Why We Have a Need to Know About the Esoteric

Esoteric knowledge has played a fundamental role in many civilizations throughout history, including our own, and yet the UK is looking to censor “esoteric material” across the internet by the end of this year. This is not being spoken about openly, and is likely to set a precedent for other proposed internet filters around the world, as the UK’s filter appears to have already been influenced by the French company Orange’s filtering of “esoteric practices” and “universally acknowledged sects” in the UK.

It may not be immediately apparent to most people as to what the implications of this are, and it seems at some level there is an attempt to take advantage of the lack of understanding of what the word “esoteric” actually means.

To many people, “esoteric” denotes something obscure, incoherent and belonging to the old libraries of mystical texts, and even as something negative to be feared. But in reality it is literally all around us and absolutely crucial to the understanding of our collective human history and experience. This is the reason why its censorship is so dangerous and should be ringing alarm bells for everybody.

Esoteric is simply a word that denotes something “hidden” and understandable to an enlightened few. Fundamentally, it describes the hidden nature of reality, and anyone who experiences it. Many believe that the physical world of matter is all there is, but although other realms and dimensions, consciousness, non-physical beings etc., are not ordinarily visible, they are widely reported by people who have near-death experiences, and likewise by those who have mystical experiences. The expression of the experience of these “esoteric” realms can literally be found almost everywhere, in religious texts, ancient cultures, traditions, and mythology; it has run through most societies just as it runs throughout ours today.

There are now thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of compelling accounts of people who have experienced leaving their bodies in a near-death experience, and witnessing the hidden or "esoteric" side of reality.

There are now thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of compelling accounts of people who have experienced leaving their bodies in a near-death experience, and witnessing the hidden or “esoteric” side of reality.

Anyone who gains experience through remote viewing, telepathy, altered states of consciousness, prayer, visions, dreams, religious or mystical experiences, psychic and paranormal phenomena, self-knowledge, or who has a supernatural encounter of any kind, etc., whether for good or bad purposes (because it’s possible to do both), is accessing normally hidden, or esoteric information about life and reality.

This kind of esoteric knowledge can be found throughout religions—each containing a host of supernatural encounters and events etc. It can be found in yoga, meditation, the whole of the New Age, and even in the symbols of crop circles. Some of the most famous esoteric symbols in the world, such as the pentagram, yin and yang, spiral and swastika, can be found in nature and the cycles of the planets and sun – for example, the planet Venus makes a pentagram in its orbit around the sun in its relation to the Earth every eight years.

Esotericism is not particular to any belief or tradition, but has existed in almost all of them. This is why so many similarities can be found between diverse spiritual texts and teachings, although separated by vast distances and time; esoteric practitioners all over the world and throughout history have, using a myriad of different techniques, discovered similar or the same information about the hidden nature of reality and expressed it according to their own unique environment and culture.

Esoteric symbols are used prolifically in movies, music, and the entire entertainment industry. They are found in the institutions of society, such as governments, corporations, law and royalty, and have overtly done so throughout the world since recorded history from ancient Sumer and Egypt, through the Roman Empire, right up into the United States today.

The occultist, astrologer, and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I, performing an experiment before her.

The occultist, astrologer, and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee, performing an experiment before her.

The Druid god, "the green man", worshiped at the 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. Just because it is esoteric, doesn't mean its for a sinister agenda; those who organized the Paralympic closing ceremony were genuinely interested in incorporating elements of the Druids religion.

The Druid god “the Green Man” at the 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony.

The UK itself has a vast history of esoteric knowledge, stretching from at least the times of the ancient Neolithic and Beaker peoples who built some of its ancient megalithic sites, through the Druids, the legends of King Arthur, up unto the proliferation of diverse religious, spiritual and esoteric groups throughout the UK today. Queen Elizabeth I had an occultist and astrologer, the famous John Dee, serve as her consultant. Esotericism is even taught as a subject at universities in Amsterdam and Exeter in the UK. The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies were teeming with esoteric symbols – the central setting of the London opening ceremony was the ancient esoteric site of Glastonbury Tor, and the organizers of the Paralympic ceremony actually contacted the British Druid Order to get permission to use some of their ceremonial wording.

Portrait of the first president of the United States republic, George Washington, doing the Freemason "hidden hand" sign, in this painting from 1776.

Portrait of the first president of the United States republic, George Washington, doing the Freemason “hidden hand” sign, in this painting from a year that changed the course of world history – 1776.

Esoteric societies are part of the history of the formation of much of the western world. President Roosevelt regarded the library founded by the great esoteric writer Manly P. Hall in Los Angeles, which housed a collection of ancient spiritual writings, a national treasure and had its contents copied (microfiched) during WWII to safeguard them. The United States republic was created in part out of secret societies, most notably Freemasonry; George Washington was a Freemason as were a number of the “Founding Fathers”. The Statue of Liberty bears an uncanny resemblance to the ancient goddess Hecate, and was created by a French Freemason. The US capital Washington DC is awash with esoteric symbols, as is the US dollar bill; today dark esoteric groups continue to control structures of power behind the scenes in order to exert their influence over the entire world.

The mainstream media has marginalized, demonized and effectively conducted a witch-hunt against people gathering to practice alternative spirituality and experience higher/mystical states of consciousness, whilst at the same time celebrating its use for dark purposes. Today the most popular music videos and live performances contain genuinely demonic esoteric symbols and rituals—with inverted crucifixes, mock sacrifices, satanic worship etc.

Buddhist painting of the Wheel of Samsara. Notice the light and dark halves of the middle of the wheel, which all life rotates through.

Buddhist painting of the Wheel of Samsara, which is an esoteric depiction of the process of life.

To those who don’t have experience of the hidden nature of reality, the esoteric symbols of ancient sacred teachings can appear obscure, nonsensical, even primitive, and are commonly misinterpreted and derided. In fact, the notion that anything but physical reality even exists is scoffed at by some. Yet those who have a shared experience of these hidden realities can understand them, and as the numbers of people who experience extra-sensory realities is rarely high, the word esoteric has come to describe a knowledge that is limited to a small few—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The fact that knowledge of the esoteric aspects of our history have been stripped out of the school curriculum, the mainstream media, and now potentially out of the internet, is testament enough that those controlling society’s most powerful institutions, do not want people to know about it, and they have demonstrated a preference for engrossing the majority in rampant materialism based on the gratification of all things physical and sensory. And I might add, to subject them to malevolent esoteric symbols whilst blocking them from understanding what they are being subjected to.

The knowledge of hidden realities has been used against populations for sinister purposes throughout history—for domination, control, and deception. But it has also throughout history been used for good, to help raise people’s level of consciousness, to bring higher values into society, to empower people to control their own destiny, and alleviate suffering—it all depends on the hands it’s in. Therefore, it should not be taken out of the hands of the people, or those who would use it for good, and kept only for those in power who would prefer to keep the discussion of it censored.

Bohemian Grove

Some of the most powerful and influential people in the world taking part in an esoteric ceremony at Bohemian Grove in California.

Knowledge about the nature of existence, the purpose of life, alternative ways of understanding the universe and even knowledge of our own history, should not be censored, nor should our right to examine the use of esoteric knowledge by those in positions of authority, such as the secret societies of Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones, which have been attended by numerous US presidents and many of the most powerful and influential people in the world. All human beings should be free to explore esoteric realms and likewise be free to express their findings and share them without restriction. This is crucial for the collective development of human consciousness, our creative potential, and our ability to work together to address the greatest questions and mysteries of life.

~ Lara Atwood

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About the Author:

Lara Atwood is a researcher and practitioner of the native, indigenous Indo-European religion of her ancient ancestors, which is a branch of the ancient Religion of the Sun. She runs the YouTube channel SakroSawel and the website sakrosawel.com ("sakro sawel" means "sacred sun" in Proto-Indo European). Writing alongside her husband Mark, she helped co-author the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun.


  1. Matthew September 20, 2013 at 4:08 am - Reply

    Thanks Lara for a good straightforward overview to what is to many an obscure subject. It is a subject the world really needs a crash course in. It is really a shame that something so important is completely off the radar for most people.

    I wish we could all be taught about this in school. As a child you trust that adults know best, and what you are taught in school frames what you consider important in life. In the education system the fundamental question “why are we here” is completely missing, so it’s as if you’re conditioned to see it as unimportant. What’s important is getting good grades so you can go to university, so you can get a good job so you buy a good house so you can… what? Contribute to the economic system by being a compliant consumer and rearing your children to do the same.

    As I got older it dawned on me how empty this was, and how pretty much no one had a clue about life, and all the teachers and everyone I looked up to as I grew up were just as clueless as me. It wasn’t that they intentionally misled me, it’s just that almost everyone is ignorant. Worst of all, most people are so conditioned that don’t even realise they are ignorant. People have such trust in the system and those deemed authorities within it, that alternative viewpoints are easily rejected becasue they are not part of the mainstream world view instilled in us, which places no importance on self discovery, yet tells us civilization is progressing scientifically, socially etc. Because some progress is made with things like technology, the rule of law and establishment of human rights etc, the mainstream world view seems true, and people don’t realise what they’re missing.

    Looking back at history, its not hard to see how this ignorance exists. There have clearly been efforts over a long period of time to keep humanity ignorant (the inquisition for example).

    One thing that gives me hope is that there are still large numbers of people who respect the cosmic principle of respect for free will. There may not be large numbers of people interested in esoteric knowledge, but if people can put aside their differences and unite behind the universal principle of respect for free will, allowing everyone the right to express the information that matters to them without censorship, then I think we can overcome these modern attempts to stifle this knowledge.

    • Julian Kingman September 24, 2013 at 2:26 am - Reply

      I recently had a written test which asked “if you could change one thing about the US educational system, what would it be?” I thought about it for a while, and came to the same conclusion that this is something really missed in education today, to the spiritual detriment of all.

      For example, the United States was founded as a place to experience freedom from religious persecution, and certainly ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and the ‘american dream’ are both very tied in, in their original meaning, to spiritual fulfillment, but somehow that has changed to mean material fulfillment (nice job, car, house, wife, etc…). Perhaps if I had known the spiritual roots of the US I would have been more patriotic, but I never really related to the american dream as it’s presented.

  2. Julian Kingman September 17, 2013 at 5:39 am - Reply

    It that has always amazed me how many of the major advancements in history have had some sort of esoteric/spiritual beginning. In addition to societies and governments:
    Banking has its roots in the knights templar, who some believe founded the swiss bank
    Mozart was a freemason, Bach was strongly influenced by religion, Beethoven’s music often came through divine inspiration
    Pythagoras was an esotericist who effectively founded the study of geometry
    Paracelsus, an occultist, made huge advancements in medicine and science
    Plato and Socrates (who ran spiritual schools) developed the republic, the socratic method (which influenced the present-day scientific method), and initiated the practice of philosophy
    Then there’s the spiritual beginnings to greek theatre, without which we wouldn’t have performance and/or acting today. Some speculate Shakespeare had esoteric influence as well, and many of his plays seem to suggest it.
    Famous stories such as Aesop’s fables, The Odyssey, Grimm’s fair tales, and the 1,001 Arabian are full of esoteric symbols
    The printing press began printing religious works, ushering in the beginning of the information age
    Astronomy and astrophysics began with spiritual/astrological studies
    Alchemy, an endeavor with obvious spiritual underpinnings, sparked off modern-day chemistry
    Even modern scientists and inventors have been strongly influenced by esoteric realities (dreams, contemplation, etc…) including Newton (influenced by alternative religious beliefs), Tesla (visualized his inventions), George Washington Carver (intuition), and many others.
    Many martial arts have roots in esoteric or spiritual disciplines, as well as eastern medicine (Vedic and traditional Chinese medicine)
    Rudolf Steiner, an esotericist, developed biodynamic agriculture, the first form of organic agriculture (as a school system, dance system, medicinal advancements, and architecture)
    Art from Leonard Da Vinci, Rafael, Michelangelo, and many more thereafter is full of esoteric symbology
    The freemasons, an occult group, are responsible for much of the great architecture we know today

    In all, it’s difficult to think of disciplines or areas of life that have not been at least strongly influenced by the esoteric/occult, if not initiated for that purpose when they started.

    • Lucia September 17, 2013 at 7:53 am - Reply

      Very true Julian, this would be a nice part of the Youtube video I talked about below. 🙂 The one that would disperse the misunderstandings surrounding the “esoteric”, as well as its symbols (at least the most common ones like crosses and inverted crosses, pentagrams and inverted pentagrams, Eye of Horus, Kali as a Divine warrior and not a monster requiring twisted sacrifices, maybe even Lucifer as a tempter and the opposite of Christ, etc). This would apparently require some deeper study and research, but I feel it could be well worth it.

  3. Julian Kingman September 14, 2013 at 3:48 am - Reply

    A friend posted something on facebook that reveals another form of censorship. Although not directly targeting esoteric spirituality, it generally targets all ‘non-mainstream’ websites, basically any site that’s not “The New York Times”, “Facebook”, “Youtube”, “Hulu”, etc…

    To summarize, ISPs (internet service providers) want to create ‘broadband highways’ for high profile websites that can pay for it, and give slower service to everyone else. Thus the internet would become something like cable TV is now, with different ‘subscription packages’ for higher bandwidth sites.

    Here’s the video my friend posted, which explores the topic in depth:

  4. David N September 12, 2013 at 6:38 am - Reply

    I really appreciate articles like this that bring this information to the light.

    I also appreciate David Icke and others but It’s worrying that a lot of the main voices that are speaking out and have popular websites like David Icke and http://vigilantcitizen.com seem to have a very negative tone towards Sun worshiping religions and many esoteric symbols.

    vigilantcitizen.com often points out the world elite practice sexual magik and are trying to raise the Kundalini. It’s a shame because any one reading that and then stumbling across this information will possibly have negative connotations about it.

    David Icke says he has raised his Kundalini and this happened In an experience he had in South America. He also seems into some kind of channeling. It seems the Dark are maybe using these people aswell.

    • Lucia September 12, 2013 at 12:44 pm - Reply

      This is very sad what you say David. But it is again confirming the fact that we can’t “worship” people, because everyone is susceptible to deception. We just need to carefully listen to what they are actually saying, and support the good ideas and activities and oppose the evil ones. No need to become negative towards any person in particular either, as everyone can be used by forces of Light, as well as Darkness. Even the biggest dictators in history, they were just puppets of Darkness and their essences must have been suffering a lot. I feel its time people start recognizing the “forces” behind the actions and ideas of people, instead of limiting our perception to the person who spreads them.

      • Patricia A September 12, 2013 at 1:32 pm - Reply

        “I feel its time people start recognizing the “forces” behind the actions and ideas of people, instead of limiting our perception to the person who spreads them.

        I agree with you here Lucia. We have to realize that people are being used as puppets and that the negative forces that are influencing them are doing so, often without the person even realizing this.

    • Martin September 14, 2013 at 4:53 am - Reply

      Not every one has access to the teachings.

    • Laura September 14, 2013 at 10:15 am - Reply

      That is indeed sad what you point out David.

      This just goes to show that if you go into exposing the dark forces and their practices, you need to have some esoteric knowledge I believe or at least be actively practicing and being connected to the forces of the Light, because if you are not, the darkness might just subtly use you for their own agenda without you realizing it.

      These people might be completely well-meaning and wishing to help humanity, but as there is such a maze and confusion of spiritual theories, groups, practices etc. it must be very hard to know what is real if you have no true experience of it (these people may or may not have, however for the common person it must be utterly tiring and confusing).

  5. Laura September 11, 2013 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Thank you Lara for this well-written, down to earth however eye-opening article.

    I also feel a little daunted similar to others facing the reality of how overpowering and well rooted into control the darkness in the world is today, as well as people’s ignorance and lack of concern towards it, and my own passivity.

    Spreading word about the censorship in my own country in Scandinavia for example, a common response I got was “Oh well, there will always be books and libraries, or the universe / God will guide everyone who is into spirituality”.

    Scandinavia is well-known for its superb social welfare system, however an aspect of it which is not taken into consideration is that it devoids people of the feeling of fending for themselves, and lets the government do everything for them. I get the feeling that people feel powerless to change things, they don’t believe in it, or even have an interest in it. I can see this in myself too, and I think it is embedded in people by the society and culture.

    Surprisingly, I found out that censorship of “occult material” has been in place in public spots like libraries and workplaces for some time there too. Many people there are really sceptic towards esotericism anyway, and label any alternative people nonsensical and emotional hippies. I think this is the result of a society rooted in materialism and the advance of science, and it is quite sad to see how closed off many people are to anything sounding even remotely alternative or spiritual.

    Some people that I talked to almost immediately labeled me a conspiracy theorist, and didn’t take anything I said seriously. I think the media does an effective job in giving the image that people talking about the illuminati etc. are lunatics. However, I think it is quite important to be well aware of the facts of the case and to be down to earth and clear when talking to people, so they can see that it’s not crazy but intelligent and reasonable people. It seems that people respond to well-argued non-disputable facts best.

    However, it is encouraging to see that there are people out there who are trying to spread information and raise awareness about the control and brainwashing of the elite over people. While not all of them focus on the esoteric aspect of it, I think it might help many people who are not into spirituality themselves to realize that there is such an agenda going on.

    One example is the British stand up comedian Russell Brand. He has become increasingly popular recently and I just listened to an interview of his and he is really spot on in many things. Having celebrities exposing these things maybe can help many people to relate and to take it more seriously. (http://www.altering-perspectives.com/2013/09/russell-brand-breaks-down-syria.html)

    • Jenny R September 12, 2013 at 1:30 am - Reply

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Laura. Seems like the response is fairly similar in a lot of places, so whatever tactics are used to make people who question the current way of things seem like “conspiracy theorists” and “lunatics” is fairly effective. This is why I feel that more “normal” people need to speak out about things. While I have come across the response that all conspiracy stuff is nonsense, I’ve also found that a very large number of people are actually sitting right on the fringe. So many people agree with the alternative information out there, but then feel very apathetic because to them it all seems hopeless, like it sounds like there’s not much that could be done now, etc. That is probably the biggest problem though, because if more people realized that by not being these silent bystanders and letting things happen to them they can develop a voice and make a difference.

      • Lucia September 12, 2013 at 11:05 am - Reply

        Yes definitely Jenny – “silent bystanders” is quite a big percentage actually. I just had an interesting talk lately with my mom for example, who is very concerned about the artificial stuff they are putting into food today and agrees that there is a need to start being very careful about what we eat, to acquire as much local produce as possible, and only buy the necessary minimum at supermarkets, etc. She also sees the deviation in TV and wonders what’s all that about. But if I try to speak about more of this stuff, she does not wish to hear too much about it and becomes a bit nervous. Her take on it is, why should we make ourselves heavy with all this stuff that we can’t influence anyway. Like it is better not to know about things and feel lighter internally, than depressed about the amount of darkness that’s falling upon us. And I feel this view may be shared by many “bystanders” today, either consciously or unconsciously…

        • Laura September 14, 2013 at 10:09 am - Reply

          That is a good point Jenny. If more ‘normal’ people were to take these things seriously and speak about them, it could create a change in those other normal people who are still ‘on the fringe’.

          Lucia, my mum is very much the same. She is into spirituality, new age etc. and actually has some active spiritual faculties also. She feels disgusted and sad about the negative and evil things that are going on in the world, and either tries to explain it away, or thinks as you said, she shouldn’t let the heavy things in the world affect her because she can’t help them.

          Not many modern spiritual groups advocate going directly against the dark forces. Some people say that ‘focusing on love’ is the answer, and that fighting never is. I feel like this is quite a lot of the result of the new age trend as well as the channelings. Having read some channeled messages, I believe they are spreading and advocating this kind of viewpoint, to focus on love to raise the vibrations of the world, that the new age of spirituality is approaching, the negative people are just not ready for it etc. I was surprised to find someone saying that the new age was actually being actively and deliberately spread by the dark forces in the 90’s.

        • RayOfLight October 23, 2013 at 8:38 pm - Reply


          Thanks for sharing this about your mother and her attitudes. I find the same thing among people I know. It’s hard to find a balance between not being weighed down by the sadness in the wrold and not being indifferent to its problems. Existential depression seems to be a greater and greater trend among the youth nowadays, which is unfortunate because it can lead to lifestyles where people become disinterested in contributing to society and form escapist habits to get away from the way the truth of the world makes them feel. How can you not become sad at the way the world is at this point in time and where it seems to be going with this censorship of spiritual subjects probably only being the beginning of a new trend around the world.

  6. James N September 10, 2013 at 5:36 am - Reply

    Thankyou for this article Lara.
    Very grateful to you for standing up for the good of humanity and the esoteric. Amazing how deeply the esoteric is woven into our history.
    I hope it helps many to understand why preventing this censorship is so important.


  7. Dara September 10, 2013 at 1:14 am - Reply

    I think the powers that control legislation, which in turn controls people, are counting on a lack of understanding about what esotericism is and why it’s useful, along with the apathetic attitude that Shane illustrated (so eloquently!), to get these filters passed through.

    It seems like nowadays, we have to be so vigilant about rules and regulations being snuck into legislation, oftentimes at the last minute before a vote, which strip our away our rights to talk to others, share ideas and information freely, practice the spirituality of our choice, etc. As well, it takes the ability to think critically and observe the world objectively to combat this trend, but those skills are conveniently discouraged and smothered by most of the popular music, movies, and entertainment bombarding society. It’s a real predicament that we’re in.

    When I imagine a world where access to esoteric content is shut off, it just seems completely horrible and empty to me. I agree that it’s the latent power and understanding that practicing esotericism awakens in people, which is troubling enough to cause those in power to want to take this away. You can really see the agenda here of pushing to keep consciousness passive and asleep on a grand scale in society.

  8. Jenny R September 10, 2013 at 12:47 am - Reply

    “The fact that knowledge of the esoteric aspects of our history have been stripped out of the school curriculum, the mainstream media, and now potentially out of the internet, is testament enough that those controlling society’s most powerful institutions, do not want people to know about it, and they have demonstrated a preference for engrossing the majority in rampant materialism based on the gratification of all things physical and sensory. And I might add, to subject them to malevolent esoteric symbols whilst blocking them from understanding what they are being subjected to.”

    I think this is a pretty interesting point, especially the last sentence. I’ve noticed this more and more progressing through school and university, where essentially you are taught things not as they are, but as someone wants you to think they are. Then to top things off, it appears there really is a push to deny people the right to access information that could lead them to a different understanding or perspectives. The entertainment industry and the media are really full of “interesting” symbols and rituals, and yet hardly anyone really understands what they are being subjected to. With moves to censor “esoteric information” and “web forums,” this is only going to get more so. That’s why I believe it’s really important to keep information uncensored and to allow people to explore other explanations, opinions and beliefs.

  9. Tone September 9, 2013 at 10:24 pm - Reply

    Thanks Lara for such an informative article. It’s true that we certainly live in dark times. The only hope we have of any real change in the world is for more people to become aware of this information and to know the truth. It’s not for anyone to decide who should and should not have access to it, as it’s a basic right of every human being to know about it and to explore it for themselves, and to use it for their own growth and development. It’s a fundamental part of the whole reason for being human in the first place.

  10. Jenny September 8, 2013 at 12:53 am - Reply

    This is a really important article. You’ve done a really good job at laying out clearly what esoteric means, why it’s important and relevant to everyone, what’s at stake, the motives behind demonizing esoteric things and alternative spirituality in society, and the dark forces behind this.

    Hopefully the more people that are informed and understand what is going on with the suppression of esoteric things and alternative spirituality, more people will join the battle to protect the right of access and practice of it.

  11. Sue September 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Thanks for yet another great article Lara and a brief snapshot of esotericism throughout our long history.

    These really are sad times we live in where the only things we are encouraged to worship are organised religions and materialism while the opportunity to grow, thrive and awaken is being stolen from us.

    It is as if the whole world is becoming ‘dumbed-down’ through various the forms of media and our individual rights are gradually being siphoned away. This appears to be happening at an almost imperceptable level – to what we think, feel, or believe. Reminds me of the frog in slowly boiled water not realising it is being cooked. Only those who are astute even notice it happening.

    Despite all attempts throughout history to suppress it, however, esotericism has survived. Clearly this demonstrates its enormous value to humanity, yet, there are those who wish to deny us access. What great threat does it hold?

    • Julian Kingman September 14, 2013 at 2:56 am - Reply

      Well, it seems like sometimes it hasn’t survived, but was revived elsewhere.

  12. Shane September 7, 2013 at 12:58 am - Reply

    Who cares? Just give the kids an ipad or mobile phone in the car and shut them up, then whinge about how appalling the young kids are today with no manners, no people skills and no respect for their elders. Who cares….
    The babyboomers were pumped with drugs freely provided (by whom and why – different topic) and they thought it was great combined with fornication and its derivatives, yet in the end they became the greatest generation of sheeple conforming to the materialist regime they thought in their youth they opposed. Yes they might be able to interact with people on a better level than today’s computer kids, but what happened to their kids? Parents don’t control the kids, society and its controllers do.
    It’s now trendy to go to concerts and witness songs called ‘cannibal’, ‘vampire’, and witness mock black satanic rituals on stage of groups of people going into trance frenzy, terrifying a victim, murdering them, cutting out their heart and drinking their blood. All this done to really good music? Well the kids like it and have become habituated to the grotesque sounds designed to evoke intense negative emotions and ‘out of the ordinary’ states of trance and frenzy. I don’t recall this sort of thing in pop music in the 60 or 70’s. Ah, kids today! It’s becoming trendy to be a psychopathic serial killer indulging in cannibalism. Those in power have been doing this stuff in secret and now they are flooding mankind with it as their control tightens and all become their prey. But who cares? It doesn’t affect me and quite honestly I’m such a coward I’d rather ignore it and watch the simpsons including the stonecutter episode which I know is not real. The controllers are so blatant with their agenda/s now because the sheeple are well terrorized and groomed. Even tom and jerry didn’t get a miss in the early days… http://youtu.be/GPJi8auUdog … If the white is nowhere in sight and only black pervades we can’t really expect much more than terrifying suffering. Dantes hell is closer than ever. The Black hates the White and attacks it. ‘Don’t under estimate the power of the dark side!’ But if the white is nowhere to be found..?

    • Olga September 7, 2013 at 1:59 am - Reply

      lol Shane 🙂 indeed you are right, the general consensus of how society’s going doesn’t show any inclination to divert from the dark influences, but instead gladly celebrate the morbid suggestions thrown to them by those in power.

      And all the while things get worse and worse, and the light gets stamped out.. I had posted the petition link somewhere in an esoteric christianity group, and someone replied that it doesn’t matter to them, since if they have faith & knowledge in God, their will always be a secret way to find the mysteries, and they’ll hold their nag hammadi library and stand in the streets when the censorship happens…

      Today the forces of light are not enough, and hardly understood, society is rejecting light more and more, and that is the sadness we see in the world today. Although these dark forces are there, imposing their will and control on us, if it wouldn’t be for the affinity that we as a society have, of imposing wills on eachother, of having darkness inside of us, we wouldn’t catch the bate and link our doom to hands of those in power.

      • Shane September 8, 2013 at 2:28 am - Reply

        Hi Olga, yes indeed, bringing it back from ‘out there’ to ‘in here’ is even more terrifying for most I think.

        Who cares? Well I think my last take on this is the famous quote: EYES WIDE SHUT !!
        Being ignorant and naive and taking comfort in such cowardly blindness can only guarantee that when we stumble into the spiders web we will not get out.

        Personally I think the film with the same title cost the author his life. There is a great deal of symbolism in the film and Kubrick did not just make entertaining mindless junk. He exposed ‘too much’. But for the majority it was just a poor fictional movie, a bit weird, not as good as the simpsons (not that I personally have anything against the cartoon characters and their sometimes strange hand signs etc). Where else is the rainbow mentioned? What does it mean? Why did the orphan Dorothy fall asleep in ‘The Deadly Poppy Field’? Why is the word rainbow not even mentioned in the book? Why did the adulterated film version change silver slippers to ruby red? and so it goes on… There are some horrendous and sinister elements to what is sometimes presented to society for consumption. But for most ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is a more secure and comfortable state of being. There are many different types of people, some curious, others not… I suppose live and let live, but I think history has shown mankind generally is not very good at cohabitation, so I agree looking into ourselves is a very good start to enable us to recognize darkness and discern the light.

        • Julian Kingman September 14, 2013 at 3:04 am - Reply

          Funny you should mention that movie, Shane, I just read a really interesting trilogy of articles about the symbolism of the movie (here: http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/the-hidden-and-not-so-hidden-messages-in-stanley-kubriks-eyes-wide-shut-pt-i/). The circumstances of the movie, and Kubricks death, are very interesting. Apparently it was filmed in secrecy, and he died shortly after the release of the movie.

          I’d never heard about the Wizard of Oz stuff, but I did hear that the original was written by a theosophist, which I found quite interesting.

          • Lucia September 14, 2013 at 9:15 am

            Thanks Julian. I’ve never seen the film, but Its interesting in that analysis page the photo of the “ritual” that the elite is carrying out is all in black and red, which is quite telling…
            In general though, I am sad how sometimes the symbols are taken one-sidedly today, due to the lack of knowledge. Like for example making Venus or Ishtar looking like a kind of prostitute, or thinking all pentagrams are “bad” and “dangerous”. Even the eye of Horus, I guess, would invoke just a negative meaning for people today and would most likely be connected with Illuminati stuff. And after all, even the word “Illuminati” itself, it should mean the enlightened ones, right? Not the dark twisted personages we see today representing this group. I guess what I am trying to say that there is a HUGE mess around esoteric symbols out-there, and I am not surprised that some people prefer to shut themselves up from this kind of knowledge completely, as it seems dangerous to them. I feel a Youtube video explaining these differences would be quite a good step to make…

    • Tone September 10, 2013 at 1:23 am - Reply

      Hey Shane, that’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad and so painfully true. That is so accurate so much of the time. People are interested in frivolous things and if you do mention anything deeper about life, the cosmos, time, psychology and so forth, it’s as if they just switch off; sometimes as overtly as literally saying to you “oh that’s a bit deep” and they just kind of glaze over. There’s no sense of wonder or curiosity about them. And then someone comes into the room and mentions something they saw on TV, or something about the footy, and they light up like a Christmas tree.

      • Shane September 11, 2013 at 7:28 am - Reply

        Hi Tone, I shouldn’t laugh, but your christmas tree comment is so funny. I have witnessed similar so many times. In fact I sometimes use a ‘conspiracy’, ‘paranormal’ or ‘spiritual’ ruse if I’d prefer certain people go away and leave me alone. It’s very handy sometimes to have people think your a nutter and leg it from you in a flash.

        The other day I was at a conference and people gathered during a tea break to discuss the changes in legislation. These people are not stupid at all, from an intellectual point of view. They were grumbling, whinging and confused by the changes. As it was not convenient for me to move away, I thought it would be nice to clear the deck and have some peace and quiet so simply said, ‘it is very simple to understand when you see the changes as a coordinated well planned incremental deployment designed by and for government to change the law and make it ‘legal’ to get hold of citizens lost superannuation and steal it’. Now that went off like a stink bomb and cleared the surrounding environment and I enjoyed a peaceful tea break. It never surprises me how everybody considers themselves altruistic, open minded, honest, ethical and decent, and yet when something slightly taboo is mentioned they become terrified sheep and their emotions block off the pathway to the brain. Criticize government or its debt collection agency and you can witness that people have been terrorized and conditioned. Political dissidents have often been censored and victimized by tyranny.

        Why couldn’t those people at that conference cope with simply stating what to a simple person would be the obvious? If you take someone’s possessions without their knowledge and consent, that is theft. It is stealing. But if you shroud such immoral behavior in a legal writ, it is no longer immoral or theft because it is now legal? It seems a lot of people cannot cope with feeling ‘their’ logical world destabilized and having their foundations shake. It’s the typical turn a blind eye. I am not affected by it so who cares? If the government gets away with stealing other peoples stuff, well that’s their own fault for being stupid and ignorant. If the government steals my stuff? Hmm… why is there no one who cares?

        • Julian Kingman September 14, 2013 at 3:19 am - Reply

          That’s funny and sad, at the same time. I notice ‘real’ conversations (what I consider real) are often unidirectional, but I never thought to use that as a tool. 🙂

          It really is amazing that people will refuse to exercise common sense, when it paints a dark portrait of what’s happening. People rely on ‘experts’ to tell them details about this or that policy, how it will affect this or that other detail, as a way of pulling the wool over their eyes to the larger picture. Some things going on in the middle-east with Syria, for example, are so obviously coordinated, if you do but a little alternative research, and makes so much sense, but people I talk to are either deaf to it, or they put it in the ‘doublespeak’ part of their brain, where it co-habits with opposite viewpoints that are less harsh or unsettling.

    • Craig September 10, 2013 at 7:32 am - Reply

      Lara, thank you for this article and as Shane has so eloquently described, we need to find a better way to show the direction that humanity is heading and actively oppose these veiled attacks.

      People jokingly say “I’m going to Hell anyway, so what does it matter?” However, when one has truely experienced what a Hell looks & feels like, I’m sure they would quickly change their tune!

    • Lucia September 10, 2013 at 9:52 am - Reply

      Just like you said Shane, things today are grotesque and very dark, people becoming crazy without being aware of it. That Tom and Jerry cartoon extract you posted a link to was amazing by the way – “president of Hollywood” indeed.
      Now I am also not quite sure how can we face such an overwhelming doe of darkness from all corners and even more overwhelming wall of people’s ignorance on what’s happening. But I feel we need to keep going, informing, informing, informing, find ways to talk to different kinds of people, eliminate our own egos and keep going. I feel it is our duty to do so, since we can see into this, at least on a certain level. It can be very demotivating, hearing people’s responses and being looked at as a kind of fanatic or “conspirational theorist”, but never mind… I feel we need to use this time when at least there are independent articles, Youtube videos and other testimonies available, to make people aware of what’s happening. Do you mind if I post an extract of your post on Facebook, with a link to this article?

      • Martin September 11, 2013 at 1:04 am - Reply

        Thanks Lucia,

        Your words are helpful.

        A lot of people may feel trapped in the system. There have been people who have openly put me down in the past for shedding light on a few issues but in quieter moments they’ve admitted that they are fearful of losing their pay cheque and nothing more.

        Fear is a huge problem that needs to be understood and eliminated.

      • Shane September 11, 2013 at 5:37 am - Reply

        No probs Lucia.

    • Gabrielle September 11, 2013 at 5:54 pm - Reply

      Shane, thanks for sharing your insights into this.

      I am familiar with what you described, and I have noticed this theme of treating life in such a vulgar way constantly. For example, all of the boys clothing now, even for really young children, is covered with skulls. That’s what is in style. Even the preppy clothing has these little skull patterns, and normal department stores are carrying all of this merchandise, as if it is no big deal. Why?

      Anyway, I’ve noticed that one way that this whole system is reinforced, particularly with kids and teenagers, is through a particular way of displaying good versus evil. There is this repeated plot in cartoons and comics, as well as in these popular vampire and zombie shows, in which normal people have no way to combat a powerful evil. The bad guys are portrayed as strong, powerful, and crafty, the heroes as unrealistic; and the people are powerless. If you do the math, they see people being victimized constantly by evil, with no way to fight back.

      Survival instincts are understandably strong in human beings. I personally can think of plenty of times in which I observed evil, but felt powerless or incapable of doing anything about it, and so I did nothing (regrettably). However, looking back at what I know now, from practicing Belsebuub teachings and just from life experience, I can see other possibilities of how I could have done something more in various situations.

      So, this gives me much hope that other people will also be able to find ways to protect themselves, to cultivate what is latent within them and to bring more light into this world.

      • Nathan September 14, 2013 at 11:27 pm - Reply

        I’ve noticed similar things Gabrielle. So much of what comes out of the entertainment industry really does seem to target people’s survival instincts and their fear of the unknown to strengthen passivity. Something I’ve noticed as well is that even though the general premise of many shows and books is good vs. evil with the forces of good inevitably winning, the actual mechanisms for telling the story such as the plot, characters, etc. always seem to ‘romanticise’ darkness and blur the lines between good and evil.

        Often the love interest of the normal, ordinary main character is a monster with a persona or an emotional back story the viewer can relate or sympathise with, while the forces of good are portrayed as being unthinking, totalitarian and often even collapsing due to in-fighting amongst themselves or their members ‘stepping out’ of ignorance by embracing characteristics like aggressiveness, arrogance or deception. All of this is usually portrayed as acts of intelligence or the character starting to think for themselves.

        Regardless of the story it still gives the positive reinforcement of one side’s nature and a negative portrayal of the other, and targets people at a subliminal level. I remember reading before that for propaganda to be effective it needs repetition of its message, suppression of the truth and a new morality introduced to the people. In the war eras of the past entertainment was used as a way of achieving this and by the looks of things it’s clear certain forces still use it for their agendas.

        I noticed what others have mentioned about clothes that are in fashion recently when walking through the city. In the shop windows you could see manikins dressed in all-seeing eyes and other inverted esoteric symbols, and really it exposed the knowledge and practices that those at the top of those companies obviously try to keep secret. They were revealing themselves for what they were to anyone with some knowledge of esoteric things.

        I think shining a light on all of this by informing people of what’s going on, as well as offering people the means to develop consciousness and to pull themselves out of their programming, is really crucial to opposing the efforts of darkness. I was very surprised recently when one of the most unlikely people I know to have an interest in these things struck up a conversation about dark hidden symbolism in the music industry, and had obviously researched it quite a bit beforehand. I think many people interested in these things feel alone, and for most others the lack of exposure to any explanation of esoteric things means that what might be obvious to some can seem just part of the act.
        Ultimately I think it takes what Belsebuub says about ‘fighting for truth on more than just a physical level’, especially with using this and the other challenges of our lives to lift our own nature out of darkness. An increase in the light I think is what darkness fears the most.

  13. Michelle September 6, 2013 at 7:56 pm - Reply

    Thanks for another great article. This answers a few questions I have been wondering about.

    I spoke to a group of people about this yesterday and the overwhelming response I got was, “Who cares?” I am trying to figure out how to help people in the mainstream realize that this affects everyone and is relevant to them. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • James N September 10, 2013 at 5:33 am - Reply

      Hi Michelle,

      I have come across the same ignorance and response. When I talked about it concerning them directly they began to understand a little more.. about basic human rights, and being able to learn about things without the bias, like regular mainstream news is. Also about allowing this denial of information, once it begins on the internet theres no telling how far they will censor, monitor and adapt the information online to what suits them.

      • Michelle September 10, 2013 at 9:33 pm - Reply

        Thanks James. I have decided to focus my efforts on identifying and informing organizations and individuals who WILL care first and then move on to trying to help people understand why they should care. It is really sad that people don’t care and I hope that I can come up with a way to communicate the importance of this message. This article is very helpful in addressing this very point, but the people I have been talking to are pretty far away from caring enough to even read it!

  14. Christy September 6, 2013 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    You’ve brought up many good points Lara and its really true what you mentioned;
    [b]It may not be immediately apparent to most people as to what the implications of this are, and it seems at some level there is an attempt to take advantage of the lack of understanding of what the word “esoteric” actually means.[/b]
    I found this to be the case while trying to talk to my friends about this issue. Many people don’t understand what that means. And the fact that the news and media is covering up that aspect of the UK censorship really highlights the control that the people in power want to have. So much so, that most of the general population doesn’t even see this.
    I’ve noticed the esoteric symbolism in the media and mainstream entertainment for a long time and it was a bit overwhelming realizing that there was this dark aspect to the way things are presented to the public, how much it is just accepted now as almost a norm, and yet so little is understood.
    It amazes me how much symbolism is imbedded within our history.
    Thank you for this article pointing out the connections between all these aspects of society and government, in the media and art like the Statue of Liberty.

  15. Martin September 6, 2013 at 6:36 am - Reply

    This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Geraldine September 6, 2013 at 6:19 am - Reply

    Thank you Lara for another powerful, straight to the point, and eye opening article.

    This 2 parts really struck me as the crux of the problem:

    “The mainstream media has marginalized, demonized and effectively conducted a witch-hunt against people gathering to practice alternative spirituality and experience higher/mystical states of consciousness, whilst at the same time celebrating its use for dark purposes. Today the most popular music videos and live performances contain genuinely malevolent esoteric symbols and rituals—with inverted crucifixes, mock sacrifices, satanic worship etc.”


    “The fact that knowledge of the esoteric aspects of our history have been stripped out of the school curriculum, the mainstream media, and now potentially out of the internet, is testament enough that those controlling society’s most powerful institutions, do not want people to know about it, and they have demonstrated a preference for engrossing the majority in rampant materialism based on the gratification of all things physical and sensory. And I might add, to subject them to malevolent esoteric symbols whilst blocking them from understanding what they are being subjected to.

    This is what I have seen as well, little by little, appearing for examples on people’s clothing. While they have no understanding of what they are wearing, and yet thinking that it is ‘cool’. From upside down crosses, hidden ‘one-eye’ symbol among background, and many more.

    Yet when people try to wear religious garments/jewelery in public, this is seen more and more as a no-no, even for some going as far being considered a type of religious fanaticism.

    From what I’ve noticed, it’s like religion is being rejected more and more, atheism is being favored by the media, entertainment industry, and seen as more ‘intelligent’ while incorporation of dark esoteric symbols is becoming more and more present in society.

    I hope that your article will help people question things more and start seeing things for what they really are. Like you say, “esoteric” knowledge does not have to be for the ‘few’ – it really does not have to be this way. But that is up to people to change that.

  17. DavidP September 6, 2013 at 4:12 am - Reply

    Thanks Lara for this article, it is very interesting to see how esoteric things have helped shaped society all around the world but also very concerning that there is now an agenda to block access to understanding and using it for good.

    With the introduction of the UK filter we soon saw an MP in Canada pushing an agenda to follow suit there. It already exists in France and China. In Australia, late yesterday it was announced by a major political party (which it seems might get into power tomorrow at the election) that they would introduce an internet filter like the one in the UK. In a bizarre turn of events, only a few hours later they retracted it and said it was an error. Still, it has put the idea out there in the Australian media and to the Australian public to introduce this same internet filter here. Presumably if it was based on “what has recently been achieved in the UK”, then Esoteric material and web forums would have been included in an Australian filter.
    See more details here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-06/labor-seizes-on-coalition-filter-backflip/4939818

  18. Andrew September 6, 2013 at 1:46 am - Reply

    Well put. I think this shows the extent to which the esoteric is woven into our history and into society today. And you also outline the daunting predicament we find ourselves in. Maybe we should be getting Belsebuub.com onto microfiche soon 🙂

    Your work to preserve the esoteric in the world is truly appreciated.

  19. Jordan September 5, 2013 at 10:47 pm - Reply

    Certainly it would be quite a thorn in the side to anyone who wants to control others if there were information out there that empowers people to think for themselves and choose their own destiny or wake up so-to-speak.

    This article nicely outlines how esoteric information can be used for good or for evil – not just one or the other. It is obvious that those who use it for evil wish to hide it from anyone who wishes to use it for good…

  20. Patricia A. September 5, 2013 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    Lara, you’ve brought up a lot of valid points about the significance of esoteric knowledge in various societies and cultures throughout time. If closer attention is paid to it, people would soon realize that it is engrained in various cultures, beliefs, art, literature and doctrines since the beginning of the history of humankind. We have so much to learn and benefit from esoteric knowledge as it brings an invaluable source of information about the hidden nature of ourselves and the universe. It would be a great tragedy and shame if it becomes completely obscure and forever lost.

  21. Gabrielle September 5, 2013 at 7:45 pm - Reply

    Thanks for this insightful article and for bringing this issue to light, Lara. It is interesting to consider how embedded esotericism is within our history and throughout so many different cultures. The fact that anyone would attempt to keep people from accessing this information, which underlies so many world religions, institutions, and philosophies, hints at its inherent value. To me, this gives the impression that there must really be something to it, that it must really be empowering, as their seems to be a great effort to try to suppress it. It is not as if they are just dismissing it; they are actually putting a lot on the line to try to suppress it.

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