Following are some of Belsebuub’s writings and talks on self-discovery.


Searching Within By Belsebuub

The search for who we are, and the deeper purpose of existence, is ultimately an inner quest. Searching Within provides the tools and information to set out on this inward journey. It explains why acquiring self-knowledge is so important for any kind of profound inner change, and how it can bring many benefits to one’s life and the world. Belsebuub explains how using the timeless principles of self-discovery, one can observe and understand their subconscious, with its many drives and desires, and uncover the causes of suffering within themselves—and at the same time, develop their consciousness, the source of inner peace and love, and the spiritual part we all carry within.




Belsebuub created a course called Searching Within, which ran from 2001 until 2010, and was taken by tens of thousands of people worldwide. It was completely free of charge and ran for 9 weeks both online and in study groups throughout Australia, North America, Europe and the UK. Each week thousands of course participants in different countries, both online and in groups, would simultaneously receive a course topic and exercises in PDF format that they could download, read, and study at home – sharing their insights and learning in online chat rooms, forums, and practice groups. Course participants also practiced the exercises together throughout the week by taking part in guided walks in nature, mantra sessions, and meditation practices.

A detailed overview of the course and people’s experiences of it are provided on the Searching Within course website.

Personal Experiences

You can read the experiences people have had with Belsebuub’s work on self-knowledge on the Self-Discovery Life website. This website is a place where people share their experiences with exercises like self-observation, awareness in the present moment, and overcoming the egos.