Belsebuub being interviewed on Rogers TV in Canada

Following are a list of Belsebuub’s media appearances. Recordings of many of the interviews are on Belsebuub’s YouTube media channel and in the links below.

Belsebuub has appeared on over 70 TV and radio shows, including 19 at the BBC, on Triple J radio in Australia, Rogers TV in Canada, and on Greek national television discussing the Gospel of Judas with leading academics.



August 8 – Interview on ABC Australian national radio Triple J – The Graveyard Shift with Dave Callan discussing what karma is, how it works, and how it affects our everyday life – Karma – it is a reward or a punishment?
March 29 – Interview on ABC Australian national radio Triple J – The Graveyard Shift with Dave Callan –  What can we learn by having out-of-body experiences?
January 25 – Interview on ABC Australian national radio Triple J – The Graveyard Shift with Dave Callan – Has humanity blown off course?



June 11 – Appearance on Sigma TV – In the popular afternoon TV show “With Love” a discussion on Understanding death
April 17 – Interview on Sigma TV –  In the TV show ‘With Love’ a discussion on “The Gnostic Gospels and Christianity” with Belsebuub, a number of academics, and a leading Greek theologian and advisor to the Greek Orthodox Church.



July 1 – Alter TV ‘Gates of the Unexpected’ – The Holy Blood


May 31 – 91.3 WLRN Tropical Currents, Miami, Florida (USA) – What is the nature of dreaming?
April 26 – The Donna Seebo Show, Washington (USA) – Out-of-body experiences and dreams



September 14 – ‘Forum’ Radio WMOU 1230AM, Berlin, New Hampshire
September 14 – ‘Studio 600′ Radio WKYH 600AM, Paintsville, Kentucky – Astral travel and OBEs
September 20 – Radio WHAW 980AM Western, West Virginia – Out-of-body experiences and different dimensions
September 22 – ‘The Big Show Michigan’ Talk Radio Network, Michigan – Are near-death experiences real or are they created by the brain?
September 25 – ‘Two Johns No Waiting’ Radio KMOX 1120AM , St. Louis, Missouri – Do dreams have meaning?
September 26 – ‘San Diego Updates’ Radio KIFM 98.1, San Diego, California
September 26 – ‘The AM Express’ Radio WEIR 1430AM, Weirton, West Virginia
September 27 – ‘Rover’s Morning Glory’ CBS Radio WXRK 92.3FM, Cleveland, Ohio – Near-death experiences – are they real?
September 27 – ‘Don Markell’s Viewpoint’ Radio WACV 1170AM, Montgomery, Alabama – Near-death and out-of-body experiences
September 28 – ‘Studio 600’ Radio WKYH 600AM, Paintsville, Kentucky – The Gnostic Gospels
September 28 – ‘The Junkies’ WJFK 106.7FM & WHFS 105.7FM, Washington DC and Baltimore
September 29 – ‘Afternoon Get Together’ Radio KATE 1450AM, Albert Lea, Minnesota
September 30 – ‘Supernatural Saturday’ Radio KFNC 97.5FM, Houston, Texas – Astral projection and experiences in the astral plane
October 2 – ‘Breakfast Club’ Radio WCUB 980AM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
October 3 – ‘Mix Morning Show’ Radio Mix 92.9FM, Nashville, Tennessee
October 3 – ‘Over the Back Fence’ Radio KFUN 1230AM & KLVF 100.7FM, Las Vegas, New Mexico
October 4 – Radio KPOD 97.9FM, Crescent City, California
October 4 – ‘Wake Up Call’ Radio KCRE 94.3FM, Crescent City, California
October 5 – ‘Morning News’ Radio WTRC 1340AM, Elkhart, Indiana
October 5 – ‘The Herd’ Radio WKEB 99.3FM, Medford, Wisconsin
October 5 – ‘Hopper in the Morning’ Radio KTIP 1450AM, Porterville, California
October 11 – ‘Ernie Morning Radio Show’ WVRQ 1360AM, Viroqua, Wisconsin
October 12 – KRWG 90.7FM, Las Cruces, New Mexico
October 12 – ‘The Big Show with Chris Michaels’ WKWH 1520AM and 94.3FM, Rushville, Indiana
October 18 – ‘The Morning Show’ Radio WGHT 1500AM , New Jersey, USA – Understanding near-death experiences by having out-of-body experiences
October 18 – ‘Morning News Watch’ KZIM 960AM and KSIM 1400AM, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA
October 19 – Halloween talkback on ‘Quick Morning Show with Dana’ KNDN 94.9AM, New Mexico, USA
October 25 – ‘Good Morning Memphis’ FOX-13 WHBQ-TV, Tennessee, USA
October 29 – ‘San Diego Updates’ KIFM 98.1FM, KSON and KBZT, San Diego, California, USA


September 18 – ‘Daytime’ on Rogers Television Cable Channel 10 & 63, Toronto – What is the astral plane?
September 25 – Radio CHED 630AM, Edmonton, Alberta
October 6 – ‘Feedback’ CKLQ Radio, 880AM, Manitoba – Why do we have good and bad dreams?
October 10 – ‘Straight Talk’ Radio CIXX 106.9FM, Ontario


March 25 – Sky Channel TV, Kent
March 25 – MySpirit Radio, Kent – Astral travel and dreams
March 26 – Net Talk Radio, Kent
March 31 – Net Talk Radio, Kent
April 2 – Now THAT’S Weird, Kent, UK – Astral travel
July 12 – BBC Radio Cleveland – Why have an out-of-body experience?
August 3 – BBC Radio West Midlands – NDEs – light at the end of the tunnel
August 3 – BBC Radio Newcastle – Dreams and life beyond the physical world
August 3 – BBC Radio Cornwall – Astral and dream experiences
August 7 – BBC Radio Cumbria – Prepare to enter the unknown
August 8 – BBC Radio Three Counties – The mysterious case of out-of-body experiences
August 8 – BBC Radio Swindon/Wiltshire – Have you ever had a near-death experience?
August 10 – Oneword Radio, London
August 11 – ‘The Psychic Show’ LBC Radio, London – Astral projection and near-death experiences
August 13 – BBC Radio Leicester – What the astral plane can reveal about life
August 14 – BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire – Belsebuub and a leading NDE researcher discuss near-death experiences
August 14 – BBC Radio Merseyside, Liverpool
August 15 – BBC Radio Lancashire
August 12 – BBC Radio Kent
August 25 – BBC Radio Cleveland – Why do we get nasty dreams?
August 29 – BBC Radio Northampton – Are dreams just random, or do they mean something?
August 29 – BBC Hereford and Worcester – Why do we have bad dreams and nightmares?
August 29 – BBC Radio Jersey – The meaning of dreams
August 30 – BBC Radio Guernsey – NDEs – light at the end of the tunnel
September 3 – BBC Radio Manchester – How important are dreams?
September – BBC Radio Shropshire


May 12 – ‘I Dare’ Sigma TV Channel, National TV – The Antichrist


April 29 – ‘Gates of Unexpected’ Alter Channel, National TV – The unknown conversations of Jesus and Judas
May 6 – ‘Gates of Unexpected’ Alter Channel, National TV – The unknown conversations of Jesus and Judas
December 2 – ‘Gates of Unexpected’ Alter Channel, National TV


Consulting Eve, Radio show, USA  – Astral projection


A radio show in the Bay area California discussing astral projection.


Paddington radio, Australia.


Redfern community TV, Australia, discussing the astral world, consciousness and self-knowledge


A curated selection of these media interviews is also available as a podcast on iTunes,, and Stitcher, and as streaming media on Soundcloud and on Vimeo.