

Our bodies are multi-dimensional like everything else. Usually we drift into subconscious images as we fall asleep, but like mystics have through time, anyone can learn to remain conscious of the process of sleep and of leaving their body.

It is then possible to learn to travel in these other dimensions and also to use dreams to find out all sorts of information that we can’t get here – about ourselves, life, what happens after death, and much more.

Explore videos, articles, exercises, blogs, personal stories, and books below on out-of-body experiences, dreams, and lucid dreaming.
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An Interview on Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

There are accounts of astral experiences throughout history, in mythology, art and in sacred texts, and, although they are often described in symbolic ways. Once you have out-of-body experiences it becomes apparent as to what they are referring to.


A Talk On Out-of-Body Experiences

If you’ve ever had a dream or begun to dream and then have fallen into your bed, or when falling asleep have felt as though you’ve suddenly fallen from a height, it’s because as soon as we fall asleep, we leave our bodies behind and go into the fifth dimension, into the astral plane. This is very profound, and yet most people know so little about it.



The Hidden Side of Dreams

Dreams are a doorway to the other side; they offer a glimpse of what lies beyond this world and into ourselves. A person who is dreaming usually exists in the workings of the mind, in a model of the subconscious, but without a body, without the things of the ordinary world to pull awareness back to reality.


 Some Tips to Remember Dreams

Dreams tell us a lot about ourselves. Here are some simple things to try for remembering them better.


 How to Have Clearer Dreams and Remember Them Better

There are a number of techniques for remembering dreams that are simple and easy for anyone to use each day.



Near-Death Experiences – Where Science Can’t Go, Mystics Can

There are limitations in science’s ability to understand reality. No one would suggest that science is capable at this time of answering many of the deepest questions of life and human existence and so simply to draw conclusions that things are not real just because they are not provable by science with today’s technology is a mistake.



Relaxation and Focusing the Mind


Concentration and Visualization for Astral Projection and Meditation


Concentration and Visualization on an Object


Imaginative Visualization



Experiences from Belsebuub’s Work on Dreams

Here people share their experiences receiving premonitions in dreams, using dreams for getting spiritual guidance, seeing dream symbols, and more.


Mystical Experiences from Techniques in Belsebuub’s Books and Courses

Here people share their experiences of meeting spiritual beings, demonic entities, and extraterrestrials, and also of traveling to places and receiving spiritual guidance, while out of the body.


Firsthand Accounts of OBEs Gained from Belsebuub’s Work

Here people share their experiences of astral projecting for the first time, of waking up in dreams, of meeting other people in the astral plane and more.


Astral Meetings with the Being Belsebuub

Below people share their accounts of meeting the higher Being Belsebuub while out of the body in the realm of dreams and conscious astral travel. The Being is not Mark the person, it’s consciousness. Every person has their own unique Being, that is their eternal spirit, which they merge with in the process of spiritual enlightenment.


Making Contact with Extraterrestrials Through Other Dimensions

In late 2011 my husband Mark was out in our garden one afternoon and saw an ET craft pass by over our house. He said it was metallic and hovered over silently, beneath the level of the clouds. We believe that we were possibly located in this way first. One week later I woke up suddenly sometime in the early hours of the morning, and then felt myself being pulled out of my body by another being.


Accounts of Contact with Extraterrestrials in Out-of-Body Experiences

Following are a number of astral experiences people have had in which they have interacted with extraterrestrials, who like us, are multi-dimensional and have the ability to travel in the astral plane. Some people have experienced being woken up from a dream state and made lucid with the help of ETs, whilst others were taken to see ET civilizations after coming out of their bodies.



Nightmares: An Experience of Hell

Most people have experienced nightmares at some time in their lives. They indicate the existence of another level to the world of dreams. They take place in inferior dimensions in what are referred to in religions as hell, the Abyss, etc.


Encountering Divine Beings and Sinister Entities

When traveling out of the body, many worry about meeting sinister, negative creatures. By exploring over there you can find that they do actually exist, and you have to learn how to deal with them if you don’t want them to interfere with your search for knowledge.




The Astral Codex

Read the astral book backed up by the most experience, with detailed and practical explanations of what out-of-body experiences are and how to use them on a personal, spiritual journey of change and exploration.

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The life beyond, where we go to every night when we sleep

July 7th, 2016|9 Comments

https://youtu.be/oUAYKr4d6sk   There are different kinds of goals, They could be upon living an ordinary life, or enlightenment. To set our sights on the spiritual rather than the material Requires faculties beyond the five senses. To set our goal as the spiritual, requires an awakening of those faculties, Then we can see beyond the physical world, Then our experience of life is not just limited to this three dimensional existence. If someone has a clear out-of-body experience for the first time They face a different kind of reality. It’s a new experience of living. Unless it’s clouded by the subconscious, [...]

The Astral Codex Out Now in Paperback!

March 17th, 2016|37 Comments

From Jenny at the Mystical Life Publications blog Finally, the day has arrived – The Astral Codex is available in paperback!  It’s been a small journey to get this book to print and we thank everyone along the way that has been part of it. You can get it from: Amazon.com for $8 USD Amazon.co.uk for £6.00 or from your favorite book seller. We try to set the price of the books as low as possible so it’s accessible to as many people as possible.  We set the price to cover the costs and taxes associated with printing the books [...]

Video: Experiences in dreams and in the astral plane

December 24th, 2015|4 Comments

https://youtu.be/bOztnTyFaGU The interview is from December 2007. You can read a transcription of it here.  

Out-of-Body Experiences: Our Natural Connection to Other Dimensions

September 1st, 2015|28 Comments

We have the potential to travel to other dimensions. We’ve always had this ability; in fact, it’s just part of what it is to be human. This should be the discovery of the century, if it hadn’t already been known for thousands of years. Throughout history this latent potential has been alluded to by mystics the world over. Many divine visions, accounts of being caught up in the spirit, and journeys through heavens and underworlds, were actually the accounts of people who had out-of-body experiences and traveled to other planes of consciousness. KEEP READING ON GAIAM TV   [...]

An Astral Journey through the Mouth of Hell

May 29th, 2015|56 Comments

One night in 1992 I had my first out-of-body experience in the underworld, or hell, and I was quite shaken by it. I was walking in a street near my old school and was conscious of being in the astral plane. As I looked around I saw a kind of a gap in the sky; it was a gap in space itself. Intuitively I felt that I should explore it and so I rose into the air. As I got close I could see demons guarding it on the outside. They had that classical grotesque demonic appearance and looked quite [...]

Belsebuub’s astral book now available in Chinese

September 22nd, 2014|16 Comments

From the Mystical Life Publications blog A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams ( 一个星体之游及梦课程) by Belsebuub is now available as an eBook in Traditional Chinese, on our website www.Zhikadi.com . We’re really happy to release this eBook after several months of preparation work behind the scenes, to now have it available for the Chinese people all around the world to freely download and share. We hope that the incredible knowledge base that Belsebuub shares and explains in this eBook will provide them with a great resource to explore the wonders of the astral through their own out-of-body explorations. A [...]

Total View episode: How Astral Projection Feels, Getting Out of the Body, and Combating Negative Beings

August 3rd, 2014|12 Comments

This episode from the Total View YouTube show looks at what it feels like to get out of the body and into the astral plane through astral projection, and includes a method of dealing with negative beings encountered there from The Astral Codex by Belsebuub. Lots of great real life accounts of people who've practiced the techniques here on this website and had success with them.

Total View Episode: Relaxation for Astral Projection

July 5th, 2014|9 Comments

The latest episode from the Total View YouTube show takes an in depth look at relaxation as an important part of being able to astral project - the ability to consciously leave the body and have an out-of-body experience (OBE) - through real people's experiences with astral projection. Hear about how to practice it, some common obstacles and how to overcome them, and also some benefits to practicing Relaxation apart from aiding the out-of-body experience. https://youtu.be/AOMAp6OLJPI

Total View episode: Lucid Dreaming Experiences, Benefits and How To

June 21st, 2014|15 Comments

The Total View YouTube show brings you its latest episode on lucid dreaming, with interviews from people on their lucid dreaming experiences, what they got from them, and how they were able to have them. https://youtu.be/F5kz6c0RL-A

Making Contact with Extraterrestrials Through Other Dimensions

May 2nd, 2014|41 Comments

This is an account of an experience I had with an extraterrestrial being, which I have now just put up in the articles section. It describes through the encounter I had how it is possible to make contact with extraterrestrials whilst out of the body (having an OBE). I personally believe that the almost totally unused potential we humans have to access other dimensions of reality can be used to make contact with like beings throughout this vast cosmos - allowing us to instantaneously traverse the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of time, space, and even the dangers of meeting here on [...]

The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the World

December 23rd, 2013|173 Comments

Many feel that there is a multidimensional cause behind the sinister agendas afflicting the world. But it is possible not just to sense, but to actually know and uncover its root through firsthand experience. And, unless the root is uncovered, its octopus like tentacles will continue to regrow and find new ways to influence the world, even when several have been cut off. A painting showing demonic entities influencing people beyond their reasoning from other dimensions to war and personal strife. It is titled 'The Triumph of the Genius of Destruction'. It is difficult to overcome that which [...]

The Astral Codex – A New Free eBook by Belsebuub Released

August 10th, 2013|49 Comments

The Astral Codex by Belsebuub has just been released as a free eBook. Having out-of-body experiences totally changed my life; feeling myself leaving my physical body and entering another dimension was absolutely incredible, and I think it's going to have a profound impact upon the world-view of anyone who seriously takes it up. Having out-of-body experiences is a natural part of being human, and is one of the most ancient and essential ways for getting spiritual knowledge. Some of the material in it was first released back in 2001 as a free online course given as a series of weekly, [...]

Techniques for Concentration & Visualization – 3 Articles

February 8th, 2013|6 Comments

To successfully astral project, it’s important to be able to concentrate on the particular exercise of astral projection you are doing at the time, without being distracted from it by other thoughts or by anything else. Willed astral projection usually occurs when the mind is concentrated at the exact moment that sleep occurs. Most techniques for astral projection are variations of concentrating the mind and/or visualizing. Being concentrated is having the mind and the whole of one’s attention on one thing alone. It is possible to concentrate upon whatever activity we do at one time. That ability is developed by [...]

How to Have Clearer Dreams and Remember Them Better – New Article

March 28th, 2012|0 Comments

Dreams reveal a lot about what's actually happening within a person, but it's sometimes difficult to remember them clearly. There are reasons for this which this article explores. Its much more than having a good memory, as the hidden state of the psyche profoundly influences what a person dreams. Read the article here.

Q&A on Out-of-body Experiences and Astral Projection – New Article

March 19th, 2012|1 Comment

Questions and answers on OBE's and the astral plane. Why does our physical state affect our ability to project or wake up in a dream? Does a full moon have an effect upon lucidity in dreams? How to keep up the interest and the enthusiasm in doing practices and trying to get into the astral if it’s been a while since there has been an experience? When I set a certain time apart and said, “Ok, I’m going to really go for astral projection and see if I can get out,” the experiences don’t come. And I was just wondering [...]

How to Remember Dreams – New Article

March 10th, 2012|1 Comment

A simple and straightforward guide to remembering dreams has been added, containing tips on keeping a dream diary, lying still when you wake up, chanting a mantra, going back into a dream after you wake up and more. Read the article here.