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To pursue esoteric knowledge in depth takes dedication, sacrifice, the right kinds of spiritual practices, the willingness to learn and the endurance to persist in the testing ground of life.

~ Belsebuub


The Lost Civilization of the Sun – A Missing Link in Our Ancient Past

Most are familiar with stories of the lost civilization of Atlantis, but in this video I explain that there is another lost civilization that lies even closer to us in time that most people are unaware of, and gave rise to the building of similar megalithic sites, and the spread [...]

Searching Within by Belsebuub now in paperback

Post is by Jenny at Mystical Life Publications The long awaited day is finally here – Belsebuub’s Self-Knowledge book is available again! This edition of Belsebuub’s self-knowledge work is titled Searching Within: Taking the Way of Self-Discovery for the Journey to Source. Searching Within can be purchased from: Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk [...]

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Who is Odin/Wotan?

Odin/Wotan is the mysterious wisdom bringer and god of the Norse and Germanic people. But in this video I explain why I think he is so much more. Join me, as I traverse legends, mythology, local histories, and ancient sites, from Europe, to Turkey, Egypt, to Easter Island, [...]

The Religion of the Sun – Spirituality of a Lost Ancient Civilization

We've just released a new website www.sakrosawel.com, a new YouTube channel Sakro Sawel, and its first video, which gives a brief overview and introduction to the religion of the sun as the spirituality of a lost ancient civilization. Here is the video: Thank you very much to all [...]

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Hell as a parallel dimension in the realm of dark matter – new article

For millennia people have wondered whether such a thing as hell really exists? And if it exists, where is it and why can't we see it? Is it a place, or simply a state of mind?  And could it be inhabited by other beings, such as demons? Independently of one [...]

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Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub is now in Paperback

Gazing into the Eternal by Belsebuub has been re-released in paperback! The book was originally released in 2009 and was a finalist in the Best Book Awards 2009 in Spirituality, was featured on the cover of Publishers Weekly, and received a 5 star review in Foreword Magazine. From the back [...]

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Searching Within By BelsebuubThe best hands-on guide for self-discovery there is, with in-depth explanations and exercises for daily living. Based on the hugely popular Searching Within online course by Belsebuub taken by 10’s of thousands of people worldwide.


A clear and easy to understand look at some of the most profound eternal questions we all face, such as what happens with death, is it possible to have the divine within, what are the real causes of human suffering, and how is it possible to explore spiritual realities?


TAOP-Belsebuub-FrontThe Awakening of Perception brings together over 40 articles by Belsebuub, shedding light on some of today’s most intriguing spiritual topics including: out-of-body experiences, the supernatural influence behind world events, whether there is a global awakening happening today, near-death experiences, dreams, ancient spiritual knowledge, and more.



Read experiences people have had with Belsebuub’s work by topic:



Other dimensions can be accessed consciously to help on a spiritual journey.


 Articles on self-knowledge.


Describing a timeless process of inner spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Ceremonies and Times of Year


The process of spiritual awakening is imbued in the natural world and can be celebrated.

Esoteric Knowledge


Esoteric means hidden, and refers to the knowledge of things beyond physical perception.

Dark Forces


Demons have been described in cultures throughout history, and are the hidden hand behind much darkness in the world.

world issues


 Looking at unseen influences behind world events.


 Examining some of the influences in society working against spirituality today.

Talks by Belsebuub


Videos and transcripts of Belsebuub’s public talks on many topics.


The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox
The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox249,064 viewsThroughout the world, the spring equinox is a time of great confrontation between the forces of darkness and light...
The Powerful Use Esoteric Knowledge While Keeping it from Humanity: Empower Yourself by Awakening Consciousness
The Powerful Use Esoteric Knowledge While Keeping it from Humanity: ...235,163 viewsThere are forces that drag down spiritual knowledge, whether they are in the world...
Don't Just Think About Spiritual Realities - Experience Them
Don’t Just Think About Spiritual Realities – Experience Them204,049 views   It’s one thing to be interested in alternative living and spirituality, but it’s another ...
Near Death Experiences – Where Science Can’t Go, Mystics Can
Near Death Experiences – Where Science Can’t Go, Mystics Can197,351 views There are laws and other phenomena happening in the dimension where NDEs occur, and those laws and other life forms influence...
Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment
Inner Peace and the Awareness of the Present Moment197,046 views Simply by perceiving the moment we can feel the beauty that emanates from consciousness, as inner peace is a quality ...
Don’t Let Yourself be Dragged Down Into the Pit of Others’ Emotions and Thoughts
Don’t Let Yourself be Dragged Down Into the Pit of Others’ Emotions and Thoughts195,466 views How other people feel can adversely affect how we feel, and so learning how to be less affected and even ...


Explore sacred sites, texts, and spiritual practices, all connected to the timeless knowledge of the sun, as described in the work of Belsebuub.

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