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In Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening, discover the potential of consciousness that lies latent within the limitations of the human body, the five senses, and the conditioning of the mind, but that can be awakened and allow us to perceive a greater reality.

Over 26 information packed chapters, Belsebuub explains that with the right kinds of techniques, how new dimensions of existence, higher knowledge and inner faculties can open up, which are so profound they can allow us to penetrate into the mysteries of existence. He gives the most fundamental and important of these techniques in clear and easy to understand terms—describing, in essence, the form of transcendental psychology found at the root of the world’s ancient spiritual teachings, which is timeless, universal, and totally essential to the process of individual enlightenment.

Whilst consciousness is mostly submerged within the darkness of the subconscious with all its egos and low states, Belsebuub reveals that by seeing and understanding this darkness we can obtain knowledge of it, and with that knowledge, are able to free ourselves from darkness and bring about a lasting inner transformation—which is ultimately the way every person and the whole of humanity could change.

“Everyone has the ability to change far more radically than is usually assumed. Just because the information on how to do this is currently obscure or difficult to find in society doesn’t mean that it cannot be done and that a huge and radical transformation cannot be achieved. What is needed are the correct techniques to use; if they are applied properly, you will be astonished at what you can do…”
~ Belsebuub


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Based on the hugely popular Searching Within online course by Belsebuub taken by 10’s of thousands of people worldwide

Note: An updated version of this book has been ready since early 2014, which has new material as a result of my more recent spiritual practice. But I believe another author, who has a larger public presence than I,  has used an earlier version of it (when it was a course) to write his own book and I feel reluctant to release the updated version at this time.

What’s Inside the Book

Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening is a comprehensive and practical guide
to the starting point of genuine spiritual development. Over 22 chapters, it explains:

The multi-dimensional structure of the human psyche

The difference between transcendental psychology and modern, conventional psychology

The reason why there is hatred, greed, violence, and destruction etc. in the world and our lives

The origin of true intelligence, peace, and love that has the potential to radically alter our lives, who we are, and the world

How to overcome negative states like depression, and deal with addictions

How to live in the present moment, and find love and peace within

How to observe thoughts and emotions in order to understand them and ultimately change them permanently

How dreams and out-of-body experiences can be used for self-discovery

Key timeless and practical spiritual exercises for gaining self-knowledge, and how to use them in daily life

“Ultimately, it’s the internal world that the external world is experienced through; life is what is experienced inwardly. This is where to look for the starting point of change. If a lot of people changed, this world would be very different, peace and intelligence could reign, and there could be enlightened individuals. Having self-knowledge is empowering and sets a person free…”
~ Belsebuub

Reviews on GoodReads

By Vida · ★★★★★ · February 05, 2012
It is one thing to read a book, feel something in the moment while reading it, then put it down and move on with the sweet memory of how nice the book was; while it is quite another thing to read a book, feel something in the moment while reading it, then put it down and have that something you f… ...more

By Lilia · ★★★★★ · November 14, 2011
The book is amazing and life changing! It is simple and practical and it can guide one on how to connect with the spiritual within and how to make it grow. The information has helped me to begin a journey full of surprises. I am deeply grateful and I recommend it to everyone who is interested for …more

By Pava · ★★★★★ · July 22, 2015
This is the most resourceful book I have ever come across regarding the necessary tools required for attaining self-knowledge in pursuit of true happiness acquired on the path to enlightenment. Belsebuub has the unique gift in explaining difficult topics to discuss, such as the real purpose of …more


About the Author

Belsebuub 2004 Mark (writing with the name Belsebuub) is the author of a number of books on out-of-body experiences, dreams, self-knowledge, and esoteric wisdom including A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams which became a bestseller in its genre. His book Gazing into the Eternal was finalist in the Best Book Awards 2009 in spirituality, and he has appeared on over 60 radio and television programs internationally. He writes from decades of esoteric exploration and experience.

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Personal Experiences

You can read experiences from people who’ve practiced the techniques in Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening on the Self-Discovery Life website. This website is a place where people share their experiences with exercises like inner observation, living in the present moment, and learning about and overcoming subconscious states. Read experiences with Belsebuub’s work on self-knowledge.