shutterstock_78334207_resizeNasty, bitey things. They make us want to shriek: snakes, spiders, wasps, scorpions, centipedes, jumping bull ants etc. In a raged frenzy with venom they strike. But what about the venom of our own anger? Like the spitting snake, we feel threatened and the same mechanism kicks in: a nasty venom of hurtful words emerge to wound the one who crossed our path. The ego of anger from the animal kingdom operates upon the same principles.

Just like the bitey creature, anger makes our body stiff ready for a struggle, the tone becomes threateningly aggressive and the words sink in like venom, set to pierce any defense and emotionally hurt the one who made us feel threatened so they leave us well alone in future. It can even cause us to come back and strike a perceived opponent again and again, sometimes without warning, until we feel the threat is over. A hurtful word here, a nasty tone there, an old resentment brought up again. We probably feel like being around that as much as we’d do a hornet’s nest.

However, not only do we poison others in this way, but the one who becomes poisonous, is also poisoned. The negative energies amassed to hurt others creates a well of poisonous energies within us, causing that long lasting churning feeling in our gut long after the argument is over. In this state, how can we expect to reach higher states of consciousness, peace or wisdom within?

So can we break free of this cycle of violence that keeps us, and virtually the whole world, trapped at the level of venomous animals? Catching the mechanism of anger early is key to stopping the venom being produced so that it doesn’t sting others nor stay as resentments that fester and poison us from within, and that takes a huge shift in attitude. We have to be prepared to detach from what our anger is so viciously guarding: it may be our own image, something we felt owed for, or even a simple possession. Then, free of the venom of anger, we have a chance to raise our energetic level beyond that of the animal kingdom, to act instead with the spiritual faculties of consciousness, and the chance to experience inner peace.