summer solstice sunriseThis coming Monday December 22nd is the solstice – a time of year that is deeply symbolic and connected to the journey to enlightenment. In the northern hemisphere, it is the winter solstice, which celebrates the birth of the spiritual force of the Son within. In the southern hemisphere, it is the summer solstice, which celebrates the ascent to the spiritual Father and return to source.

The transit of the sun, and the main stages in its annual cycle, held a special significance for ancient cultures who built their megalithic monuments so they were aligned to the sun at these times. These events have been connected to sacred sites and texts of the past because they hold a spiritual significance, which you can read about in The Significance of the Solstice and Equinox in Spirituality.

This week’s featured ancient exercise is the celebration of the solstice, which can be done simply at home or together at a retreat. We’ve put together A Guide to Celebrating the Solstice and Equinox, which has lots of helpful tips for creating and setting up a ceremony.

Ceremonies have been created here for both the winter and summer solstice based on ancient celebrations of it from around the world, as well as the deeper connection of these times of year to the awakening of consciousness and return to source.

Here is a ceremony to celebrate the winter solstice and this is a ceremony to celebrate the summer solstice.

We wish everyone a very spiritual time over the solstice, with time to reflect upon the deeper purpose for being here and the personal inner work.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this work so far; we wish for many more spiritual achievements in the year ahead.

Mark and Lara