BelsebuubWhen we say we are 100 percent committed to helping people awaken spiritually, we really mean it. For the last 24 years, Mark has gone through poverty, illness, onslaughts of vicious attacks against his character, and has made extreme personal sacrifices in his own life, giving everything he writes away freely, to be able to help people awaken. Whether someone awakens or not is such a serious matter, and that’s why we are completely dedicated to making sure as many people as possible have the opportunity and information to be able to do so.

Regardless of what he has to go through in the material world, Mark’s goals are set on the spiritual. For decades he has been going through the transformative process of the spiritual Son (something very difficult and even rare in history) and has had the most wonderful spiritual things happen to him that are beyond any story or movie. But it has involved highly disciplined inner study, practice and transformation, extensive exploration out of the body, and enormous self-sacrifice, to be able to discover and explain the message given here. And that’s what’s required of anyone who wants this kind of transformation and esoteric knowledge; it requires a life wholly dedicated to it, not as a hobby, religious life, or form of belief, but as an actual direct and fundamental transformation of the individual.

On the surface, this website and what’s offered here may look similar to others on spirituality; but it’s not. We’ve found that most who are into this field are either career writers who have an interest in spirituality but who’ve made a very comfortable life for themselves out of it, or people who enjoy the nice parts of a spirituality, but who are not prepared to make the consistent big personal sacrifices really needed to discover esoteric knowledge first-hand and then use it to help others.

The potential of this message

The message itself is timeless; it reveals the path of the spiritual Son/sun that is imbued in the very fabric of creation. It’s a message that’s been given in different forms throughout history, and today Mark gives it from his own extensive experience. It has the potential to explain the workings behind every event, religion, and esoteric symbol from our ancient past right into the modern day, to reveal the influence of dark forces acting upon society right to their very root, to provide an effective counter to these dark forces from the side of light, and the power to transform individuals, whole societies, and the world. But right now there is a big obstacle that people in genuine need of this information face in finding it, and that is the constant stream of people taking bits of the work done here and passing it off as their own.

Esoteric knowledge hijacked and used for self-interest

shutterstock_119177758People have literally found over 900 separate instances of people plagiarizing Mark’s work and many people using it for their own profit. We’ve seen our work on the ancient meaning of the solstices used by sites to run paid holiday solstice retreats, and Mark’s course on self-knowledge looking to us like it has been repeated as the structure and veiled content of one of the bestselling “spiritual” books of all time. An article we wrote on the spiritual meaning of the Sphinx was shared on Tumblr without crediting us, and received over 80,000 shares. Many have taken Mark’s work on astral travel to create astral projection eBooks for sale and paid courses. Mark’s hugely popular courses, which he wrote from bed whilst seriously ill and in pain, were so rampantly ripped off when they were in PDF format that they had to be withdrawn and put into books to protect them. What Mark has given freely according to ancient time-honored principles, literally ends up being hijacked by others to fuel their own self-interests—and what’s worse is that we know very well, these people, as lofty and spiritual sounding as their aims, only serve to sabotage the greater spiritual awakening they either aim or claim to be striving for.

Only a few pieces of the puzzle never make a picture

So why would plagiarism pose a problem? Some people argue that as long as your message is out there in some form or another, what does it matter? Well, imagine a puzzle—if you only ever have a few pieces of it, then they never fit together to reveal the whole picture. Likewise, if you only have a few bits of the truth, only parts of spiritual exercises, only a snippet here and there of reality, then you’re never going to figure out why you’re really here, nor be able to explore much within yourself or in higher dimensions to find out. In fact, you could spend your whole life never seeing the full picture. Or worse, you could just get fragments of the truth amidst distortions, half-truths, and even pure falsity and fantasy—and without the spiritual exercises you need to find the truth out, how then are you going to be able to tell the difference?

Having the complete body of knowledge

p33 of the Gospel of JudasSpiritual truth is something objective, and requires the dedicated practice of certain spiritual exercises to discover it. These exercises, and the background information needed to practice them, form a complete body of knowledge and provides someone with everything they need to awaken. This complete body of knowledge has been given many times in history and many heroic esoteric practitioners went to great lengths to protect it and keep it intact, but due to continual persecution, subversion, infiltration and destruction, all that’s left of it today are fragments here and there in various religions, sacred texts, symbols and myths, that in themselves don’t fit together to form a whole picture because too much is missing and it’s scattered in too many different places.

The labyrinth of repeaters

So today Mark is striving to provide this body of knowledge again completely anew, but like esoteric practitioners of the past, he too is facing difficulties. Because Mark writes from such a depth of experience that has taken so much to acquire, there is no other way people can access the knowledge he has—except by copying it and calling it theirs. This presents people who often have more money, are more successful, are more charismatic, and have access to more resources like big corporations and the media, with an opportunity to access a wealth of spiritual knowledge to boost their name and audiences with from someone who is almost totally ignored and unknown, without having to go through the spiritual dedication and discipline needed to acquire it.

shutterstock_114318994Now with the internet, the effect of thousands of people doing this by taking the parts of this knowledge they like or that they think you’ll like to hear, and then mixing it all in with their own opinions and ideas—whilst hiding even the way back to the complete knowledge by removing the source and calling it theirs—creates a virtual labyrinth and hall of mirrors of half-truths and disinformation, which even the sincerest seeker can never find their way through. Only having fragments of spiritual knowledge at best, most spiritual seekers never acquire the means to find the truth and therefore can never distinguish it from the subjective opinions, imagination, and pure falsity promoted everywhere.

Given that spiritual awakening is so utterly important and serious, it is beyond tragic that spirituality today is characterized by people taking other people’s work and ideas, with those who are the most marketable as a “product” becoming the most transmitted and listened to voices.

And so Mark does the hard work to find this knowledge out with the genuine wish to have it reach and help people, only to see it diffuse into the world in a thousand different fragments that lead nowhere in themselves, and not even back to him as the source where the whole work is made available.

“The highest virtue one can exercise is to accept the responsibility of discovering and transmitting the whole truth. Some help others in order to receive blessings and admiration. This is simply meaningless. Some cultivate themselves in part to serve others, in part to serve their own pride. They will understand, at best, half of the truth. But those who improve themselves for the sake of the world–to these, the whole truth of the universe will be revealed. So seek this whole truth, practice it in your daily life, and humbly share it with others. You will enter the realm of the divine.”
~ Lao-Tzu, Hua Hu Ching, translated by Brian Browne Walker

This message relies on goodwill, not corporations, to spread

shutterstock_51474712So after decades of working to help people—including over 90,000 course participants, 100,000 eBook downloads, and over 1.5 million hits on this website (all given for free)—Mark has become little more than a virtual ghost writer and source for the many people who visit his site and take bits of what we give to make a name and money for themselves. Because he gives freely, unlike commercial spiritual authors, he doesn’t have access to the mechanisms of huge corporations and the media to get the message out, but relies on the goodwill of those who receive this work to share it with others.

However again this faces a hurdle, as we’ve found that many will share his work, but without crediting Mark—for fear of it affecting their name and credibility. That’s because esoteric things don’t tend to fit people’s ideas; so instead of risking their popularity, most prefer to fit in and sacrifice the truth in order to protect their own self-image—but it is wrong to ostracize someone for being different, or unique, or even challenging to current belief systems.

Standing by truth and principles, even when it’s not liked, takes courage. And it’s because most lack this courage that there is so little truth in the world today. The cost of popularity and fitting in is immense—amongst so many things, it has created a dumbed-down, mass market “Walmart” style spirituality, which suits the forces of darkness just fine, as it has stripped out the information needed to go through the process of transformation. Mark however, has to say things as they are for the sake of people’s ability to get the whole picture and to awaken, whether it’s popular or not.

The requirements for receiving spiritual knowledge

The Egyptian goddess Maat

The ancient Egyptian’s depicted cosmic order as the goddess Maat, with her white feather of truth. Everyone was said to have their heart weighed against her feather of truth after death, and those who committed crimes against her universal principles, such as stealing, found the scales tipped against them.

Part of what has been lost in the pursuit of popularity is the understanding of the requirements that need to be met in order to receive spiritual knowledge from higher sources. These standards are based on timeless and universal principles, and you you can find them referenced in many ancient sacred texts (including the ancient Egyptian Laws of Maat for example). Not stealing is one of the most basic standards for receiving esoteric knowledge, and is one of the tests someone needs to pass through in order to begin the path to awakening.

Stealing includes taking other people’s hard earned knowledge and work, and passing it off as one’s own. Additionally, by stealing the message here, which is the heritage of all those beings who wish to awaken, someone breaks not only common laws, but also spiritual ones too.

Plagiarizers most often go undetected, and are usually adored and looked up to as spiritual authorities, having carefully put together other people’s hard work to make it appear as if they are the one who has the knowledge. But anyone who takes the work of others and passes it off as their own is not even fit to be a student of spirituality – let alone any sort of spiritual guide or teacher. And anyone really interested in doing a spiritual work needs to find a real teacher.

Universal truth doesn’t belong to anyone, but our own experience of it does

A common argument put forward by those who take the spiritual ideas and work of others (or those who justify others doing so) is that universal spiritual truth doesn’t belong to anyone. And this is true; spiritual knowledge is there for anyone and everyone to experience. However, the key word here is “experience”.

Like in any field of expertise, teaching spirituality requires dedicated practice, experience, and qualification; otherwise we would have no more knowledge to offer others than they already have. Objective personal metaphysical experience should underpin all spiritual knowledge imparted to ensure what is being given is based on reality; doing this requires a huge amount of inner change and effort. Taking someone else’s experience and knowledge of universal truth, and presenting it as if it is one’s own is therefore deceptive to say the least. Doing so is the equivalent of practicing as a doctor, diving instructor, or military strategist and presenting oneself as if they were highly qualified, without any training, qualification or experience. Applying the same basic principles as we would to any area of specialty, that would be considered fraud, malpractice, and even dangerous.

Anyone who uses the “universal truth” justification should seriously analyze just exactly what they have experienced of universal truth in an objective way. If it falls short of what they would like to write about then they have a choice – either meet the spiritual requirements and put in the work, personal sacrifice and discipline needed to experience it themselves, or credit the person’s experience who brought it to light in the first place.

Jacopo_vignali_2C_san_giovanni_evangelista_a_patmos-angel_process,resizeThere is an added point to make here as well, in that those who acquire direct knowledge of universal truths do so because they have met the requirements for it set by the spiritual beings that administer cosmic law. These requirements include virtues such as honesty, selflessness, the will to use the knowledge given for the good of others etc. Someone must go through rigorous psychological testing before spiritual beings will give knowledge (which they do so most often through conscious out-of-body experiences (OBEs)), as with it comes great responsibility as well as power. This gives the one who receives knowledge not only the duty to impart it to others in line with cosmic laws, but also the authority to do so. Therefore someone who takes the knowledge gained from the experience of another assumes an authority they do not have.

Such a person doesn’t become another supposed fount of universal truth, which many see as something that could only be beneficial by providing another access point for people seeking knowledge. Instead, they become an obstruction to people finding someone with the authority to teach, as they talk in their place whilst neither having the knowledge, wisdom, nor spiritual level to guide others.

If many more people understood these simple principles then spirituality would not be the giant labyrinth that it is today.

The opportunities this work presents

the astral projection splitAnd so Mark works virtually unknown whilst having experienced incredible spiritual processes so advanced and profound that they have seldom ever been described. Yet having this knowledge in a complete form again in the world presents such an incredible opportunity—to recreate sacred sites with an understanding of their function, to revive ancient spiritual ceremonies based on their real meaning, to rediscover the best of the world’s spiritual practice and give them direction and purpose again, to find the common thread of knowledge that underpins so much of history’s spirituality, to give people the most practical and powerful spiritual tools of transformation that exist, to explore other dimensions and realities first-hand, to solve every problem from the root found within the individual to the outside world, and so much more.

Taking the work back

3watchingsunriseSo we’ve decided to do whatever we can to take this work from out of the hands of those who would use it to mislead and serve their own self-interests, and put it back into the hands of those who genuinely want to change and make the world a better place. We’d like to see this work treated with the integrity it deserves, and preserved in its whole unadulterated form for the greater good of everyone so that this incredible and eternal message can be kept as a heritage for generations to come.

MLP logo_crop1There are ways that you can help with this too. If you have seen any work of here that may have been passed off by someone else as their own or without crediting the author and you’d like to let us know, or if you’d actively like to help look for instances of plagiarism, you can find the instructions on how to go about it here. The team at Mystical Life Publications has been hard at work behind the scenes following up instances of plagiarism and are continuing to do so as part of their important work.

As always, thank you to all of you who support this work, and have helped make possible in so many ways what has been achieved so far.

~ Lara