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Belsebuub at a retreat in Oregon, USA in 2009


A list of recordings and transcriptions of public talks by Belsebuub between 1997 and 2009:

Talks and courses in person 1990 to 1999

Although there are pictures, this is the only recording that exists from those ten years:

Video – An interview from 1997

A four day retreat in Quebec, Canada, July 2004

How awareness and peace can be felt in the present moment
Learning through Difficulties
Getting Rid of Ego States
Pride as an Obstacle to Spirituality
Tragedies and the need to attain understanding
Video – How to see ego states within and remove them
Video – Reflections upon pride and inner silence.
Video – Peace is from consciousness, not from egos
Video – Overcoming suffering to find peace

A retreat in Greece, August 2005

The merging of the Being with consciousness
Preparing for Esoteric Wisdom (the Clay Model)
Video – The clay model, the illusion of life
Video – The merging of the Being with consciousness
Video – How to receive higher spiritual teachings and knowledge

Talks in Athens, Greece 2006

The Process of Awakening Consciousness
Taking the First Steps towards the Path to Enlightenment

A series of lectures at the university of Nicosia, Cyprus June 2006

Being Aware in the Present Moment and Seeing Within
To find the Heaven Within
Remembering to Be Aware of Yourself
The Hidden Side of Dreams
A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences
Nightmares: An Experience of Hell
Encountering Divine Beings, demons and Sinister Entities
If Your Life was over and you could Re-live it from Now

A retreat in the Bunya Mountains, Queensland, Australia, January 2007

A Springboard into Change
A Sense of Beauty Stems from What’s Within

Berkeley, California 2008

Reflecting on the Mystery of Death

A retreat in Oregon, USA, July 2008

Video – To Create a Spiritual Treasure Within Yourself
Video – How to be Aware in the Present Moment
Video – Illness and its Karmic Causes

A Talk in Berkeley, California, USA, August 2008

Video – How to Open the Book of Yourself and Read it

A Talk in Berkeley, California, USA, January 2009

Video: Exercises to be aware in the present moment and to observe your egos
Video: How the egos and the subconscious work

A Talk in a park in California, USA, April 2009

Video: The life beyond, where we go every night when we sleep
Video: How fascination and identification with things turns into dreams

A Talk in Berkeley, California, USA, May 2009

Video: How to begin this spiritual journey

An online talk, California, USA, July 2009

Death and Ghosts

A Talk in Berkeley, California, USA, July 2009

Video: How to understand esoteric and mystical teachings better
Video: How to get profound esoteric wisdom

A Talk in A retreat in Oregon, USA, July 2009

The Precious Gift of Life and its Spiritual Opportunities

Talk 1
Video: An inner awakening is a revolution in consciousness
Video: Let the spiritual within you teach you

Talk 2
Video: The way of the inner Being
Video: Discover more about yourself by studying your dreams

Talk 3
Inner Darkness
Video: The inner darkness in the realms of the abyss
Video: Transforming inner darkness into light
Video: How an inner abyss drags thoughts and emotions down into low states
Video: The war against demons


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