The Path of the Spiritual Sun has just been released as a free eBook.

I remember the moment we first decided to begin writing it. It was 2 weeks until the summer solstice; standing together on the verandah, looking out across the beautiful wildflowers in the summer breeze Mark suddenly struck by an idea, turned to me and said, “we should do something for the summer solstice.”

Over 2 years later, this book has become perhaps the first and only compilation of its kind. What started as an idea, turned into a remarkable journey of discovery which has transported us to destinations we never knew existed. Through over a year of solid research, we uncovered the traces of a universal and cosmic spirituality of epic proportions, pulling together sacred sites, texts, symbols, myths and legends from around the world, and finding to our amazement the code that links and unlocks them all.

Whilst I was poring through ancient texts and sites, Mark was analyzing the information from his own experience and knowledge of the process of enlightenment. As the fragments started piecing together, what emerged was a spirituality found in the movements of the sun and stars, imbued in the fabric of life, which outlined the process and journey to enlightenment that has been described by ancient sacred texts and teachings through the world.

Day after day, driven like a treasure hunter hot on the trail of a cache of lost spiritual riches, we looked for the clues to the mystery of the spirituality of the world embedded in the distant past. The journey led us even to the lost meaning and origin of the Great Sphinx of Egypt.

Here is a description of the book:

The ancient veneration of the sun is one of the greatest celebrations in history. It has been encoded in sacred texts and sites by peoples separated by vast distances for thousands of years across the world.

Although often looked at as simple-minded sun-worshipers, there is another reason why the ancients aligned some of their most inexplicable and advanced sites to the sun and stars, and encoded the movements of the heavens in their sacred teachings.

The sun, source of all light and life, is central to a cosmic spirituality that is both ancient and timeless—and as ever-present as always. Its principles have formed the basis of many of the world’s religions—unbeknownst even to many of their adherents—and are just as relevant to people searching for spirituality today.

The Path of the Spiritual Sun uncovers the profound spiritual significance of the veneration of the sun, pulling together the sites, texts, traditions, and symbols from around the world that were based on the solar cycle to reveal the common thread of spirituality running like a current of eternal knowledge through all of them and imbued in the very fabric of creation itself.


There are so many people to thank for this book. THANK YOU to the fantastic team at Mystical Life Publications for editing, formatting, and encasing this book in a beautiful cover, and for all the administrative support. And thank you to all of you out there who have supported us over the last 3 years, for your financial support, your friendship, and encouragement.

To us, this book is like a treasure chest of wisdom, with so many jewels from the sacred texts and sites of peoples all over the world and throughout time, all strung together, to tell the remarkable story of why we are here and about our vast potential.

~ Lara Atwood