Concentration on a candleTo successfully astral project, it’s important to be able to concentrate on the particular exercise of astral projection you are doing at the time, without being distracted from it by other thoughts or by anything else.

Willed astral projection usually occurs when the mind is concentrated at the exact moment that sleep occurs.

Most techniques for astral projection are variations of concentrating the mind and/or visualizing.

Being concentrated is having the mind and the whole of one’s attention on one thing alone.

It is possible to concentrate upon whatever activity we do at one time. That ability is developed by learning to do one thing at a time in daily life. It is also a natural outcome of the psychological study, which I describe in other works.

Sitting exercises of concentration train and develop the ability to concentrate upon any astral or esoteric exercise.

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These three articles are taken from my book on astral travel, which is being revised and converted into a free eBook.