woman standing on lake pier in astral_resizeHere is a small selection of experiences of some of the participants of the group astral exercises from the astral course Belsebuub created (some names have been changed here to keep people’s anonymity). Tens of thousands of people took the course, and in surveys around 67 percent reporting having an out-of-body experience (OBE) while on the course, so there were very many more experiences.

The exercises used people have used here are for those who are new to astral projection. They are very simple ones groups of people can use to go to different places in the astral plane, usually to try and meet other people also trying to project to the same place from around the world. These exercises are only meant as a means to learn about astral travel and are not representative of what to do in the astral plane. When it comes to getting personal experience, it’s better to explore and investigate intuitively.

You can also read more personal experiences of astral travel on a page that specifically has ones just on peoples’ encounters with extraterrestrials in out-of-body experiences.

Discovery of an Asteroid in the Astral



When I began to take the astral course and practice the techniques for astral travel, I soon started to get results. Although I had had some success, the astral experiences up to now had been brief. I really didn’t have any idea that the astral experience could be such a magnificent thing.

I retired for bed fairly early that night. I had experienced a really good day and had a very positive attitude toward reaching the astral. After a brief relaxation, I began the concentration exercise. Within just a couple of minutes I began to feel small waves of vibration in my body. The vibrations continued to get stronger until my whole body felt like a huge electric current was surging through it. The vibrations were incredibly fast as well. The next thing I knew, I was above the earth in the vacuum of space.

After looking around briefly, I began to be drawn in one direction. I came in contact with a small odd shaped planetary body and descended closer to examine it. The color and detail of it were crystal clear. As I departed, I began to travel faster and faster. I was soon traveling at an incredible speed where stars would zoom by me.

Within just a brief moment, I was hovering at the edge of the galaxy itself. I could see other spiral galaxies in the distance, and the colors were more beautiful than any I had ever seen. I was allowed to pause there for a brief time to marvel at the beauty of creation. After this, the divine being who had brought me there took me down to another planetary body to give me an esoteric teaching, which I cannot speak of. After this, I was drawn back into my body within an instant. I sat up in bed and became almost overwhelmed with joy at such a profound experience. I will never forget it.

I got up and made some notes and drew some pictures of some of the things I had seen, especially the odd shaped rock in space. Three days later, I was at work and listening to the news on the radio. The next item in the news was that astronomers had just discovered a potato-shaped asteroid in the outer reaches of our solar system. I smiled and thought, “Wow, what a way to get confirmation that it really did happen.”

~ Salim

Astral Travel to the Pyramids of Egypt Through the Earth

The homework for the week was to practice the astral intensively all week and to go to the pyramids of Egypt to meet with other students as well as to see how they look in the astral plane. We were to use Egyptian mantras like “Egypto,” “Fa Ra On,” and “La Ra S,” or a visualization exercise on the pyramids.

At the study center we all chanted the mantra “La Ra S” aloud seven times and then internally, feeling the vibrations of the mantra throughout the body, and at the same time, keeping a still image of the pyramids. I started the mantra, but fell into a light sleep. Then I woke up and continued the mantra, and as sleep started to arrive again, I made an extra effort to concentrate on the mantra. Soon after, I started to feel my body temperature rising and the whole body vibrating and intuition told me that it was time to get up. However, I hesitated to do so as it felt so much like the physical world that I thought that if I move I would wake up the others, but intuition was telling me, “Get up, you are in the astral!” so I did.

I rolled over to the side and got up from the floor as I would in the physical world. I found it very hard to move and I couldn’t open my eyes, so I sang a recitation and the darkness went away. I looked around the practice room and saw the astral body of one of the students. Her astral body was unconscious, sitting down playing with her hands. I went outside the room by going through the door. I walked around the center and saw how it looks in the astral.

I went down the stairs trying to stay in the moment so that nothing such as an emotion or a thought could throw me back to my body. I went through the door of the room downstairs where more students were practicing and saw the room full of people—more than the ones who were practicing. I saw the astral bodies of many people sitting cross-legged, walking around looking at the room, talking to each other… These could have been the astral bodies of people that come to the study center or of people that would come to the center in the near future.

However, I didn’t want to get distracted by talking to them; I had to go to the pyramids! I went outside the center and took a few minutes to ask my divine Mother with all my heart and strength to take me to the pyramids of Egypt so that I experience and learn. Then I did a small vertical jump thinking that she would guide me on my flight there, but to my surprise she took me toward the ground and I made my journey to Egypt going through the planet. I couldn’t see anything, nor did I feel that I was going through a hard surface. She simply took me the quickest and easiest way so I wouldn’t get distracted on the way. I landed in a room surrounded by big glass windows. From there I could see the three pyramids from far away and just with the thought of wanting to get closer, I did. There were a lot of people around the place doing various things, some conscious and some unconscious.

I gather that many spiritual groups focus on the pyramids and that many others dream about the pyramids so their astral body goes there even if unconscious. I could also have seen personalities of people that have passed away.

I saw the pyramids in two ways, but I can’t give too much detail because of the personal nature of the information. I walked amongst the multitude and called out aloud, “Are there any students of my course around?” I caught the attention of several people and two of them came closer to shake my hand, but my intuition told me to be cautious with them. I ignored them and kept walking and observing. Then I decided to invoke a spiritual being and as I was calling, I went back to my physical body due to a big emotion.

From this experience I not only learnt aspects about my internal work but also the reality of the divine Mother. She guides us and shows us what we need to see. She doesn’t leave our side but yet we can’t see her because she is so incredibly divine that her light and presence would blind us.

I also learnt that determination and faith makes a big difference when trying to do a practice.

~ Heather

Multiple Astral Projections

In the study center, we had a night of astral practices with a group of students to try and project to the pyramids of Egypt. We did a variety of practices throughout the night, but the one I was most enthusiastic about was the visualization of the pyramids. I imagined myself actually being there, walking around the outside of the pyramids, exploring inside, and even standing at the peak looking out over Egypt. After a while my physical body began falling asleep and I felt myself lift out of my body into the astral.

I was in the practice room of the study center. I asked for divine help to be taken to the pyramids and straight away I felt myself turn over so I was looking face down at the floor and I was being pulled downward. I knew I was being taken to the pyramids, but in the astral I had only ever flown somewhere or found myself in a place straight away. I had never gone down through the earth and I felt apprehensive. I was soon back in my body. I kept concentrating and again I lifted out of my body and asked to be taken to the pyramids. The same thing occurred. I was being pulled to the floor, but could not go through it even though I wanted to. Back and forth I went from the physical world to the astral about seven times, each time being pulled toward the floor once I was in the astral.

On the last occasion, I was hovering, nose to the carpet in the astral and I looked to the side and saw that the student that was next to me in the practice room was in her astral body. She looked at me surprised and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was trying to get through the floor to go to the pyramids, but couldn’t because I was a bit fearful. She looked amused. At that point, I seemed to black out and suddenly found myself flying at high speed over a beautiful place. There was an amazing building below and I flew down to it. I spent a short time there, but to this day I am still not sure if that place was linked to the pyramids or not. The next morning we shared our experiences, and the student who had been next to me, remembered seeing me in the astral and vaguely recalled the conversation. It had been an extraordinary night.

~ Debbie

Two People Meet Out of the Body at Mt Everest

I woke in the night and concentrated as I went to sleep. Soon after I realized I was out of my body. I decided I should try to go to Mount Everest and I visualized being at the place in the picture. In visualizing, I didn’t just picture the place, but tried to really “feel” myself there, as I feel myself in a place when I have the awareness working right. Instantly I was there; it was as if I had “dissolved” into this place like when a movie fades from one location to another. I looked around a little and I think I recall seeing some orange colored rock cliffs around.

To be honest, I didn’t take that great of a look around. Soon though, I met with a young woman. I asked her name and she said her name was “Sal.” I believe we shook hands. She had sandy blonde hair that was pulled back. She asked me my name and I told her. I was trying hard to stay focused and not let thoughts interfere with anything. I think I took a little look around, but then I suddenly felt that she had disappeared. Then the whole thing shifted into a long lucid dream where I knew I was dreaming, but I think most of it was just subconscious projections.

Later, I spoke to a student living in Japan, posting as “Sally,” but who usually went by the name “Sal” she said. She was the only other person who reported getting to Everest that night, and her story matched very closely to mine, though she did not actually remember seeing me. She said that she had gotten there and thought she remembered seeing people, but drifted into being not so clear, and then was woken up by her doorbell. Strange, I thought, since I recalled her suddenly and unexpectedly vanishing after we had spoken.

~ Bill

Below is a conversation from the online forums:

“Has anyone else been successful in going to Mount Everest for the group exercise? I became lucid in my dream this morning and began my astral journey to Mount Everest. It was so unbelievable! Just the feeling of flying so high, so high that I was in the clouds. It was almost dawn and it was beautiful. When I started out, I couldn’t see well, so I tried using a recitation. It worked perfectly. I could see like never before—wow! I asked the divine Mother to help me go to my destination and I immediately found myself floating in midair somewhere in the US (I currently live in Japan). It was great. It took some getting used to trying to maneuver around, but it got easier. I was almost there! I could see it. I thought that there were other people there as well. I could feel cool air, but the doorbell rang and brought me back! Maybe next time.”

~ Sally

“I was successful at getting to Mount Everest on the same night and I talked to someone who said her name was “Sal” and had sandy blonde hair pulled back. Could this be you?”

~ Bill

“I do usually call myself “Sal,” but I have reddish brown hair. I know that I made it there that night, but I can’t remember talking to anyone. I saw that people were there, but it gets fuzzy after that and then I woke up, so I don’t know. But the whole experience was just amazing!”

~ Sally

Visit to the Planet Mars


NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

I had been trying to get to the planet Mars for a long time. I made many attempts, but finally after much longing, practicing, and working, it happened.

The study center held their first all night practice, which was to project to the solar system, and then more specifically, to the planet Mars. That night there was a lot of group strength and I managed to get to the solar system, but got lost in darkness and a dream.

The next night, inspired by the enthusiasm and magic of our first all night practice, I woke myself at three in the morning to do an astral practice. I felt the sensations, but just couldn’t push through the dreamy thoughts into conscious sleep, and so rolled over.

I then found myself in a dream and pulled away from it, becoming lucid, then floating happily and naturally into the sky with the ease and carefree nature of a child. I wondered for a few moments where it was that I would like to go. Instantly I thought of the pyramids, and asked to go there, but felt no pull toward them, instead feeling myself rising higher and higher into the sky. Seeing as I was heading into the stars, I asked my divine Mother and Father to take me to the solar system.

I felt a rush and found myself hovering in space, looking back through the different colored planets of the solar system, toward the sun. A female voice then prompted me, saying that I could go to Mars if I concentrated upon it. This I did, and then watched as the planet Mars appeared below me, shining in the light of the sun. I then made a determined effort to fly right into its center.

I flew with great speed toward the planet, then entering its strange atmosphere, which consisted of what seemed like huge different sized red bubbles whose surfaces were colored like oil on water, glistening with rainbow hues. There were hundreds and hundreds of them. I then began invoking a spiritual Being as I moved further and further into the planet’s heart, then passing through a hazy red liquid as the bubbles condensed and became smaller. At times my awareness would begin to lapse and I felt myself lose consciousness, being plunged into darkness, but each time I brought myself back, trying to remain aware as possible and not get fascinated with what I was seeing, using the call for a spiritual Being to center me. It was not long then, before I found myself before that Being…

Eventually my lack of awareness got the better of me, and I was pulled back to my body, then waking up, hardly able to believe where I had just been. One moment I had been in the planet Mars talking with a spiritual Being, and the next I was lying on my bed, in the quiet normality of my room.

Just before I left, I spoke with that Being, saying how hard it would be to put such an incredible experience into words. Nothing I write could do justice to such a special experience. After practicing astral projection for over a year, I had not comprehended even the beginnings of what we could all be capable of, until that day.

~ Crystal

The Freedom of Flying in the Astral

Flying in a lucid dream, a common experienceMy astral experience occurred during the last practice of the night where we used the mantra Hare Ram.

I made an extra effort to fight for concentration in this practice as I had fallen asleep too quickly for the last three practices that night. During this practice I also fell asleep before consciously projecting, but woke up in a dream that was full of esoteric symbolism.

Upon becoming conscious in the astral, I was aware that I was in the practice room at the study center. I could see everyone in the room. I remembered the goal of the night and asked for help to be taken there.

I then glided over to the window in order to fly out. At the window I was met by the astral body of another student doing the practice. I was asked by this student for help to project into the astral. I tried to help by extending my arm for them to grab onto, but they did not take it. I didn’t wish to linger so close to my physical body for too long in case I snapped back and so I asked for help again to be taken to the planet Mars by the quickest route.

Instantly I flew out the window and made it into the solar system. I could see the stars and feel the freedom of being in the astral. Unfortunately, at that point I began to feel overwhelming guilt for not helping the other students to project and so quickly snapped back into my body. I tried to project again that night but could not.

It was a good experience as it gave me further insight into what I need to improve and insight into what is going on within. It also gave me determination to actually improve on those faults.

~ Roger

High Speed into the Solar System



In the study center we did a group practice with the goal of projecting to the planet Mars. We chose this practice because at the time, Mars was particularly close to earth and could be seen clearly in the night sky. The idea of being able to visit it was awe-inspiring.

One of the practices we did to reach this goal was to visualize the planet and stay focused on it. I began by visualizing myself flying away from the earth and into the solar system until I saw a glowing red planet in front of me. I imagined myself flying closer toward it until I passed through the clouds surrounding it. I looked below and imagined the giant craters, the deep canyons, and the towering mountains. I imagined walking on the surface, over the rocks and pebbles, and feeling the red dust filter between my fingers. The visualization was so enjoyable that staying focused on it was not too difficult.

As I continued with the visualization, my physical body started to fall asleep and I felt myself lift out of it and into the astral. I flew toward the door of the practice room, stepped outside, and asked for divine help to be taken to the planet Mars, but due to a distraction I quickly returned to my physical body.

I resumed the visualization of Mars and after a short period of time, I lifted out of my physical body again. This time I felt a strong pull drawing me to the other end of the practice room toward the window. I flew through it, feeling a strange sensation in my astral body as I passed through the glass pane. I found myself standing on the road outside the study center. I looked up at the stars, amazed at their beauty, and asked for help to be taken to Mars. I took a big jump and felt myself moving at high speed into the solar system.

The experience was so overwhelming that I returned to my physical body with a jolt. I woke up remembering the experience clearly and wanting to get straight back in there to feel again the magic of the astral.

~ Sarah

Projection to the Sphinx of Giza

photo copyright Mstyslav Chernov, 2009

Photo CC BY-SA 3.0 by Mstyslav Chernov.

In order to prepare the practice I tried to get most of the information about the pyramids. I found the position of the pyramids next to the Sphinx, the entrances, the passages—all the information. I was shocked because during the Sphinx projection practice I had walked around the pyramids, so I was a little familiar with them. In any case, I managed to project Saturday 9 a.m. (GMT-Universal Time).

I created the circle of protection and projected using the mantra Egypto and visualization. I projected to the Sphinx as before, and from there, I continued to the pyramids, investigated inside (Khufu and Menkaure), etc. At the door I waited asking for anyone from the course, but I did not feel anybody.

Last night, back at home, I projected at 4:10 a.m. Monday GMT. I followed the same procedure. This time I projected directly to the door of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Just when I arrived, I began asking for anyone from the course. At the beginning I saw a couple of masks, and immediately used a recitation. I continued and next thing I saw a middle-aged female face, with blonde hair and thick-white glasses. I asked if she was from the course, but I got no response. I continued asking for people from the course. I felt a couple hand-in-hand going by, but nobody said anything. I came back at 4:45 a.m.

~ Gareth


The practice was to get to Bethlehem. Throughout the week I had investigated what it is to check what dimension you are in. For a long time I haven’t actually understood how to do this, so lately I have really been looking at pulling my finger consciously rather than mentally.

I visualized Bethlehem in detail, and even though I didn’t project from the practice, I did wake up in dreams. The first time I did, it just all of a sudden became clear and I pulled out of the subconscious automatically, then asking to be taken to Bethlehem using the recitations to clear things as I went, finding myself in a location there. However, moments after I arrived, I fell into a dream within which I received a marvelous teaching on my approach to astral practices, which has proved invaluable to me.

 ~ Jill