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Belsebuub’s media appearances. You can listen or watch recordings of many of the interviews on Belsebuub’s YouTube media channel and in the links below:



August 8 – Interview on ABC Australian national radio Triple J – The Graveyard Shift with Dave Callan discussing what karma is, how it works and affects our everyday life – Karma – it is a reward or a punishment?
March 29 – Interview on ABC Australian national radio Triple J – The Graveyard Shift with Dave Callan –  What can we learn by having out-of-body experiences?
January 25 – Interview on ABC Australian national radio Triple J – The Graveyard Shift with Dave Callan – Has humanity blown off course?



June 11 – Appearance on Sigma TV – In the popular afternoon TV show “With Love” a discussion on Understanding death
April 17 – Interview on Sigma TV –  In the TV show “With Love” a discussion on “The Gnostic Gospels and Christianity” with Belsebuub, a number of academics, and a leading Greek theologian and advisor to the Greek Orthodox Church.



May 31 – 91.3 WLRN Tropical Currents, Miami, Florida (USA) – What is the nature of dreaming?
April 26 – The Donna Seebo Show, Washington (USA) – Out-of-Body Experiences and Dreams



September 14 – ‘Forum’ Radio WMOU 1230AM, Berlin, New Hampshire
September 14 – ‘Studio 600′ Radio WKYH 600AM, Paintsville, Kentucky – Astral travel and OBEs
September 20 – Radio WHAW 980AM Western, West Virginia – Out-of-body experiences and different dimensions
September 22 – ‘The Big Show Michigan’ Talk Radio Network, Michigan – Are near-death experiences real or are they created by the brain?
September 25 – ‘Two Johns No Waiting’ Radio KMOX 1120AM , St. Louis, Missouri – Do dreams have meaning?
September 26 – ‘San Diego Updates’ Radio KIFM 98.1, San Diego, California
September 26 – ‘The AM Express’ Radio WEIR 1430AM, Weirton, West Virginia
September 27 – ‘Rover’s Morning Glory’ CBS Radio WXRK 92.3FM, Cleveland, Ohio – Near-death experiences – are they real?
September 27 – ‘Don Markell’s Viewpoint’ Radio WACV 1170AM, Montgomery, Alabama – Near-death and out-of-body experiences
September 28 – ‘Studio 600’ Radio WKYH 600AM, Paintsville, Kentucky – The Gnostic Gospels
September 28 – ‘The Junkies’ WJFK 106.7FM & WHFS 105.7FM, Washington DC and Baltimore
September 29 – ‘Afternoon Get Together’ Radio KATE 1450AM, Albert Lea, Minnesota
September 30 – ‘Supernatural Saturday’ Radio KFNC 97.5FM, Houston, Texas – Astral projection and experiences in the astral plane
October 2 – ‘Breakfast Club’ Radio WCUB 980AM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
October 3 – ‘Mix Morning Show’ Radio Mix 92.9FM, Nashville, Tennessee
October 3 – ‘Over the Back Fence’ Radio KFUN 1230AM & KLVF 100.7FM, Las Vegas, New Mexico
October 4 – Radio KPOD 97.9FM, Crescent City, California
October 4 – ‘Wake Up Call’ Radio KCRE 94.3FM, Crescent City, California
October 5 – ‘Morning News’ Radio WTRC 1340AM, Elkhart, Indiana
October 5 – ‘The Herd’ Radio WKEB 99.3FM, Medford, Wisconsin
October 5 – ‘Hopper in the Morning’ Radio KTIP 1450AM, Porterville, California
October 11 – ‘Ernie Morning Radio Show’ WVRQ 1360AM, Viroqua, Wisconsin
October 12 – KRWG 90.7FM, Las Cruces, New Mexico
October 12 – ‘The Big Show with Chris Michaels’ WKWH 1520AM and 94.3FM, Rushville, Indiana
October 18 – ‘The Morning Show’ Radio WGHT 1500AM , New Jersey, USA – Understanding near-death experiences by having out-of-body experiences
October 18 – ‘Morning News Watch’ KZIM 960AM and KSIM 1400AM, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA
October 19 – Halloween talkback on ‘Quick Morning Show with Dana’ KNDN 94.9AM, New Mexico, USA
October 25 – ‘Good Morning Memphis’ FOX-13 WHBQ-TV, Tennessee, USA
October 29 – ‘San Diego Updates’ KIFM 98.1FM, KSON and KBZT, San Diego, California, USA


September 18 – ‘Daytime’ on Rogers Television Cable Channel 10 & 63, Toronto – What is the astral plane?
September 25 – Radio CHED 630AM, Edmonton, Alberta
October 6 – ‘Feedback’ CKLQ Radio, 880AM, Manitoba – Why do we have good and bad dreams?
October 10 – ‘Straight Talk’ Radio CIXX 106.9FM, Ontario


March 25 – Sky Channel TV, Kent
March 25 – MySpirit Radio, Kent – Astral travel and dreams
March 26 – Net Talk Radio, Kent
March 31 – Net Talk Radio, Kent
April 2 – Now THAT’S Weird, Kent, UK – Astral travel
July 12 – BBC Radio Cleveland – Why have an out-of-body experience?
August 3 – BBC Radio West Midlands – NDEs – light at the end of the tunnel
August 3 – BBC Radio Newcastle – Dreams and life beyond the physical world
August 3 – BBC Radio Cornwall – Astral and dream experiences
August 7 – BBC Radio Cumbria – Prepare to enter the unknown
August 8 – BBC Radio Three Counties – The mysterious case of out-of-body experiences
August 8 – BBC Radio Swindon/Wiltshire – Have you ever had a near-death experience?
August 10 – Oneword Radio, London
August 11 – ‘The Psychic Show’ LBC Radio, London – Astral projection and near-death experiences
August 13 – BBC Radio Leicester – What the astral plane can reveal about life
August 14 – BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire – Belsebuub and a leading NDE researcher discuss near-death experiences
August 14 – BBC Radio Merseyside, Liverpool
August 15 – BBC Radio Lancashire
August 12 – BBC Radio Kent
August 25 – BBC Radio Cleveland – Why do we get nasty dreams?
August 29 – BBC Radio Northampton – Are dreams just random, or do they mean something?
August 29 – BBC Hereford and Worcester – Why do we have bad dreams and nightmares?
August 29 – BBC Radio Jersey – The meaning of dreams
August 30 – BBC Radio Guernsey – NDEs – light at the end of the tunnel
September 3 – BBC Radio Manchester – How important are dreams?
September – BBC Radio Shropshire


May 12 – ‘I Dare’ Sigma TV Channel, National TV – The Antichrist


April 29 – ‘Gates of Unexpected’ Alter Channel, National TV – The unknown conversations of Jesus and Judas
May 6 – ‘Gates of Unexpected’ Alter Channel, National TV – The unknown conversations of Jesus and Judas
December 2 – ‘Gates of Unexpected’ Alter Channel, National TV


Consulting Eve, Radio show, USA  – Astral projection


A radio show in the Bay area California discussing astral projection.


Paddington radio, Australia.


Redfern community TV, Australia, discussing the astral world, consciousness and self-knowledge



A curated selection of these media interviews is also available as a podcast on iTunes,, and Stitcher, and as streaming media on Soundcloud and on Vimeo.


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