This site is the official website for the work of the author Belsebuub, who withdrew from public life in 2017; this website remains only as a record of his work. It contains his books, articles, talks, videos, audio, blogs, and media appearances.

I, Lara Atwood (Mark’s wife (Belsebuub is his pen-name)), maintain the site.

This website, and all of Mark’s work, including his books, are published by the independent, non-profit publisher Mystical Life Publications.

Mark has been dedicated to spiritual practice since 1990, but has explored spiritual knowledge and practice since his childhood. He began teaching in person in 1990, and began writing in 2000. He taught and gave public talks for 20 years. In 2010 he stopped talks and teaching, and wrote on his website as an independent author until 2017. Since then, he has withdrawn from all forms of public life, choosing instead to live in hermetic religious seclusion in order to continue his own inner spiritual journey, as many religious practitioners have done throughout history, spending time in solitude in nature.

He has always taught for free and without profit, and continues to do so, working in the time-honored way of accepting voluntary donations only. Mark, nor I, receive any money whatsoever from the sale of our books, the prices of which are set only to cover the cost of their production.

Mark and I

Mark’s writing has covered many different topics, all of which he has written about from his own experience. These topics include the Religion of the Sun, the meaning of the ancient celebration of the solstices and equinoxes, self-discovery, dreams, out-of-body experiences, ancient texts and sites, spiritual alchemy, consciousness, parallel dimensions, near-death experiences, beings of light and darkness, world issues, and much more.

Despite the seeming wide range of topics, there is a thread connecting them all, which is the path of the spiritual sun/son. This path is an inner journey Mark has been on since 1990. It is found imbued in nature in the movements of the sun and earth, and lies at the heart of the Religion of the Sun.

It has been through his experience of the path of the spiritual sun/son that Mark has been able to revive the essential elements of the Religion of the Sun in the modern day.