Can I come in? Sinister inter-dimensional entities look for gullible hosts to propagate their misinformation in the world, tricking the host by making them feel special and convincing them they are the bringers of so-called “important messages”.

Would you let a complete stranger, someone you’ve never seen, stay overnight in your home? The answer for most would be – not a chance. Our body is our home; well actually, it’s our temple (or at least meant to be). Inviting unknown entities into our bodies through mediumship and channeling is just like opening our home up to strangers.

Let’s not be naive; there are both good and bad people in this world, and some who are downright evil. We see a tiny frequency of light – almost all of it is invisible to our physical eyes. That means there are vast dimensions of light and space we are completely blind to. These are inhabited by all manner of beings, that just like here, are both good and evil. How do we know who an invisible entity really is, having never met it and being completely unable to see it? Are we to believe them, just because “they say so”? (Mark actually saw and felt the vibrations of a sinister entity, which claimed it was an advanced Chinese spiritual master, enter two channelers and speak on spiritual things to an unsuspecting audience.)

We know full well from our own experience and from history that evil people can be very good liars; they can make use of some of the most high sounding ideals and flowery language, whilst mixing in bits of truth to throw us off the trail of their deception.

But we have the potential to uncover the evil, and to use our own multi-dimensional bodies to have out-of-body experiences to travel and meet these inter-dimensional beings in the places they exist. There the curtain can be pulled back (they really don’t like this), revealing the sinister entities who hide behind the mask of flowery spirituality and whose influence extends into the sinister global agendas affecting us today. Although they’d rather us not know this big secret that has the power to blow open their operations, our potential for gaining knowledge goes far beyond playing the unconscious host for dark strangers looking for an inn.