Belsebuub at the solstice

Spirituality has an objective reality to it, which can be discovered through specific exercises that give repeatable results. Likewise, spiritual knowledge can be discovered through the experience that comes with personal inner study. This allows us to see realities beyond the limitations of the mind and the five senses.

With this we can explore the root of many of the worlds religions and mythology. As well as being able to get personal answers to the most fundamental questions of life.

This is for everyone to do, and these times present us with an opportunity to break free of the monopolies of religion, the mainstream media and commercial enterprises and be part of a process of discovery into the nature of consciousness, to search for truth and experience life beyond ordinary perception.

I write of my experience of the journey so far, of consciousness in its return towards the source, as my own contribution to the shared knowledge of humanity’s understanding of itself and its place in the cosmos.

We are all consciousness learning in the school of life and each of us has a responsibility not only to pursue truth within but in the world too, and to be actively on the side of light and truth in the struggle of light against darkness, and that this provides us with accelerated opportunities for learning.

The search for truth goes two ways – if we want change in the world, we need to uncover the roots of the problems beneath the obvious; likewise if we want to change ourselves, we need to look at what exists beneath the mask of the personality, to the subconscious within. And that if knowledge and change in the world is not accompanied with knowledge and change within, it is ultimately destined to fail, as human nature turns even the greatest utopias into mediocrity and even disaster.

Along the journey I’ve discovered that there’s a core spiritual knowledge that’s expressed through some of history’s religious and mystical teachings, in ancient sacred sites, in esoteric symbols and secret schools, and which is even indicated in the movements of the stars.

And it’s apparent that there was once an ancient solar knowledge, central to which was the cosmic son. It was expressed in different times long past, evidence for which is found all over the world, and it was based on a profound understanding of the spiritual principles that underlie all creation. It’s been recorded in ancient sacred sites, myths and teachings worldwide, and rather than being a belief system, is about experiencing a greater reality and having a personal connection with spiritual and cosmic forces.

Throughout history this knowledge was often kept secret for protection, and it formed the basis of secret esoteric societies. The remnants of many of these secret societies are still with us today, influencing our lives; the US republic for example was established in part by esoteric societies. And yet some of secret formerly benevolent esoteric societies have become infiltrated with darkness and have become carriers of a great amount of evil that is done in the world.

Many of the discoveries I’ve made are from out-of-body experiences where hidden knowledge has been given – without this it would have been impossible to link the different parts of ancient teachings together to form an understanding of their fundamental principles of ancient knowledge, which is one of the subjects we explore on this site. The main activity though is in the process of the return of consciousness to its source and this is central to what this is about.

Belsebuub at Chaco Canyon 2012_process,resize

I’m a metaphysical explorer, not a writer or an academic and much of my spiritual experience is of phenomena that are esoteric. This is one of the most difficult things to write about, as by its nature its hidden and inner, and often relies upon personal experience. It’s not like something in the physical world you can point to and see, nor is it a set of concepts formulated and discussed, which is why it’s so important to understand this through the practice of spiritual exercises.

We provide everything on this website for free, as we believe that’s the way spirituality should be provided – it doesn’t let money get in the way of access. Publishing companies have approached us to commercially print our books, but we prefer to give them away for free, or let our publisher sell them at cost.

My wife Angela joins me in writing some of the blogs and articles, where she provides much of the research – pulling together the traces of esoteric knowledge from ancient times which reveal a common and eternal spiritual wisdom shared by those who have experienced spiritual mysteries, across borders, cultures, and time.

Belsebuub & Angela

This is what we love doing and we hope to see you somewhere along the journey.

At the end of the day I like to walk a little up the hill. It’s usually pleasantly warm at sunset, I have a seat where I like to sit; it’s positioned so that I can look out over the forests to the valley below and to the mountains in the distance.

The peacefulness does not depend upon the mountain, nor the view, nor the climate, nor upon anything external; it is peace that emanates from within.

Its immensity overpowers emotion, overpowers thought and extends to the whole of creation.

It emanates with love to every living thing.

As the sun sets the light begins to fade twilight spreads and birds call out noisily to signal the end of the day; the creatures of the day make their way to rest where they will and the creatures of the night begin to appear. In this transition the sounds of nature change and the cycle of life in sound progresses.

Mark H Pritchard